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Stringmaster “Fitz” 56-5854-8581

Stringmaster “Fitz” 56-5854-8581 is a player character played by SirSkully.

Stringmaster “Fitz” 56-5854-8581
Species: Freespacer Type 4
Gender: Male
Year of Birth: YE 16
Organisation: Independent
Occupation: Bard
Placement: TBA
Theme: Resurrection by Erection – Power Wolf

Physical Description

Stringmaster Fitz stands at 5’7” with a rather lean and athletic look to his Durandium Alloy body, armoured plates1) that hide his mechanisms are styled after the muscle culture of a humanoid’s form, his innermost workings are a mix of white synthetic muscles and miniaturized systems that are powered by his internal aether power generator that replaced his old nuclear one. The only hint of anything organic besides the fact he has a crotch-guard at all is the face that sits over his otherwise gunmetal grey, featureless faceplate – this face is synthetic and removable, quite angular with two glowing blue eyes and slightly unkempt, platinum blonde hair that spikes backwards. Two round, identical ports sit underneath Fitz’s left armpit with an amp-like device built into his faceplate.


Stringmaster Fitz is quite the stereotypical bard, he is overconfident in his own actions and seemingly fearless – not one that easily cracks under pressure and doing everything with a bit of a flair to his actions. Fitz is also quite a flirt and a womanizer, willing to try just about anything in his pursuit of a warm bed with good company but he’s not overly fussy about that bed part. Loyal to the end and with a certain fire he drags into battle, he makes sure to pay close attention to everything that is going on to weave some overblown tale about it later – Fitz is especially fond of telling people about the one time he surfed a ship around a collapsing black hole…


Stringmaster 56-5854-8581 was created in mid YE 16 as an overall ‘morale booster’ to liven up people’s lives as he roamed around, there were some issues with his design process though – corrupted files merged with his systems but after some poking everything was stable… so he was set free to the depths of space as a replacement was made. The ‘spacer chose the name “Fitz” and began living the life of a nomadic battle-bard who raised hell and spirits wherever he went – seeking to make a name for himself among the stars with that flair he added to even the simplest tasks.

Skills Learnt

Stringmaster “Fitz” 56-5854-8581 has the following skills: Entertainment:Fitz is a master performer and shows a high level of skill with his much-loved guitar, he knows how to get somebody’s attention and hold it there. Fighting:Fitz is one hell of a force to be reckoned with when combined with his multi-purpose battle-guitar, there are a few rumours circulating that the reason his revolver is in a ceramic casing means he has never drawn it. Rogue: Fitz knows how to get what he wants, he is rather skilled at manipulation as well as more… invasive methods of getting to what he wants. Technology:Alongside physical combat, Fitz is adequately skilled at brute-forcing his way past firewalls to get to critical systems and data, it isn’t pretty nor refined but it can get the job done. In addition he is skilled enough in the physical side that he can keep himself and his gear running.

Inventory and Finance

Stringmaster “Fitz” 56-5854-8581 currently has: Classical HHG in a ceramic enclosure on his left hip -Laser Pointer -Six Red-tipped2) rounds Duelling_Banjo

3000 KS.

OOC Information

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