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Taela Kaila

This character may not be adopted.
Taela Kaila
Species: NH-29
Gender: Female
Age: about 4.5 years
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 5'
Weight: 105lbs
Bra Size: B-cup
Organization: Origin Industries
Occupation: Power Armor Pilot
Rank: Sergeant
Current Placement: OIF Atuan II
Voice: Caxx
National Bubblegum Bitch Main Theme
Just Love Battle Theme
Electroheart Mech Theme
Vocaloid IA - Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story Striding the Cosmos In Rage!
Dan Croll - From Nowhere Disagreeable Circumstances
Mieta zo, Ending ga Building Tension
Tape Five - Cool Cat in Town Night on the Town

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' Mass: 105lbs Measurements: *Slaps* Bra Size: B-cup

Build and Skin Color: Slender build, unlike most Neko. Less curves - more like a young girl.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Violet eyes and a petite nose.

Hair Color and Style: Long soft-toned dark brown hair tied in a ponytail with short bangs. recently styled to

Distinguishing Features: Dark brown neko ears to match her hair (Lightly pinkish, situated at the diagonal of her head rather than the top or side).

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Very calm and soft spoken. Also incredibly hard to get mad. However, she cries very easily. Not like someone with a mental defect, but more like whenever she hears about an incredibly sad event or she sees something incredibly beautiful. This results from a combination of both her personality and seeing too many soaps in her early months of life. Her soft-spoken manner lead many to believe she can't even throw a punch, let alone pilot a Power Armor. She seems to vary between dependence and independence constantly - her first act of independence being that she named herself. The strange tradeoff came from multiple events - but mostly from taking orders at the academy. She realizes that she needs people, but she wants to show that she can be on her own. . . She is likely prone to bottling up her irritation and not expressing it beyond getting stone cold drunk, so it ends up affecting her combat ability sometimes when she goes psycho.

Likes: Rain, Oceans, puffy pastries with lightly sugary flavor. Dislikes: Loud screeching noises, bitter and sour things Goals: Currently, she hasn't really thought of any goals.


Family (or Creators)

None - standard Neko reproduction procedure followed by military training.


Taela Kaila was born in the middle of YE30. To begin with, Taela made her own name as opposed to picking some Neko name. Her first act on Yamatai was that, and not long after (once she had matured) she was shipped off to a military academy. There, she learned many primary techniques for battle and the like, engineering her to be a soldier. But mindless slaughter was not her strong suit. Lo and behold, Origin Industries was looking for new pilots for their mecha and the like. They reviewed her record, and found that she had the skills they were looking for, and so they made an agreement with Yamatai to make her a tester for the mecha. Compatibility with the Neko bodytype and whatnot. Now, she arrives at Dawn Station, awaiting further orders.

First Mission: Repo Squad

In this mission, Taela quickly got the hang of her Frame's interface and made a new friend, Yoshiko, on the way. All was going fairly well until Rippers and other Mishuu Frames showed up. It was at that point that the entire crew retreated. Taela took minimal damage, and even helped to take down a Render. Then the crew retreated.

After the battle, the crew all went out to do their own thing and she tried to help Yoshiko out of her existential funk with words and wine.

Second Mission: The Terror Attacks At Dawn

This mission started with the entire crew going out for a 'day on the town,' as it were, at Dawn Station. Taela's 'therapy' at the end of the previous mission had no real success, but eventually a combination of Kelly Williams paying for everything unwittingly and Shinji's magical mystical bartendering skills made everything right with her friend. And that's when the alarms went off.

Apparently Mishuu had infiltrated the station and had taken control of a crop of Frames, and the Atuan crew were called into action. On the way to their hangar, they were confronted by an enemy Kirin which ultimately ended up being smashed into tiny pieces by the Atuan crashing in through the wall. The group then loaded up on their new frames, Taela piloting an Asura, and went into battle. The battle went fairly well for her, suffering minimal damage yet again from the enemy, and had to save Yoshiko's ass when she went beserk. After the battle, the crew left for a REAL day of relaxation.

Third Mission: In Hot Water

In this mission,the crew went to an onsen. Crazy stuff ensued, mostly Yoshiko related. Taela ended with a lesson on bondage gear. How exciting.

