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Species: Nekovalkyrja (unknown type)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Organization Star Army of Yamatai, First Expeditionary Fleet; Project THOUGHT
Rank Taii
Occupation Management, Nishitama Port Authority; on-site CO of Project THOUGHT Nishitama, Site Director of BAD Office Nishitama Liason to Administrator
Current Placement Nishitama
Player Toshiro (GMNPC)

Takeda is a GM-controlled NPC played by Toshiro. She is a 1st XF Taii who is officially in the Management of the Nishitama Port Authority, but has never been seen by her coworkers. While she does her work and few can complain about her management skills, she has made herself completely unavailable to her underlings, save through Minaroi Hisa-Shoi who acts as her subordinate and unofficial aide. Takeda seems to have some kind of history with Hisa, but Hisa never answers questions on the matter. She is the leader of Project THOUGHT Nishitama in the Nishitama Thought Experiment, the Site Director of Office 8412 (BAD Office) Nishitama, and reports directly to the Administrator of both.

Due to her ability to influence and manage Nishitamaโ€™s ports and Project THOUGHT from the shadows without an obvious physical presence, and the fact she is unseen and yet seems to know very minute details of the happenings within her jurisdiction; she has sometimes been called the yami taii, or the Shadow Taii.

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