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Tadarius Buushaw Locklem

Tadarius Buushaw Locklem is a Nepleslian. He is played by Bilgecrank.

Tadarius Buushaw Locklem
Tah-DAR-ree-uhss Boo-Shawh Lock-lehm
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 6' 1“ / 185.42 cm.
Weight: 232 lb. / 105.23 kg.
Organization Origin Industries
Rank Master Sergeant
Occupation Cook
Current Placement SS Raider (v2)

Tadarius' Voice and Theme

Tadarius in Roleplay



  • Father: Emello Justavius Locklem [species:Nepleslian], Age: 45

The loudest Nepleslian you'll ever meet, Emello could often never be seen anywhere without an apron on. Emello often spends most of his time at his restaraunt, “Emello's Warehouse', where he cooks a wide variety of meals for his customers. After every day, at closing time Emello would go into the upstairs room of his Restaraunt(which was where they lived) and cooked his family a hearty meal.

  • Mother: Seria Ida Locklem[Geshrin], Maiden Name: Oakes, Age: 44

A loving wife, mother, and cook, Seria has spent most of her life taking care of the Home/Restaraunt the family lived in. She would always make sure that their home was always safe and cozy for her family to come to.

  • Sister: Nessa Mira Locklem[Geshrin], Age: 23

Unlike her brother, mother, and father, Nessa wanted to become a doctor when she grew up. At a young age she didn't bother much with cooking, and instead became much of a little bookworm.

Physical Appearence

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 6’1” / 185.42 cm.
  • Mass: 232 lb./105.23 kg.

General View

  • Handedness: Right
  • Build: Medium to heavy muscle build, an average shoulder and chest length.
  • Skin Color: Black(brown) skin.
  • Facial Features: Plain forehead, average length yet a tad wide nose, and a black goatee(well trimmed). Tadarius has a small plated area around his right eye that stretches a small ways up to his forehead and small ways around the right of his head, skin around the plated area is slightly scarred. Has a small burn scar that stretches down past his cheek bone and stops at the mouth.
  • Eye color: His left eye is a bright, brownish color, allowing you to see the dark pupil within. His right eye is a green lense that has targeting system linked with his arm.
  • Hair color and Style: Bald.
  • Distinguishing Features: Tadarius has a cybernetic right arm that is connected with the eyes to allow him excellent hand-eye coordination with it. His left leg is cyberized as well, made with tough parts and gears, modded for super strength. All cybernetics on his bodies are uncovered. Burn scars ride all the way up and down the right side of his body, generally right on the side.

Mental Characteristics


Tadarius is a patient man, who knows the worth of waiting is it’s weight in gold. He is a potentially laid-back and enjoys to sit along with friends. Though, that doesn’t keep him from getting work done, he’ll be dutiful when he has to, but when given the choice on the matter, he’d rather sit and relax. He generally has a good attitude about most things, but can go sour in a moment if someone says the wrong thing to him.

Preferences and Goals

  • General Likes: Good food, Having something to sit on, Cooking, Helping people out, Having a good drink(Alcohol)
  • General Dislikes: Poorly cooked food, Work-excessive people, People who try to abuse his patience.
  • Religion: None
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Band: Green Male Posse
  • Favorite Song: Green Male Posse - Pots and Pans
  • Favorite Book: Tetsceptre (Fantasy)
  • Favorite Movie: The Song Man (Comedy)
  • Lucky Number: 3
  • Clothing: Most of the time, Buu will dress himself in a loose fashion, usually consisting of a simple T-Shirt and Jeans. Most overly complex styles just seem like too much to him.
  • Food: Buu does not dislike any sort of food, as he will eat anything cookable or edible.
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Tastes in Women: One of the best things for a woman to have is a little meat on her. It does not imply that Buu is into weight excessive women, but he prefers to have something that he grip on to. Another taste is a woman who has taste, for things that are delicious, a woman who doesn't mind to have things cooked for her. Buu also enjoys a woman who knows how to relax, or at least, not act tense.
  • Distastes in Women: Work-a-holic's are a big no for Tadarius, he doesn't like a woman who works to much. It's alright for her take her job seriously, but when cuts him out of the equation, it's too much. Any girls that are skinny, muscly, or overly-toned cause him to divert his eyes.
  • Goals: To fill his youth with it’s share of action, and maybe even start a restaurant one day after it’s all done and over.



Growing up in Kesselton

Tadarius Buushaw Locklem was born on Kennewes in a small industrious town called “Kesselton” located on an area just below the equator. His mother and father owned a restauraunt on the edge of town called, “Emello’s Warehouse”, a place where he spent a lot of his time in his youth. The young Nepleslian learned a lot about cooking, and preparing food from his parents as he grew up. When he wasn’t at the restaurant sitting around or learning the trade, he was either at school or out on the town. His life taught him to deal with the violence around him, in time the gangs shooting off around seemed to just be another part of life.


Learning Another World

At around the age of 18, Tadarius decided to take a shuttle to Nepleslia to make a life for himself in Funky Town. For awhile, he seemed to do okay, working as a cook in a low-time restauraunt. Though, when Nepleslia declared it’s indepedence in YE 28, Tadarius had found higher purpose in life. He joined the Star Army of Nepleslia and went into the training program that the military doctrine of the time put them through. Instead becoming one of the kitchen crew that stayed behind in the ship, the Nepleslian decided to become a Tech Sentry and be allowed to go into combat. He quickly started service after training on one of the many ships in the 1st Fleet, and just like that, he was in combat with the opposing Red Faction.

