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Tai Shichou

Tai Shichou
Species: Previously NH-29, Now Sourcian
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 5'0β€œ (152cm)
Weight: 100lb (45kg)
Bra Size: A
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Scientist, Doctor
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Maekardan

Voice and Themes


Voice Reference

Tai's Voice Actress: Yui Ishikawa - Mikasa Ackermann

Tai Shichou in Roleplay

Tai Shichou is a player character played by Soresu and is currently involved in no plots.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'0” (152cm)
  • Mass: 100lb (45kg)
  • Measurements: 24-20-31in (60-50-78cm)
  • Bra Size: A

Build and Skin Color: Tai maintains a very slender, lithe build suitable for her short height. Her pale skin is more aesthetic then simple lack of sun exposure, as she has a preference for it.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Tai tend to take after both of her mothers in facial appearances. Her face is heart shaped with high cheekbones, a defined jawline, a small nose with smooth bridge. The irises of her almond-shaped eyes are of a disturbingly crimson the same as her mother, Jo Midori. However, unlike both of her mothers' and even her twin, Rikun her pupils are slit much like those of a feline. She has sharply symmetrical eyebrows, and long eyelashes.

Hair Color and Style: Silky smooth, straight white hair accented with a very light lavender hue. Her hair is long, around to her waist. She keeps a somewhat long frontal fringe that tends to end in being sideswept while her sidelocks are cut neatly to provide a more orderly cut.

Distinguishing Features: She often likes to wear glasses, more for aesthetic. Usually comes off as having a tomboyish appearance even in the apparel she wears.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Tai is a fairly practical kind of girl, oft times coming off as somewhat of an introvert due to being so absorbed by her work, and lack of social interaction. But still, deep down on those rare occasions she ventures out of the monotony of work to seek companionship amongst members of the Maras crew she deems, β€œnormal”, mainly Miles Gunn whom she finds as a friend, and her child, Lillius to whom she has a strong parental/maternal bond.

That is to say however, she does not lack a sensual side, but more often then naught despite showing interest in the captain of the ship, she is often snubbed. Because of this she more or less pokes fun, creating a sort of 'tension' between the two, teasing Rebeka, confronting, and challenging her. She can be thoughtful, but takes pride in her work, with a dash of humility knowing full well that pride can lead to excessive egos. If you had to pick a few, down to earth could work once you really get to know her basically going beyond the exterior appearance. She can be quite inquisitive, as well as insightful when the time, or opportunity arises, as well as loyal to those who have garnered her trust.

She however has a dislike for the opposite sex in terms of eligibility, mainly due to her mother, Jo Midori's stories, experiences, as well as personal dislike as well as having a few bad experiences in the past leading her to this conclusion and preference. So while she may dislike a man as a potential dating partner, she can be amicable to them on a more professional level, or platonic friendship.

Likes: Science, Lillius, Space, Secrets, Companionship, Learning, Work Dislikes: Loneliness, Disappointment, Most Guys Goals: Tai is vague in her goals


Family (or Creators)

Yuriko Shichou (Mother), Jo Midori (Contributor), Rikun Shichou (Sister, Fraternal Twin) Naora Shichou (Youngest Sister), Saito Shichou,(Uncle)Yuichi Aida (Adopted Brother), Reiko Inaba (Step Mother), Remi Miyoshi


Born in YE 29 aboard the YSS Asamoya to her mother, Yuriko, she was a child born to war, more specifically, a battle. It was during this time the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet had settled within the Yugumo Cluster, her mother registering her, and her sister, Rikun as civilians, and citizens, wishing to avoid her children discovering the horrors of war first hand, even downgrading her form from the NH-29.

Her β€œformative” years as it were, were amongst the Lorath more or less raised steeped in their culture as well as the developing Jiyuuian one. She went to University upon Nyli lll, graduating with a degree in biological sciences, a several doctorates, and working on her degree in other fields when she chanced upon an encounter with the crew of the infamous Maras. Meeting the captain, Rebeka, she formed a bit of a rivalry with her, if not, slight sexual tension, even going so far as to helping save the Sourcian's life once due to accidental overdose of a drug the woman had taken with the assistance of Miles Gunn.

Afterwards, she joined the crew of the LSDF Trishka, acting as a representative and science officer of the vessel. It was during the ship's first mission, and maiden voyage that they soon raided an Occhestian research base. It was here that she helped uncover a gruesome scene, a slaughter of the research staff. Further investigations turned up that the base had housed a Sourcian fight/mecha craft, which they had extracted the core, effectively killing the main body. They had experimented upon the core, of which had taken humanoid form, in the end escaping and massacring them during the attack.

During this, Tai, and one of her Commanding Officers surveyed the scene of the escape and downloading information from their databases, only to happen upon the Sourcian itself. After a brief, but fierce battle, in which an AMX-102 was crippled, Tai herself unconscious, wounded was invaded by the seemingly crazed being, fused to it. After the return to the Trishka, it was found that the two could not be separated without killing both the host, and the one being Rebeka, the captain of the Maras had come to find, having agreed to render assistance as a result.

