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Suzuki Akira

Suzuki Akira is a player character played by Demibear.

Suzuki Akira
Species: NH-33 (Tennyo)
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Height: 5'1β€œ
Weight: 110 lbs
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Infantry
Rank: Chui
Current Placement: YSS Kanagawa
Orders: Orders

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'1”
  • Mass: 110 lbs
  • Measurements: 35C/23/33

Build and Skin Color: Akira has a slender build typical for Nekovalkyrja, though she has a larger than normal bust. Her skin is a cream like color with yellow undertones.

Eyes and Facial Features: Akira has a heart shaped face and a broad nose thanks to her mixed heritage. Her almond shaped steel blue eyes that look like they could penetrate into someone's soul.

Ears: The fur on Akira’s Neko style ears matches her black hair.

Hair Color and Style: Akira likes to keep her black hair layered and shoulder length. She also has streaks of red in her hair.

Distinguishing Features: Akira does not have any real distinquishing features.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Akira is a quiet but determined type of person that looks like she always has something on her mind. She is not known to be a huge talker, but will dive in a conversation if it interests her. But the lack of talking does not impair her ability to lead. When she does issue a command, it is well known and clear. Though the last 5 years of stagnation have taken their toll on her passion for the position.

  • Likes: Akira gets along well with confident people. Pankration is a form of martial arts she picked up from watching Elysian matches after the war. Took her a lot of effort to find an Elysian that was willing to teach her enough for her to practice on her own. She also loves kickboxing, which supplements her pankration skills.
  • Dislikes: Akira has a strong dislike for those that are unsure about themselves. It largely stems from seeing leaders that kept changing their orders and got people killed she knew well.
  • Goals: Akira's only real main goal at the moment is to gain the recognition she believes she has earned.


Family (or Creators)

Suzuki Maria (Mother, deceased) Suzuki Masakaji (Father, deceased)


Born originally on Yamatai, Akira and her Nepleslian parents moved to Neplelsia for reasons she was never really curious about. She remained there surviving until she enlisted into the Star Army of Yamatai in YE 23 as a member of the infantry corps. Something her parents were completely against from the start. And for good reasons since she right out of basic training Akira was sent directly to the lines against the Elysians. One of her more memorable events of the war for her was encountering an Elysian Plebian medic. He tried to go straight to hand to hand with her squad, but eventually tripped. Akira knocked him unconscious, tried him up, and left him in some bushes after the squad cleaned up the rest of the Elysians

Even as a simple Santo Hei, she displayed a lot of leadership potential. On more then one occasion she had to take over when either her team leader was either killed or simply froze up. That got the attention from more senior commanders and by the end of the conflict, Akira has moved up to the rank of Nito Heisho.

Akira briefly was discharged from the Star Army of Yamatai, returning back home to Neplesia to take care of her parents. Both had become ill while she was on the war front. Doctors told her there was not much for them to do other then make the two of them comfortable until they died. They died before the onset of the First Mishhuvurthyar War. With no need to be in the chaos of the planet, Akira proceeded back to Yamatai to enlist again once word of the war reached her ears.

Against an alien species that was both alien and strong to her, Akira's natural leadership and skills were constantly put to the test. Despite her attempts to keep her subordinates alive, she would lose more than half her squad in direct assaults against the Mishhuvurthyar. She soon found she had more of a niche for more irregular types of attacks harassing and paralyzing them. Utilizing and training smaller size units within her command, she found it much easier to do things in such a way.

When the Species Restriction Order came down in the later part of the war, Akira immediately got herself transferred into a NH-29 Nekovalkyrja body. One she viewed it as an advantage as she was not capable of doing much now. But the fear of dying the same way her parents had died was also a large driving factor as well. At the end of the First Mishhuvurthyar War, Akira had manged to rise to Santo Juni. But the rank was only a temporary one as she was tapped for officer training to become a Centurion.


Graduating in YE 32 from the Kyoto War College, Akira was tapped to temporarily command the newly commissioned YSS Truth's Vengeance gaining for some unique experience. Once a proper commander was available, she received another temporary reassignment to the YSS Sakura II Plot as an infantry officer. Afterwards, she received orders to various legions leading as a centurion or platoon leader depending on personnel levels allowing someone of her rank to lead as a centurion. Despite her performance, no real promotion opportunities ever presented themselves.

Eventually she grew frustrated and decided to take up a position as an infantry training section leader. At the very least she can supervise the molding of the Star Army's future soldiers.

At YE 39 9月, she received orders assigning her as the infantry wing commander of Task Force Inquistion's flagship, the YSS Orochi. She was not entirely sure the orders were valid initially until she had them verified by PANTHEON. So much for riding it out to retirement. After a stint with Task Force Inquisition, Akira found herself sent over to Legion XX as a centurion once more.

Late YE 41, she returned to training with a transfer to the Zenjinkaze Fighting High School on Yamatai after her graduation from the School of Advanced Infantry Combat. She had successfully striked for one of the limited slots for existing solders of the SAoY. Though she had to take it twice after failing during the fly phrase when she made a critical mistake, resulting in her capture by cadre. A mistake she does not intend to repeat ever again.