For the most of the year, Tadarius’ mechanical knowledge expanded and grew along with his combat experience. Though not as widespread and in-depth as his cooking skills, he was still a skilled Tech Sentry nonetheless. Though, with all the combat happening around him, he had seemed to have the ability to rally the Techs around him and put them to use when the Anti-Matter went flying. His CO took note of this, promoting him in the ranks to Soldier First Class. This allowed him to have official rank in combat, and in the power armor/hangar bay.

Where'd Mah Leg Go?

As the fighting went on inbetween the two factions, even into early YE 29, Tadarius became ever smarter in combat, and noted for his survivability. Around this time, he had been finally promoted to Sergeant and seen quite a bit of combat. Though, this would be a kind year to Tadarius, as it would be his last one in the Star Army of Nepleslia. While his ship was on patrol, it came under attack by the Reds and along with other squads of Power Armors, Tadarius went out to face them, but were boarded before they even left the bay. In the midst of the conflict, Tadarius was engaged by two Dark Demons and was hit with a Missile in his right arm, leg, and the shrapnel and heat heavily damaging his right eye. Luckily, the Tech Sentry survived the engagement, but was sent back to Nepleslia shortly thereafter.

Post-Military Carreer

Less Killin' More Cookin'

Tadarius would find himself in a hospital bed in one of Nepleslia’s military med-bays after returning to the planet. With a bit of helpful funding from his parents, he was able to replace his lost body parts and able to fix his eye. With a little left over to spend, he was also able to add a neat little targeting feature for his eye and arm. Though with a sudden jump with death, Tadarius had decided that his service with the Star Army of Nepleslia would end. So, with a formerly signed discharge to the Nepleslian Star Army, Tadarius set off to find another place that would suit his skills.

After leaving the Hospital, Tadarius found himself hunting for another job. Luckily, there was an opening on a space liner for a cook. With a chance to not only do what he did best, but also see around the galaxy, Tadarius took the job and began serving up all sorts of meals for those rich enough to afford a ticket. Though, even with such a fancy job, Tadarius felt the calling of his inner marine, telling him to jump into some action.

Now with Less Cookin'

While docked at the HIGA space base, a certain man by the name of Kenichi Higa took notice of Tadarius’ heavy augmentation. Through their discussion, Tadarius talked about the time he spent in the military, and his experience with dangerous equipment. As if it were some sort of blessing, Kenichi offered Tadarius a job to work in HIGA’s R&D division, testing mechs before they were finalized and sent to the market. Tadarius gladly accepted as he saw it as a chance to feed his spirit with the intensity it needed.

Now with More 'I Need a Job Man'

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Tadarius left HiGA to pursue more lucrative careers. However, the young man would find himself without a job for five months until he was hired to work as a cook on another luxury liner. Fate would have another hand in Tadarius' misfortune as his liner was attacked by bandits, the business lost by the liner caused it's company to go under, and the black Nep would find himself out of a job again. Around the time of YE 31, he found himself sharing a drink with a former HiGA pilot, Tira Gambizam. After finishing a story about his last job, he was bothered by a short captain by the name of Aerin Tatst. She offered him the job of cook on her ship, and he became the Head Cook for the SS Raider (v2).

Medical Record

  • Lost right arm, leg, and eye in skirmish combat. Replaced all missing parts with cybernetics.



Before training, the best communication Tadarius could do was over a phone, with a text or written message, or to another person. The Star Army of Nepleslia gave him a lot of technical training with radios, and other forms of electronic communication. It took him awhile, however, to learn the hand signals and other forms of physical and non-electronical communication. Though with experience in combat, he’s learned to communicate among other groups in hostile situations.

Fighting and Physical

Punching dough in a restaurant only teaches you so much about actually hitting someone. So when he joined the Star Army of Nepleslia, Tadarius learned all he needed know about making sure that the other guy didn’t make it home. He’s able to effeciently mount most ELEMENT series power armors, operate assault rifles, pistols, and grenades. Due to this training and several bouts of combat, Tadarius is in excellent physical shape.


Tadarius became familiar with the terms of survival in training in Nepleslia. There he learned how to forage for food, make a shelter, and use his surroundings as camoflauge. Though his citzen gained knowledge of cooking also helps in this category.

Strategy (Tactics/Discipline)

Intense combat taught helped forge Tadarius’ training taught techiniques of strategy. He is able to coordinate men and women under him, and use them for their appropriate tasks. Tadarius can also recognize points and situations to which he can take advantage of and maximize a groups effectiveness.

Maintenance and Repair

Although he did quite a bit of fighting in his service, Tadarius learned a lot in how to deal with machines. He’s learned how to operate on parts of a ship, and how to properly repair them to full strength. Tadarius also knows how to make major repairs to Power Armors, knowing how to patch up areas when needed.


While on duty, Tadarius found that he had the ability to influence others into following his instruction and direction. This was evident when he was able to point and lead others around during combat situations the rank of Soldier 3rd Class. With his higher ranks, he would command the other techs and maybe a few marines when the situations got sticky. Normally, in hostile situations, he can keep a leveled look, and with his patience, can make timely decisions without being hasty.


From the beginning of his life until his joined the Star Army of Nepleslia, Tadarius held on to the old family tradition of cooking. Generally, his knowledge comes from his mother and father, who were well seasoned(not a pun) in homestyle and a bit of ‘resourceful’ cooking. While in Funky Town, he learned some fine cooking and a bit of the Yamataian style cooking.

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