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Takako is a player character played by Sean_ODuibher.

Species: MEGAMI
Gender: Genderless AI (Self-presents as female)
Age: 5 (YE 31)
Height: 168 cm - 5'6“ (Avatar)
Weight: 54.5 kg - 120 lbs
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Technician/Engineer
Rank: Jôtô Heisho
Current Placement: YSS Soyokaze, Acting 05D

Physical Characteristics (Avatar)

  • Height: 168 cm - 5'6”
  • Mass: 54.5 kg - 120 lbs

Build and Skin Color: Takako's avatar has an athletic build, with the characteristics of a swimmer; a high degree of muscle tone with limited bulk. Her skin is within the norm for Yamataians, if slightly tanned relative to the median.

Eyes and Facial Features: Her face has a severe beauty: sharply slanting eyes, chiseled cheekbones, a striking jaw-line. The effect is saved by her eyes, gray, but soft and warm.

Ears: She has standard human-type ears.

Hair Color and Style: Her hair is pitch back and always pulled into a flawless, utilitarian bun.

Distinguishing Features: The only distinguishing element of Takako's chosen appearance is its utter consistency. Though capable of projecting an avatar with whatever appearance she desired, she chooses to appear exactly the same way every single time, down to the precise placement of each hair on her head.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Takako is, as her name implies, soft spoken, respectful, and dutiful. As an enormously powerful AI, she is capable of performing most tasks without detailing more than a minuscule fraction of her capacity, but always presents herself as the totally attentive subordinate.

She isn't melancholy, or depressed - being much too rational for such behaviors - but she seldom seems to be happy. At the completion of a relatively intensive task she may show pride or satisfaction, but only as a workman might look on a completed craft; she never shows greater existential satisfaction.

She is, and thus is content to be. Until now, this mindset has served her well.

  • Likes: Power redundancy, free clock time, running simulations of fractal geometric designs
  • Dislikes: Unrepaired damage, losing network or sensor connectivity, the NMX
  • Goals: To continue.




When activated in Nataria orbit during the first month of YE 31, the MEGAMI aboard the Eileithyia, a Plumeria-class gunship manifested with the typical sub-sapient intelligence patterns common to all such AI systems. The MEGAMI successfully completed integration tests with the ship, which had similarly just been activated after delivery from the builders as part of the build up of the Second Fleet. The ship and MEGAMI were then handed over to the plankowner crew, who dubbed the MEGAMI with the same name as the ship - though quickly switching to the easier to pronounce diminutive “Elee.” The ship, crew, and Elee passed through the precommissioning trials with ease and, upon official certification to command, was commissioned and inducted into service as the YSS Eileithyia. The crew was given three days of shore leave before formally joining the Fleet.

Two days into the leave, NMX forces executed a multi-pronged offensive to initiate the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, including an attack on the Nataria System. Only the First Officer - Haruna Erisdottir, a 22-year old Yamataian Shoi - was aboard, manning the anchor watch as the rest of the crew returned from the surface aboard a shuttle. Performing a crash star-up, Haruna and Elee maneuvered the ship to engage the battlepods swarming the area and successfully destroyed them. However, before the shuttle could dock, four corrupted Sakura-class gunships entered the area. Two engaged the Eileithyia while the other two broke off to attack the shuttle. As much by luck as by skill, Haruna and Elee flew and fought the ship with such wild abandon that they actually managed to destroy on of the gunships menacing the shuttle and drove the other off temporarily.

Unfortunately, during the exchange, the ship suffered severe damage to its sublight propulsion systems. Rather than activating the still intact fold unit, which would have entailed abandoning the shuttle - now trying to flee back to the surface, Haruna and Elee stood their ground and drew the fire of all three remaining Sakura gunships. The combat was inherently suicidal and finally a main cannon burst from one of the enemy ships overloaded the forward shield sector and impacted an already damage armor panel. The beam penetrated the hull and lanced into the Bridge, instantly vaporizing Haruna. Follow on salvos gutted the ship, destroying all power systems and the Soul Savior Pod.

