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Takeda Tachiko

Takeda Tachiko (Yamataigo: 武田多智子) is a player character played by Yuuki.

Takeda Tachiko
Species & Gender: Female Nekovalkyrja (Type 33)
Date of Birth: 14日 8月 YE 27
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Medical Emblem 08 Medical
Rank: Jôtô Hei
Current Placement: Special Assignment, First Expeditionary Fleet

Physical Description

Distinguishing Features: Bears all standard corporate and military identification tattoos and markings. Tachiko elected to retain her Type-17 markings after being upgraded, though she still has the newer-type markings on her foot as well. Her Neko-type ears have tawny fuzz on the dorsal, longer, black fur inside, and she has upgraded to standard human-type hands and has no tail.


Pre-Stasis Personality

Tachi, one of her monikers, TT being another, is friendly enough, but somewhat introspective and quiet. She is extremely loyal, hardworking, and unfailingly polite and professional, being highly disciplined and a bit of an introvert. She is approachable, and personable in conversation, but otherwise keeps to her work. Without exception, Tachiko holds impeccably to the uniform standards. In private, she tends to dress traditionally, favoring Yukata over other clothing, unless the situation dictates otherwise

She is not overly concerned about her appearance; she is quite attractive by any standard, but, then again, so are about all Nekos. Her rigorous program of physical conditioning further improves on this, but she is little aware, or, at least, gives little indication of being aware, or of caring. In fact, pointing such a thing out embarrasses Tachiko, irrespective of the fact that she shares most of the typical Nekovalkyrja drives. She is fond of quiet pasttimes, such as reading and yoga.

There are only two things about which Takeda “TT” Tachiko gets truly excited: cooking, and new medical tech. Gourmet cooking is Tachi's form of artistic expression, and she can easily break her calm veneer when presented with a new or better recipe (especially in the hands of someone whom she knows). Advances in medical science absolutely drive her crazy. She subscribes to all of the feeds and magazines and scholarly journals on the subject, monitoring the field closely. If one were to get her started on the subject, it is difficult to get her quiet or to change it.

Post-Stasis Personality

Though as resilient as any of her sisters, Tachiko was not unchanged by the events leading to her going into stasis, nor the long gap of missing time from extended cryosleep. The world she awoke to was almost alien to her, and though Tachiko is curious and inquisitive, the lack of continuity makes the state of her former interests unsettling. She's baffled by the advances in medtech, and has difficulties adjusting to the new ways of filling her old role. If anything, it's pushed her in other directions, embracing the more martial and primal aspects of being a Nekovalkyrja. She's still otherwise mostly herself, if suffering from a bit more angst and ennui, though these feelings urge her to be more driven in exchange, rather than succumbing to them.

Although she was always interested in traditional Yamataian Culture, and was an unquestionably loyal citizen of the Yamatai Star Empire, Tachiko doubled down after her revival from stasis. She is now intensely passionate about bushidō and Shintoism, and has started to become decidedly Imperialist in her politics. This well suits her new patrons among the traditionalist Motoyoshi Clan.

Many of Tachiko's otherwise unchanged traits become more pronounced. She is quieter and more withdrawn and aloof than ever, but when actually approached and engaged, she is even friendlier and more talkative. Despite her even more intense focus on traditionalism, Tachiko can be even more hedonistic and libertine (even relative to other Nekovalkyrja) in situations that provoke it– she even has begun to drink, something that she rarely, if ever, did before. Her dedication to martial arts has also taken a more combative and less philosophical bent since awakening.



  • Being fairly easygoing, the only things that TT really doesn't like are the loud, the pushy, the overbearing, and the obnoxious.
  • Due to events involving extended cryostasis, she is not keen on enclosed spaces.


  • Short-Term: To produce the best yosenabe recipe on the ship- no, in the Fleet! To deliver the utmost in patient care.
  • Long-Term: To be a R&D Engineer at a Cutting-Edge Biomedical Megacorp.
  • Put her life back together after being wounded then put in cryostasis for 13 years.


Tachiko was created in late YE 27 and has served in the Star Army of Yamatai ever since.


