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Takah’ashi Vladi’mir

Takah’ashi Vladi’mir
Species: Shukaren (Laibe)
Gender: male
Age: 27
Family: Takah’ashi
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 165 lbss
Organization Shukara Volunteer Navy
Rank C’Baruce
Occupation Agent
Current Placement SNV Gam'trosha

Vladi’mir In Roleplay

Vladi’mir is a Character played by Drenica.

Physical Characteristics

Height: -6’5”- Mass: -165 lbs-

Build and Skin Color: he has an athletic build from training and his ancestry, his fur colour is black so is his tail with a white tip.

Facial Features and Eye Color: his ears are very long and swept backwards and are slightly upwards, with white fuzz on the inside, slitted red eyes set away from nose

Hair Color and Style: has thick fur all over his body that is fully black

Distinguishing Features: has a tail that’s two feet long that’s black with a white tip, He has a scar across his chest that’s hidden by fur but never fully healed.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: He has not got the superiority complex, he has a kind and friendly personality to all, he is calm and can talk to anyone without sounding like he is looking down on them. He likes to talk to people but not too much, He always seems happy even when he is angry

Likes: friendly people, music, any type of spiced meat and new things Dislikes: people who think their better than him, overly talkative people and he hates people wasting time or things Goals: he wants to learn all he can about the universe and all inside it



He was an only child and only had his mother, his father dying in the volunteer military when he was very young. He worked hard in school focusing more on the work than the others around him, he passed school with flying colours. He had done a few odd jobs to keep himself and his mother healthy and in good living, his mother becomes deadly ill so he decided to join the volunteer military to help his mother out. When he was training in the wilds a big wild creature attacked his group and he fought it off, the creature leaving a deep scar in his chest. While he was going over the lore and history, they noticed he had an eidetic memory. This ability is what made Or'ion notice otherwise unremarkable Neshaten and Vladi'mir was selected as a Agent for the volunteer military.

Service Record

-N/A -

-N/A -



He can relay messages to others and write or speak them if needed


He loves to play his violin like instrument and telling stories about random things


Has an in depth skill in the area


Has an eidetic memory, and has memorised most of the known history and law of his race

Technology Operation

Can use computers and networks to their highest capabilities

Survival and Military

Has spent a lot of time training in survival settings


Mostly used for intelligence and diplomacy more than anything with him


* Clothing


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 Rh Starting Funds

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