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Straya is a player character played by IQ.

Species & Gender: Female Iromakuanhe
Date of Birth: 20ๆ—ฅ 4ๆœˆ YE 15
Organization: Firebrand Crew
Occupation: Firebrand Crew
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: N/A

Physical Description

Straya is a rather average sized individual, standing at ~170 centimeters. With a causcasian hue of skin colour, her build is lean and slim. Yet the traces of battle, both in muscle and in scars, are visibly shown. Where several small scars litter her arms, a larger one pulls up from her waist to her chest. Most prominent of her muscles are her well-toned arms and legs, while the faintest hints of a trained, taut stomach are visible, her arms and legs are far more accentuated. These legs smooth out into a firm set of buttocks, though her chest is smaller than average, barely being a C-cup.

Sporting very flashy pink hair, which is obviously dyed, Straya always has it slicked back in a pony, though it remains as spikey as ever. Thick, pink eyeshadow and lengthy eyelashes give the already punkish looking Iroma just that extra detail.

With soft cheekbones and a smooth chin, Straya has a generally attractive face. Though, she's never been seen without her facemask. Most easily compared to the meld of a bandana and a medical mask, this black cloth has countless miniature LED and sensors built in. As well as a voice modulator and a comms device. Though with assistance of these sensors, the Oni Imprint that is made by the LEDs moves, mimmicking Straya's lips and tongue as she speaks. The general choice of clothing is a jeans, as well as a dark leather jacket that cuts off at her midriff. On the back is a large embossing of a japanese dragon. Strapped to her hip, along with two kunai and a silenced pistol, are the tattered remains of the Firebrand jacket, only a ripped patch of leather with the logo remains of said jacket. Straya either wears normal shirts or crop tops underneath her old gang jacket.


Straya is somewhat of an oddity. While she's playful and nice, she can also suddenly become icecold and distrusting towards anyone, whether they've known her for years, or just met them. She has issues with mood swings, though the people that have known her for some times know these don't take long and that, in the end, she doesn't mean anything by it.

Though overal, her general outlook and attitude is surprisingly cool and positive. She barely feels pressure, or chooses to ignore it, a quick thinker that is also quick on her feet. Though when the pressure gets to her, she can snap severely. Leading to the mood swings mentioned earlier. Mayhaps, Straya can come of as somewhat intimidating at first, due to her appearance but also due to her general behaviour towards strangers. Something she picked up from several years as muscle for a gang. While she isn't ominous, she can instill fear and discomfort by sheer looks. Not immediately threatening, though intimidating enough to make people think twice before they approach her. In short, if looks could kill, she would've been a serial killer by now.


Straya, originally named differently, was born in a small Cohronl family, Straya was only child to her two parents. At the age of fifteen, during their ship docking, Straya made a break for it, running away from home. She wanted to see the universe, but more importantly, she wanted to rid herself off her parents. A painful pubescent age with constant arguements made her fed up. Though she wasn't at all prepared for the world. Having no money to her name, she began to teach herself life on the streets. Pickpocketing and begging, after several beatings and close encounters, she became quite the sleight of hand.

Though three years later, at the age of eighteen, she found a pistol without ammunition. Drenched in blood. Though using this, she began to actively rob and mug people. Up until she pointed the gun at the wrong person. A lieutenant of the station's local gang. She was punished for it severely, though they saw potential in her, taught her how to fight and extort. Soon becoming an enforcer for the Backwater Dragons.

It was during a gang wars that she was caught and tortured for information by a rival group, breaking and finally speaking. Leading to the collapse of her gang. Ever since, she struck out as a mercenary, hiding her features behind the mask mentioned earlier.

Skills Learned

  • Communications: Fluent in both Trade and Saalsari
  • Entertainment: Seduction and distractions have always been part of Straya's repertoire. Being able to handle a stripper pole due to her time with the Backwater Dragons, she's been taught by several of the women she had to guard, often more expensive courtesans.
  • Fighting: Straya learned how to fight early on in her life. Both unarmed, though her repertoire now consists of two kunai, which she can use both as melee and thrown weaponry. Trained with a sniper rifle and a pistol by the Backwater Dragons, if things went south or needed more convincing means.
  • Physical: Straya is durable, but she has a rather high pain treshold. Having been tortured and harmed more than often, she's taught herself to distract herself from physical harm and push on, even under duress.
  • Rogue: Living on the street, as well as being muscle for a gang, Straya has a swift sleight of hand, knows how to pickpocket, lockpick and controls other less than legal abilities.

Social Connections

Straya is connected to:

  • Vinni Firebrand - Having been part of the original Veilburner I, Straya decided to up and leave.

Inventory & Finance

Straya has the following:


  • Backwater Dragons crew jacket
  • tattered piece of Firebrand crew jacket
  • Assorted jeans and shirts
  • Assorted underwear
  • LED-actuated Facemask



  • 2x Kunai


  • BW-P2 "Wraith" - 1 extended magazine, 2 traditional magazines. 2x 100 standard rounds, 1 x 100 hollow point.

OOC Information

This page was created by iq on 11, 19 2018 at 08:50 using the Character Template Form.

In the case iq becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No

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