One of the last NH-17 Nekovalkyrja series to pop out of the Vat, created in YE 27, Tachiko “TT” Takeda was activated just in time to miss the Xyainbor Campaign. By the time she had finished her training, there were already more advanced models in service, and it seemed as if Tachiko were to be relegated to the bottom rung forever. Even though this greatly affected her self-image, making her see herself even moreso as a “tool” than most Nekovalkyrja, Tachi resolved to make the most of it, and be the best bottom rung that she could be, striving constantly to become a subject matter expert in her field.

Tachiko's initial training was at PNUgen Educational Facility #1 late YE 27 to early YE 28.

Rescue on Taiie IV

Rescue on Taiie IV

Tachiko's first shipboard assignment was as an away-team medic with the 17th Armor Wing of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet aboard the YSS Akuro. She was promoted1) after conspicuous bravery to rescue personnel.

Reassignment and Loss

5th XF New Year's Party Shoreleave

Tachiko's next assignment was Chief Medical Officer of the YSS Yukika as the marshall ship for training exercises. During the Mishhuvurthyar offensive in Taiie in YE 29, Tachiko's shuttle was damaged while outside of the YSS Yukika while attempting to transport the data from 5th XF's mission to safety away from the front. Gravely injured, bearing a Mishhuvurthyar egg, and with her ship disabled, Tachiko had to enter cryostasis and was listed as MIA.


Out of the Freezer and into the Fire (feat. YSS Eucharis)

In the last few days of YE 41, Tachiko was recovered by the YSS Eucharis after being detected by a patrol searching for Kuvexian infiltrators near the core worlds. She had managed to escape from the conflict that destroyed Taiie with a case containing genetic samples and data chips relating to the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet mission on Taiie IV.

Tachiko was greeted on her awakening by none other than Hanako herself, who welcomed her back from her stasis coma and gave her the option of a discharge. Deciding to remain in the Star Army, Tachiko was scheduled to receive a Type 33 body to replace her damaged and obsolete Type 17. After submitting a (manual, paper) request to Personnel for her archived personal effects and deferred pay2), she was awarded a handsome bonus3) for her time lost in service to Yamatai in lieu of missed Prestige.

Excuse Me, But Did You Just Say I Was in Cryogenic Stasis for More than Thirteen Years?


After news of her recovery reached her former Commanding Officer, Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, Tachiko was ordered on Special Assignment to the First Expeditionary Fleet under command of Taisa Motoyoshi Kaoru. She collected the data and samples she preserved from the Taiie Expedition to present upon arrival, received her new issue items, and departed for Jiyuu immediately.

Upon arriving at Gemini Star Fortress in orbit above Jiyuu, she was met by Chujo Motoyoshi-Yamada Ayano, who had been dispatched by Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko to escort Tachiko and the survey samples to her. As Katsuko was occupied, Ayano locked the case in Katsuko's vault and they prepared to depart the station.

Resolutions of The Ghost: Episode 3: Companion Story - Forever Forwards Remixed

Tachiko's Service Record

Official service record for Takeda Tachiko

YE 27

YE 28

YE 29

YE 29-YE 41

YE 41

YE 42


Skills Learned

Tachiko is proficient in the following skill areas:

Star Army Basic Training

Tachiko is trained in all Star Army Common Skills

Art and Vocations

Tachiko is a passable hand at origami and more than decent at calligraphy (shodō). She knows the basics of bonsai and ikebana but is not particularly good at either of them


Tachiko expresses herself artistically through elaborate gourmet cooking, having developed a personal style similar to Chinois (French-Chinese Fusion cuisine), as well as being excellent at traditional Yamataian cuisine. She does not know the ins and outs of running a kitchen the way a chef or Star Army Cook would, however.


Tachiko is, as expected from the Culinary skill, a dab hand in the kitchen, and is great at Yamataian comfort food. She can keep her bunk and place of duty spotless enough to pass inspection, and has specialized knowledge in cleaning and sanitizing medical equipment.


Tachiko can sing well enough to not embarrass herself at karaoke, at least. She knows the rules of Mahjong. She can dance at a club without tripping over her own feet.


