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Species: Geshrin
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Zodiac Sign:
Organization: None
Occupation: Runaway
Rank: None
Current Placement: YSS Freedom

Sukeharu in Roleplay

Sukeharu is a player character played by MissingNo and is currently involved in the Freedom Down plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 4' 7“ Mass: 84 lbs

Build and Skin Color: His muscles are toned from daily exercise and working odd jobs, but he's still growing out of the child-chub facially.

Facial Features and Eye Color: A slightly chubby face that looks a couple years younger than it should with large, round, and very black eyes that are usually half-closed.

Hair Color and Style: Shoulder-length pitch-black hair that is an even length all the way around. Sukeharu wears a headband to keep it out of his eyes and will sometimes put it in a low ponytail or braid but mostly keeps it loose.

Distinguishing Features: Most people think Sukeharu younger than he is because of his height. Periodic malnourishment did nothing to help his height. He also wears a wide, buckled leather bracelet loosely on his left wrist, and a thick, flat-linked chain one on his right at all times. Other than these, he's quite forgettable, a useful trait for getting lost while being pursued.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Very jaded for his age, Sukeharu knows he doesn't know everything and is always on the lookout for something to learn that might be useful for him. However, he doesn't play the part of a bright, eager young student very well, acquiring a very snarky attitude early on and earning many reprimands from teachers for his lack of discipline and respect before he ran away. Easily gets into trouble from saying more than he should and mouthing off to just about anyone. Sometimes, though, this is empty bravado, but not often.

Likes: Getting enough to eat, exploring, learning something interesting, a good piece of music. Flutes are his favorite. Dislikes: Getting caught, orphanages, his parents, forced work (which is nearly all of it), imperious and egotistical people. Goals: To get to the next day. His one long-term goal is to learn an instrument, and he entertains an impossible goal of discovering or completely exploring an unmapped planet.


Family (or Creators)

Unknown, he's an orphan.


Sukeharu's early life is mostly forgotten by him. All he cares to remember (or can't forget) is that his parents were very work-a-holic types that said they loved him but left his care mostly to his schoolteachers and his one older sibling. Then they never came home, people came for him, and he ran away.

Abandoning his given name and even his family name, Sukeharu created a new one out of two Yamataian characters – 輔 (suke) “help” and 遥 (haru) “distant” – because he believed that no one was able to help him. Now a street-rat by choice and driven by circumstances, Sukeharu spent several years on his own, avoiding and escaping law enforcement and good-intentions before he landed himself in the “Himura Estate for the Little Lost Ones”.

Although Sukeharu preferred to leave off the last word in the Estate's name, it wasn't an awful place as far as orphanages go. He just didn't like it. Try as he might, however, he was unable to escape the watchful eyes of Himura-sensei, the old man who ran the place with a gentle, but iron-clad, hand…the sort of hand that you could feel patiently guiding you while knowing it could knock you around if it so desired. Nonetheless, Sukeharu continued trying to escape while picking up several useful skills from the other orphans, both younger and older, that were housed in the sprawling estate.

Then the evacuations began. He was loaded with a dozen others into the YSS Freedom and told that the rest of the orphans would follow on the next ship out.

Then came the shooting, and the running, some more shooting, then ships breaking…



The boy is street-smart, but only in knowing what to avoid and how to avoid it. He's gotten by mostly by running faster or going where the other guy couldn't, and probably can't talk his way out of trouble very well. He hasn't tried it, so there's not really any way to tell.


Very well-conditioned and built for speed and agility, Sukeharu runs over, around, through, and on buildings as easily as others walk on a street. While he is highly-practiced at traversing an urban landscape, the skill is easily applicable to any obstacle-laden terrain.

School gave him very basic knowledge of navigation tools and how to use them, as well as the conventional use of the sky and landmarks to derive one's position. Once he hit the streets, Sukeharu relied on a fantastic photo-memory to create mental maps of explored areas, but can use basic cardinal directions and natural environmental cues to find his way around unknown areas.


Even though he's never touched an instrument, Sukeharu has an acute sense of musical pitch and scale. He often whistles when he's alone and can reproduce songs exactly after hearing them once, no matter the length. It seems his sense of hearing is linked to his sense of sight in a mild form of synesthesia, so his photographic memory may be involved with his musical talent and his hearing may play a large part in navigation.


Sukeharu is currently an evacuee in the Freedom Down plot. He receives a weekly salary of nothing per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
0 KS Starting Funds

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