Service Record

Year Assignment Position Rank Orders Date
YE 23 Grand Star Army Infantry SantΓ΄ Hei YE 23 2月 24ζ—₯
YE 30 Grand Star Army Infantry Santô Juni YE 30 1月
YE 32 YSS Truth’s Vengeance Starship Captain Shoi YE 32 3月
YE 32 Legion I Infantry Shoi YE 32 9月
YE 33 YSS Sakura II Infantry Shoi YE 33 3月
YE 33 Legion I Infantry Shoi YE 33 8月
YE 35 Fort Ready Instructor Shoi YE 35 7月
YE 39 Task Force Inquisition Infantry Shoi YE 39 9月
YE 39 Legion XX Infantry Shoi YE 40 3月
YE 41 Battlefield Education Instructor Chui YE 41 7月
YE 42 YSS Kanagawa Infantry Chui YE 42 3月
For 9 years of service to the SAoY
For 1 year of service to the SAoY
For the 4th Elysian War, First, and Second Mishhuvurthyar Wars
Rewarded for graduation from School of Advanced Infantry Combat

Skills Learned

Skill Training Source
Communications With years of service experience, Suzuki Akira is highly proficient with basic radio operation and procedures of the SAoY. She is fluent in her native Trade and Yamataian. She is also proficient with the wireless and telepathic abilities her Neko body provides her. Star Army Common Skills
Demolitions As a graduate of the SAIC, Suzuki Akira is well trained in the use of Star Army explosives and munitions, including grenades, rockets, missiles, and artillery. SAIC
Fighting Attending the School of Advanced Infantry Combat has honed and focused the skills Suzuki Akira has gained from years of experience. She is an expert of hand to hand combat, both in and out of power armor. She is a proficient swordswoman and knife fighter in power armor. She has the ability to consistently and accurately place shots with all weapons available for power armor and is a rare non-Elysian practitioner of Elysian Boxing. Star Army Common Skills/SAIC
Knowledge Suzuki Akira is an avid fan of military history and the history of the Yamatai Star Empire. She does her best to keep up to date on the laws of the land that will affect her the most, everything else she just knows where to reference should it be needed. She also can identify most power armor, mecha, etc known to the SAoY from appearance. She is well-versed in their known capabilities, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and level of threat they are to the situation. Kyoto War College/SAIC
Leadership Years of being an SAoY officer, Suzuki Akira's leadership abilities is further enhanced by her years of experience of leading centuries of soldiers. She is also proficient with leading small-units and making use of tactics typical of asymmetric warfare. Kyoto War College/SAIC
Maintenance and Repair As a SAIC graduate, Suzuki Akira is capable of performing repairs on her weapons and armors, both in the field and in proper facilities. SAIC
Mathmatics Akira received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry. Star Army Common Skills
Physical Years of service instilling discipline into maintaining peak physical fitness, Suzuki's time at the SAIC has helped her gain high proficiency with the abilities of her neko body, with no hesitation. SAIC/Personal Experience
Survival and Military As a graduate of the Girestsu school, Suzuki AKira has received extensive training in wilderness survival and stealth, escape and evasion of a superior enemy force during combat operations, and proper commando and stay-behind operations. SAIC
Technology Operations From years of doing paperwork as an officer of the SAoY, Suzuki Akira is highly proficient at operating the Kessaku OS for word processing. Star Army Common Skills

Issued Items

Suzuki Akira has the following items:

Qty. Item Color/Pattern Notes
1 Star Army Duffel Bag RIKUPAT
1 Star Army Butt Pack, Type 29 RIKUPAT Includes 2 waterproof bags
1 kit Star Army Survival Kit, Type 31A RIKUPAT Includes backpack
1 Star Army Poncho, Type 38 RIKUPAT Field gear; Weather gear; Includes liner
1 set Star Army Environmental Suit, Type 28 (AMES) Cadet Blue Complete set
2 sets Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35 Regal Blue Includes jacket & pants or skirt and tights, and 1 pair shoes
3 Star Army Undershirt Regal Blue
1 pair Utility gloves, Type 21 Jet black
1 Star Army Cap, Type 32 Regal Blue
1 Star Army Coat, Type 32 Black Weather gear
1 pair Gloves, Type 32 Cadet blue Weather gear
2 sets Star Army Working Uniform, Type 31 Dark Blue Includes working boots and work gloves (cadet blue)
1 Star Army Utility Belt, Type 32 (for working uniform) Cadet Blue
2 sets Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 40 see page Includes sports shoes, black
1 kit Star Army Undergarments see page Includes Socks, underwear, bras if applicable
1 kit Star Army Toiletry Kit Black
1 Star Army Belt, Type 35 (for duty uniform) Jet black
1 Star Army Communicator, Type 36 Black
1 Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 33 Black Includes 1 BR-28 Series Battery Magazine


Suzuki Akira is currently a Chui in the Star Army of Yamatai with 15 years of service. She is on the the prestige system.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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