Fourth Mission: Taps

All hell breaks loose in the most dangerous mission yet. Recovered from the incident from the onsen, the Atuan crew (Plus a few new and minus Yoshiko) set out to engage those that stole their frames. Only to fall face-first into a horrible, horrible trap.

Taela, throughout the earlier portion, contemplated her lack of relations with the crew, especially with the fact that she now had to share a cockpit with a new guy, Mark Vinctropolis. The two worked fairly well together in the following combat, with Taela giving the occasional order and Mark doing the occasional extra needed. Still, the crew took a beating while the Atuan fared even worse from boarding parties.

Throughout all of this, Taela was notably more and more irritated as combat escalated. One Yui became two, and the Demon mechs multipled. It's a wonder she managed to stay sane. Fury did visit towards the end when the Neko found out that Yoshiko was in grave danger. Subsequent disappointment and regret she was not faster came when she found out somebody else had rescued her best friend.

The Atuan was dead. The Frame Team barely survived. What would become of the crew next?

Sixth Mission: Once More, With Feeling

The episode where Taela gets deliriously drunk. The team, from the Aftermath of the last mission, had a one-one many chat with Kensuke himself that ended with many feeling unsatisfied with the answers given. Mark, in a way, helped Taela out of the fury down to a mild irritation, which was then drowned in many batches of Shinji's fizzy lifting drinks. The Neko's head wasn't screwed on for most of the event after that, and much of it was spent in an extremely confused stupor.

The poor girl's rage returned as the situation at hand made itself clear. She was in the back of one of three taxis in hot pursuit of a decal'd care that had a kidnapped Yoshiko in it. The anger, stress, and confusion (Particularly that the whole thing was a setup from the start to teach some AIs the value of organic life) simply was too much, and she passed out immediately after the chase.

She woke up sometime later and rejoined the crew for some festive Abherwanian food. Yum.

Seventh Mission: Mine

A fully recovered and reorganized team entered the fray over HiGA headquarters, and Taela percieved she would be the ranged gun in a Garuda, outmanuvering and outgunning anything in sight. How wrong she was.

She was the first to fire, but the last to react in the aftermath of the first wave of rounds. Her own absent-mindedness had cost her, allowing the enemy Ziliant to heavily damage Yoshiko & Mark's Kirin. Soon enough, the initial contact was over with minimal damage to the team.

After the skirmish, the team was treated to a meal on the field, dropped down with an ammo resupply. Her Lunch did not amuse her. She led the second attack by firing a nuke, yes a NUKE, at the knock-off HiGA Ashigarus. But then something happened she did not expect. Firstly, she ended up in close combat with the enemy. Second, they had wrestled her to the ground. Thirdly, she panicked. And, as history shows, you NEVER want to panic a Nekovalkryja. Ever.

Things go from bad to worse as they progress into the city. Taela recovers from one fit and lapses into another, nearly going into a suicidal charge into the enemy forces. Thankfully, a combination of Lucien's quick thinking, her badly damaged mecha, and a too-tight grip on one of the interface spheres stopped her in her tracks and her mecha permanently. Once the team was safely separated from the enemy force by several hundred tons of rock and metal, she ejected from her own frame and jumped into Mark and Kelly's. Mark couldn't pilot worth a damn, anyways.

They descended into the depths, and she predicted the entire production line coning alive to kill them. Unfortunately, she was right. A frantic rush back into the elevators and they went out, only to find out the leak was from Murakami Kensuke, one of the four Origin heads. The team fights their way out of the facility and back to pickup with the Atuan with as many remaining members of the Power Armor and Infiltration teams as possible. And then they left.

Eighth Mission: Ours

Bitch be cray. The crew limps into Abwehran space while Taela barely keeps it together. And then plot.


What happens in space vegas, stays in space vegas

Taela, on a “vacation” in the years between the previous and the next, went off to a well-known space amusement park/casino, Communion Base. She got roped into effectively indentured servitude in order to pay off a debt caused by fighting and breaking one of their machines. After one bizarre set of questions and an interview with the illustrious Shlock Grunder themselves, Taela was knocked unconscious and modified in her sleep. To have a tail.

