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Suvi Harmaajärvi

Suvi Harmaajärvi is a player character played by ShotJon.

Suvi Harmaajärvi
Species: Nekovalkytja
Gender: Gynoid
Age: 8
Birthday: 20. 02. YE 31
Height: 170cm (5' 6”)
Weight: 55 kg (121 pounds)
Occupation: Pilot, Mercenary
Rank: Civilian
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Jimmy's crazy fighter pilot plot

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 170cm (5' 6”)
  • Mass: 55 kg (121 pounds)
  • Measurements: C

Build and Skin Color: Suvi is a tallish neko with athletic build. She had well toned muscles and a six-pack. Her hips are fairly thin for a neko, to an extent someone might call her a bit bony.

Eyes and Facial Features: She has a thin eyebrows set above a sky-blue coloured eyes. Her eyes are hooded, giving her a certain serious look. Her nose is small and tiny bit pointy, set above thin lips. Suvi wears a thick black eyeshadow around her eyes.

Ears: Suvi has classic nekovalkyrja type ears, they are covered in yellow fur.

Hair Color and Style: Suvi's hair is blonde, she let it grow long. Sides of her head is shaved, giving her a certain raltean look, which she amplifies by putting part of her hair into braids.

Distinguishing Features: Suvi has several genetic tattoos, apart from ID code on her butt-cheek, she has a rune-like motive on sides of her head that are shaved. She also has a large hammer covered with raltean runes tattooed over her back.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Suvi is a fairly aggressive and assertive person. She knows what she wants and tends to go after it. The neko absolutely love combat, not matter if she is in cockpit or on land with weapon in her hand.

She despises fear and tries to turn her own fear into aggression. After a battle she likes to drink and have a good meal, enjoy the fact that she made it through.

She does not mind being among people, but if she is supposed to choose, she prefers to be among people she sees as warriors. She goes out of her way, to be as far as possible from people she considers cowardly.

Suvi still considers herself yamataian, but she feels like she never fit in. That was why she left and does not plan on going back anytime soon. Only place she ever felt comfortable in on Yamatai was Ralt.

She has a slight rebellious streak. If she is somewhere where a thing is forbidden, if she visits the place where is all right, she will very likely try it out, just out of spire.

  • Likes: Fighting, drinking, feasting, challenges, piloting, cats, cute stuff (but secretly)
  • Dislikes: Cowards, someone trying to use diplomacy when that time is over, dogs
  • Goals: See the space, fight the best fights, drink the best alcohol and taste the best meals.


Family (or Creators)

Star Army of Yamatai


Suvi was created less then 2 months after Second Mishhuvurthyar War started. At first she received a boring name Kanae, which she used for a while. She programmed and trained as a pilot. Some of her training took place around Ralt and she took liking to the culture and the naming. So she asked to have her name and appearance to be changed in Raltean manner.

Later already as a Suvi, she took part of the war. She was a very aggressive pilot. Good at her job, but often taking risks and going for difficult maneuvers. Generally she managed teamwork, but sometimes she went out on her own. During the time they tried to use her in various way. Looking after rookies for once, but they soon found out she was very protective of the new pilots and generally kept them back and protected them. Meaning the pilots were very slow at gaining experience.

In the end she was used as scout. First in, look for the enemy, report the position and wait for the others. Suvi hated that position, especially since it kept her from the thick of it.

Once, around YE 33, her group got ambushed by NMX. They fought hard, but they lost. Suvi's fighter was disabled, but she survived, being taken captive by the enemy. Luckily for her the enemy fleet was solely staffed by Nekovalkyrja and mindless type of enemy. That mean only torture she had to go through was a painful one and she did not have to serve the enemy as incubator.

She spend few weeks as a prisoner, when the enemy fleet arrived to help they compatriots in assault against Nepleslians. The ship where she was held captive was damaged during the fleet battle and crash landed. Not long after a group of nepleslian marines raided the ship and killed NMX. Suvi was found by the nepleslians and rescued.

Since the neps were in middle of fighting, there was no way for Suvi to go back to Yamatai. Still they were allies in the war and after persuading, she was allowed to assist the marines. The platoon was lead by chief Jaina Derring and she and Suvi quickly became friends.

After weeks of fighting Nepleslians won. That was it for Suvi carrier as infantry member and she was returned back to SAoY. Still she kept in touch with Jaina. Upon returning, Suvi spent a short time getting her head back in order, before returning to fleet and back into the cockpit.

She spent rest of the war as a fighter pilot. She ended up as a multiple ace and even managed to torpedo a light cruiser. She ended the was as a Joto-Heisho with few medals. Nothing too fancy.

When the war was over, Suvi quite the army and moved into reserves. She wanted to travel around Yamatai and spend more time in Ralt. As soon as a treaty between Yamatai, Nepleslia and Lor were signed, Suvi traveled out. The treaty meant for someone like her a free although monitored movement outside Yamatai. Suvi chose Nepleslia, since it was bigger and there was more to see.

There was violence as well. Her whole life was full of violence and years of civilian life felt insanely boring to her. In Nepleslia there was always a fight if you looked for it. Suvi did various odd jobs on the side and even became part of the gang for a bit. She was careful to never do something too big to get attention to her. Just a normal every day nepleslian stuff.

She went like that until after long time, she got a call from Jaina Derring asking her for a favour. Although upon hearing what it was, Suvi was not too happy, she accepted. After all Jaina did save her life in past.



Suvi started her career as a pilot. But some of it, she spent on foot with rifle or knife in her hands. She was shot down several times too. What started as a basic training of self-defense every SAoY soldier comes through, became through experience something more. Suvi is a competent warrior. She handles herself well in hand-to-hand, with knives and both shortarms and longarms.

Spaceship Operations

Before anything else Suvi is a pilot. She knows how to pilot nearly any type of small spacecraft, from the high performance fighter to space shuttles. She has knowledge of piloting capital ships, but it is all trained theory in her head, she never actually piloted one. He specialty is dogfighting and attack runs. She can operate ship-based weaponry with skill and accuracy.


Suvi can operate most communication devices. She can speak in Yamataian language, trade and lorath. She has knowledge of tactical communication and in her short time with nepleslian marines, she learned their handsigns.


Suvi has a basic knowledge of medical skills. She can do first aid, treat basic injuries. This especially takes account to applying hemosynthetics to injured nekovalkyrja and yamataians, but she can do first aid for Geshrins and Nepleslians as well.

Technology Operation

Suvi is well versed in working with computers, especially concerning flight computers. She can do basic programming of navigational programs.

Entertainment and culinary

When not in combat, Suvi needs to kill time in some way. She enjoys food and eating, so she learned how to cook properly. Her specialty is a lot of food. Nothing too special, but to reliably cook enough of it to feed a larger group of people and not waste too much time on it. Suvi is a heavy drinker and she enjoy a proper liquor or beer. She likes tasting new alcohol when possible. She is also an avid gamer, though she says she plays most of them to hone her reflexes, even though as a nekovalkyrja it is not possible for her senses to get dull.


In her time on Nepleslia, Suvi learned how to drive most vehicles. She was a part of roadbike gang. As a skilled pilot she enjoys speed and likes to go fast. Her neko reflexes allows her to be very proficient and daring driver.


Suvi Harmaajärvi has the following items:


Suvi Harmaajärvi is currently a Civilian in the .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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