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“Swift River”

“Swift River”
Species: Kohanians
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Family: “Raging Waterfall” - Father
“Gentle Lake” - Mother
Height: 4' 5”
Weight: 140lbs.
Faction / Clan: Gaueko
Rank Student
Occupation Huntsmaster / Summoner in training
Current Placement

“Swift River” In Roleplay

“Swift River” is a Player Character played by Scot. He is currently involved the plot Coming Soon.

Physical Appearance

Height: 4' 5”

Weight: 140lbs

Build: Runner physique from his early childhood days of hunting, it was also thought he was born to be as swift as a river before his losing ability with his leg.

Fur Color: His coat is predominantly red, with a light grayish underbelly like that of a Red Fox.

Eye Color: His eyes are blue, matching with his name.

Hair color and style: Short black hair, it's a small clump at the top of his head that is like a leaf blowing in the wind, and falls to the back of his head when no wind is present.

Markings and Distinguishing Features: When hunting or joining a battle, he paints his forehead with a picture of an Oak tree, as well as other symbols on his body representing creatures of the wild.

His right leg is weak, so he walks in support of a spear typically, though sometimes a cane.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Swift River is intelligent and courageous as he is nervous, while he is experienced, he still feels like others shadow him and thus have a bigger challenge to make something of himself. He can sometimes be playful and teasing others, though regret everything when something happens to the target of his game.

Likes: Hunting, practicing his craft

Dislikes: Those who harm the wildlife without reason or respect

Fears: His weak leg, not living to expectation, harm to allies

Goals: -Improve his skills in both hunting and summoning.



Swift River was the youngest of 5, his mother gave him a necklace with a bright blue plant in a sacred pattern. He was told this was a heirloom past down to the youngest, to help guide them on the path to their destiny.

Swift River was training to be a hunter at the age of 11 under the teachings of Falling Mountain when the hunters became the hunted, and Swift River mauled by a bear creature. While he came out fine, his right leg's was severely injured, the medicine man gave Rising Moon grave news that he wouldn't be able to run and chase down game like a hunter anymore. Depressed, he left the tribe and lived alone for a long while until he met a Gaueko wolf shaman by the name of Great Oak..

Great Oak was wandering village to village looking for a specific plant to cure an illness happening in his home village. The wolf's eye was caught on to Swift River's heirloom, which contained what he needed. The Wolf asked if he would like to trade for the heirloom for some rare silk, Swift River refused. He asked the pup if he would like to journey with him back to his home village, in trade for the heirloom, Swift River refused again. Giving a sigh and not knowing if he would find another plant like it any time soon, he asked if he would trade it to be able to hunt again, noticing the lad's posture that indicated a weak leg. Swift River asked how that could be possible, Great Oak answered by offering him to learn the ways of nature summoning. He claimed it was not coincidence, but the spirits at work that guided him to meet Swift River.

During his training Swift River had summoned a young wolf and was instructed to befriend it. The wolf and Swift River became close friends, and even let Swift River ride him. Great Oak then began to teach how Swift River could communicate, and thus allow Swift River to hunt without his right leg be a problem. After Swift River could communicate with the wolf to some extent, Great Oak suggested naming him. Swift River thought it over for a long while, and during a swim had decided to name the wolf “Blue Moon” after looking up at the moon while under water.

While not a master of his art, he vows to use summoning to protect his allies but not to hunt. As long as he has Blue Moon, there is no need for tricks.

Service Record

-Assignment name-

-Description about assignment-

-Mission name-

-Description about mission-



Swift River is a survivalist, he knows how to forge for food and water in the wilderness, and can self sustain himself for extended periods of time. He can make makeshift weapons of low quality, and hide is presence if needed. He also carries his racial traits of Heightened senses of hearing and smell.


Swift River is knowledgeable in the works of bow, spear, sword, as well as some martial art ability. He can also use summoned creatures to attack in his place, as well as ride those he befriends such as the wolf Blue Moon.


Regardless the condition of his right leg, Swift River keeps himself physically fit. While he doesn't focus all his energy on being physically fit to the standards of a warrior, he hopes one day he may be able to run on his own without the aid of a support.

Summoning Magic

Swift Wind plays a flute for his summoning abilities, in order for the summon to work correctly, precise notes must be played for it to work, and requires much greater precision depending on what the summoned is, or if a specific creature is being summoned.


Swift Wind can commune with wild animals, he speaks in a way that while the animal does not know his language, would still understand the intent, and be able to communicate. As Swift Wind excels in this, he may even be able to read slight gestures, and speak at the same level as the animal, however so far the only creature he can do this with is the wolf named Blue Moon. Swift Wind also understands rudimentary signals such as hand (Or paw) signals, and interpret fire signals.


As a hunter, Swift Wind had to learn basic cooking, as well as other chores such as cleaning the food before eating.


Swift Wind is working on his talent for story telling, he can tell some stories as a grand event, or a funny tale to pick on someone in jest.



- Brown Tunic with shades of red, made from a large rat that was named Running Rat Run. - Shorts x3 - Pair of boots - Druid Robe


-Two backpacks (clothing and supplies) -Flute for summoning


-Bundle of spears -Bow and quiver of arrows -Blue Moon, wolf companion


“Swift River” is currently a RANK in the SOMETHING ARMY. He receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
MONEY Starting Funds

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