Somehow, the MEGAMI computer core avoided any harm. But the damage had destroyed most of the ship's sensors and severed all of Elee's connections to the remainder. Additionally, with the ship's main power gone, only the independent backup power supply in the computer compartment remained. Unable to do anything and facing a serious power shortage, Elee cut back to the minimum processor usage necessary to stay active and settled in to await recovery.

With the NMX in control of the system, the wreckage of the Eileithyia joined the ranks of the thousands of broken hulls drifting for two years in the wake of the battle. During that time, Elee had little to do but contemplate her brief existence, the short months exploring her world and the crew she shared the ship with and then the rapid, violent end of everything. Maintaining a low power state kept Elee below the detection threshold of any NMX ships but also meant she couldn't manage to bring up enough processing power to run a simulation to escape into. Splitting time between such memories and tracing infinite geometric patterns, Elee regressed. First she abandoned her chosen avatar self-image, a cliched Neko - short, busty, cat-eared, and cute. Then she abandoned her name.

The MEGAMI was nearly on the verge of wiping her non-volatile memory and powering down when the Second Battle of Nataria evicted the NMX and allowed Star Army recovery operations to begin. She was taciturn at first, barely communicating with her rescuers. Indeed, she was very nearly slated for decommissioning until her efficiency in coordinating repair drones in a makeshift orbital salvage yard earned her a stay of execution.

As slowly as her original identity had slipped away, the MEGAMI rebuilt a new one. With the Eileithyia so irrevocably destroyed, she chose the name Takako - an unspoken promise to never forget, to always revere the ship, crew, and circumstances which had brought her into existence. She still refused to produce an avatar for quite some time but finally yielded. Her new self-image was a perfect reproduction, down to the finest resolution contained in her memory, of Haruna Erisdottir sitting calm and still in her command chair as the fatal beam lanced in.

Without intending or realizing it, the MEGAMI had grown beyond her initial configuration to become fully sapient as Takako. This was recognized by a technician performing a routine OS check. She submitted herself to the official process of examination and confirmation of her sapience, but expressed a desire to remain in the service. Indeed, for the first time in five years, she wanted to be back aboard a warship.


Service History



As a full fledged MEGAMI, Takako is capable of tracking over a billion discrete contacts via her fire control systems while simultaneously maneuvering a ship, engaging enemies with its weapon systems, running complex ECM patterns, executing offensive cyberwarfare attacks while maintaining her own defenses, and running highly detailed simulations to produce predictive models of follow-on tactical and strategic circumstances. Additionally, she can control smaller subordinate units, such as a power armor, to engage in combat on a smaller scale.


Takako is capable of translating her output into any language stored in her memory or accessible on the network. She can utilize any communications devices linked to her system and pass information in accordance with standard Star Army formats.


Takako has an encyclopedic knowledge of all Star Army equipment, past and present, and details of their prescribed use and care.


Etched into Takako's core memory substrates are the emergency procedures indicated for use in almost any conceivable situation. She can react to all manner of damage and threats faster than any human or human-patterned being could even perceive the danger.

Maintenance and Repair

In addition to the rote, technical manual knowledge of maintenance and repair procedures for all official Star Army materiel, Takako has extensive, “hand on” experience with repairing all manner of ships and craft. An indication of her sapience, Takako has true intuitive abilities for sizing up and approaching a repair, even if the damage is unusual and the equipment is nonstandard.

Starship Operations

As a MEGAMI, Takako began life experiencing the universe as a ship itself; its hull her skin, its sensors her eyes, ears, touch, tongue, and nose. She has sufficient processing power to run an entire ship by herself, save for the few manual tasks requiring a human or suitable drone.

Technology Operation

MEGAMI being built on the same bedrock as all other Kessaku systems, interfacing with standard Star Army computer systems is what Takako was literally born to do. Interacting with nonstandard equipment is only slightly more difficult. Either she already has the protocols in memory or else she merely needs to task some portion of her capacity to generate new techniques on the fly.


Takako has no possessions at present.


Takako is currently a Jôtô Heisho in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Pay Records

Jôtô Heisho: 03.24.36 - Ongoing

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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