In the end, it was decided, Tai would be transferred to the Maras, both to keep an eye upon her, and the Sourcian dwelling within her and to act as technical adviser of which she agreed during a momentary lapse of consciousness. Over the corresponding months, Tai, and the being dwelling within her began to grow a strong bond, Tai's maternal instincts surfacing upon learning that the Sourcian was in fact, a youngling of the species, a mere child. She named her Lillius once they began to separate, an experience that nearly killed Tai in the process, but forever changed her on the physical and mental scale.

Miles Gunn ran tests upon Tai, concluding she had been changed, becoming a hybrid of sorts between the Jiyuuian and Sourcian species, the more aggressive Sourcian DNA during inhabitation subverting the weaker Jiyuuian DNA, as well as body (Due to injuries)changing, molding it into something else. In the end, mentally, Tai remained Tai but would have to undergo physical therapy to adapt and learn about her new changed form, and becoming a new parent to a bouncing 'baby' Sourcian.

Afterwards, Tai learned that the Maras crew had picked up, and withheld from the Lorath Matriarchy during the raid upon the Occhestian base. Tai became fascinated with their findings, taking over more or less researching it.



Tai has extensive knowledge in the area of the biological sciences, an aficionado of genetics thanks to her stay with the Lorath, she has a highly developed, and oft times creative take on the subject, even going so far as to study animals (Upon pressure from her Lmanel Roommate) and extensive studies of xenobiology.


Designing, and building ships, mechs, and all sorts of technology runs through her veins thanks to her mother, Yuriko who instilled a deep appreciation for the craft, of which Tai has striven to perfect when she puts stencil to data pad, and from data pad to the drydocks and production lines.

Medical and Science

Part of her studies were of the medical field in addition to those of biology. Lorath medical labs at the university she attended were very well equipped, and she often spent many long hours there, taking extra classes, learning in the areas of Surgery, Medicines, Pathology, and a dabbling knowledge of cybernetics going as far as attaining doctorates for these.


The study of numbers is something a good scientist, and engineer cannot live without. She has studied long and hard from the basics, up to the sterner stuff, and delving into theories of all sorts. She is quite familiar with all known Sourcian derived mathematical formulae, theorems, and has shown an advanced aptitude for other high-order mathematics and theories.

Technology Operation

Tai has an extensive knowledge in the area of programming, and computer operation. She has done networking, even hacked a server a time or two, going so far as to even help design a specialized OS for use within a shuttle she designed for her mother's company.


Tai possesses an Eidetic Memory, able to recall much of what she has learned over the course of her life with detail or has said or done, and is quite knowledgeable in the area of history, a sort of hobby. Even though she does not need to, she utilizes memory enhancing techniques, and so on.


Despite her more then nerdish upbringing, Tai was put under rigorous training by her mother, Jo Midori, a former Ketsurui Samurai, and agent of SAINT. She did not want her daughter to be unable to defend herself, thusly teaching her the hand to hand and weapon techniques attributed to a Samurai's martial training, specifically Sora-Mai and Kusariebi-no-Kage and from the Lorath has also learned their brutal Martial Styles. Her stepmother Reiko, offered some assistance as well in the area of firearms.

She furthered her knowledge and skill with fire arms by practicing upon ranges, preferring the feel of a pistol (preferably solid munitions) she has some skill with a rifle, but overall prefers pistols. Over the years she has honed her skills with firearms to razor sharpness.

Along with learning how to fire a weapon, and use her hands, and feet for defense, she knows the ins and outs of Powered Armor, and Frame-based combat, having done simulations, as well as live exercises even some live combat. Coupled with her knowledge of hand to hand combat, she is to not be taken lightly within a suit of Power Armor, combined with her accuracy with firearms the same could be said of piloting Frames.



  • (12) – T-Shirts, Various Cuts, Styles and Colorings
  • (8) – Pants, typically cloth of various styling and coloration.
  • (?) – Numerous sets of undergarments.
  • (4) – Skirts, two knee-high, two thigh-high.
  • (3) – Coats, One Beige with white furred lining, One sky-blue 'lagenlook' styled, one grey and black billy coat.
  • (?) – Scarves… so many scarves.
  • (1) – Pair gloves, leather, black
  • (2) – Pair boots, black
  • (?) – Socks also many Socks.
  • (?) – Lotta belts!
  • (?) – Shoes, do you see a theme here?


  • (1) – Pair of Glasses
  • (1) – Pair of Sunglasses



Body Armor


Tai Shichou is currently a N/A in the Independant. Due to her status as a member of the Shichou, she can simply draw funds if necessary from a series of accounts in her name.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
4,000,000 KS Designs sold to Origin Industries
Stone-Thread and Graphene laced leather with Durandium Inserts

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