She woke up to a fancy room and a gift of a set of armor that could camouflage to look like clothing, and an elysian male who surprised her with bedside manner. Her first bit of contracted work, after she had finished with them, involved going to one of shlock's sub-stations and dealing with the franchisee who'd gotten too big for their britches. She accomplished this by first infiltrating as a wannabe performer, and then murdering them in a Rider-esque finisher.

After another awkward encounter with Shlock, Taela was sent on her second mission, to handle a Yamataian spy who was abusing other intelligence agents and Communion Base staff. Taela thought she had him handled after one encounter, but then she was knocked unconscious and brought to the agent's private interrogation room. After being tied up in erotic bondage and violated, she was saved last-minute by Shlock, who then proceeded to use her like a toy.

In an attempt to teach her about his business, Shlock had Taela sit in on several meetings. Under his desk.


Taela and Lucien are interrupted mid-recording session for Ori-V-Frame to find out that Arah was getting the band back together, and they were the first two to arrive. After meeting everybody (and a minor outburst at the captain) the neko got ready for their first real engagement in 3 years against pirates.

Everything else

The Armor division decided they didn't need test pilots anymore, so Taela bought herself a Princess yacht and fucked off, along with her copilot Mark. They eventually got another companion, Ilsa, who tagged along for adventures. Even further along, Taela met Tamamo and decided to become friends with her after a rocky start. Then, a call from Shlock to resolve her remaining debts put her on the path of the Lorath Herald project. It killed her. The end.



Her first skill learned at the academy, and probably her most prominent. Taela received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program. She is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Weapons she is trained in include energy pistols, knives, and power armor.


Her memory skills are excellent and have served her on many occasions, including surveilance on the mansion. Also, you should never play a game of memory with her.


Your character is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Your character is fluent in Nepleslian and (optionally)Yamataian. She can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. A less used skill.

Survival and Military

Another Academy learned skill. Finding water, land navigation, shelter construction, hunting, signaling, camouflage.

Technology Operation

Once again, learned from the Academy. However, this is more of a minor skill as compared to others. It is mainly used for uploading battle data from her PA or downloading data for combat simulations. Your character is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. She is proficient in entering and/or searching for information.


Taela Kaila is currently a in the Origin Industries. She receives a weekly salary of -500ks- per month.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
142,000 KS 139,000 October 29 2009 - February 2 2015
76885 65115 Bought a ton of shit


  • Assorted basic hygene
  • Assorted branded origin clothing and uniforms
  • 1x Supply of Numb and panick
  • Several tons of literature (Halloween, TC: 38-49, IC: 1919-2066-83)
  • E-Knuckle Duster Large Battery (Halloween, TC: 90-68, IC: 6087-2913-148)
  • Coffee Machine (Halloween, TC: 82-34, IC: 2763-1519-107)
  • Airbike Jacket (Halloween, TC: 78-28, IC: 2163-1289-97)
  • Large box full of towels (Halloween, TC: 29-39, IC: 1188-1812-65)
  • Survival kit (Halloween, TC: 86-40, IC: 3497-1897-116)
  • Environmental system components, including air cleaner (Halloween, TC: 81-54, IC: 4431-2595-126)
  • Volumetric Display Emitter Parts (Halloween, TC: 13-97, IC: 1318-4810-109)
  • 10 Civilian Space Suits (a little bulky; 6 hour air supply) (Halloween, TC: 11-32, IC: 398-1657-42)
  • HHG ‘High Hybrid Gun’, with 50 S-NAM (FMJ) and 50 S-NAM (JHP) rounds
  • Impulse with Military spec liner, Billet Nerimium-Durandium alloy frame, military-spec nanomuscle, fate AIES Type A, Billet Durandium Armor, Impulse II Helmet, and an Assault Backplate
  • 3 FATBOYS, 15 batteries, 3 chargers
  • Compact 10mm4 magazines, 2 boxes of ammo

OOC Discussion

<`Osaka>Muscle ache...
<`Osaka>Nerve pain...
<Mog>Again, not my article. I just need the with-
<`Osaka>Runny nose...

<`Osaka>Adrenaline's withdrawal would be inattentiveness, difficulty in focusing.
<`Osaka>A sense of impending doom
<`Osaka>A sense of helplessness.

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