Though she is trained in Star Army Common Skills, as a medic it would be highly unlikely for Tachiko to be armed with anything but a pistol, and never anything heavier than a rifle. She diligently maintains her proficiency in all standard weapons systems on which she has been trained, however, because patient protection and casualty extraction are of paramount importance, and likely to occur in the line of duty.

She is a martial arts enthusiast, though prior to her cryostasis ordeal, these tended to be more spiritual or exercise oriented than practical combat systems, and is a devoted adherent of traditional Sora-Mai and Neju Koyu, especially T'ai-Chi, Aikidō, Judō, Iaidō and Karate-dō. Being a passionate student of Kyudō, Tachiko is a surprising shot with a bow. After stasis, however, Tachiko has chosen instead to focus on the more combative arts beyond just Star Army Close Quarters Combat. She had begun training in more applied, Nekovalkyrja-focused schools of Sora-Mai such as Gendaijutsu, Shadow Viper (Kusariebi-no-Kage), Twin Dragons (Nitō-Ryu), and Mugen'Yoshu Senko.


Tachiko is a devotee of Shintō, and is knowledgable about its practices, rituals, mythology, and strictures, enough to serve as a miko. She possesses a working knowledge of bushidō and knows how to use a sword for ceremonial purposes. She can perform the Tea Ceremony.


Due to being in extended stasis for more than 13 years11), Tachiko has significant gaps in her knowledge of recent history and current events, law, and politics, as well as popular culture and technology.


In addition to Star Army Common Skills, she has some specialized programming in applied mathematics specific to the pharmaceutical field.

Medical and Science

A Combat Medic and Nurses' Assistant, proficient in Emergency Medicine: First Aid, Basic Life Support and Paramedic level Advanced Life Support Care. Can perform Triage, Critical Care, hold Sick Call. Basic to Intermediate background in and knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and Pharmacology, though mostly in a working, techincal, applied sense: nothing to the extent of the equivalent Biology or Chemistry skill and specialization.


Tachiko is very much into various forms of yoga, as well as being a dedicated martial arts otaku. She is also constantly in the physical fitness center, keeping herself in peak condition. One never knows when one will have to pull an unconscious pilot out of some wreckage! Plus it has the added effect of making her appearance more pleasing, though this is certainly not her intent. Very fit, she can swim, climb, and perform parkour and gymnastics techniques with ease. She is decently-skilled at non-martial sports, such as Aerial Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Jai Alai and Sepak Takraw.

Technology Operation

Additionally, beyond Star Army Common Skills, Tachiko is knowledgable in the operation many types of specialized medical equipment. An excellent typist and very adept with office software, Tachiko is also a handy administrative assistant as well.


Tachiko can drive ground-effect and wheeled ground vehicles proficiently, including off-road and motorcycles.

Social Connections

Takeda Tachiko is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Tachiko has the following:

Uniforms and Equipment

Tachiko prefers to wear the Star Army Skirt, Pleated, Type 35 and Star Army Jika-Tabi, Type 38 whenever possible, but sometimes wears Star Army Cargo Pants, Type 22 when on more rigorous duty. The Star Army Female Bodysuit, Type 22 makes her feel comfortably nostalgic, since it was standard before she went into stasis. As with other uniforms, Tachiko prefers to wear jika-tabi with this one, too.

Standard Issue

Uniform Accessories


Weapons and Ammunition

Civilian Clothing

Tachiko prefers to wear traditional Yamataian clothing when off duty, though she has recently begun to appreciate a rugged, “spacer” sort of modern style when aboard her civilian yacht thanks to her Lying Mirror.

Traditional Yamataian

Traditional clothing is where Tachiko feels the most comfortable.

Martial Arts
    • 1 Uwagi (jacket), white with black piping
      • 1 pair Shitibaki/Zubon (trousers), black
      • 1 Obi (belt), black
    • 1 pair Hakama, black
    • 1 pair Zōri
    • 1 set Bōgu (Kendō armor), black, with sune-ate (greaves)
    • 1 Shinai (Kendō bamboo “sword”)


Outside of Yamataian fashion Tachiko's modern wardrobe leans “spacer-chic,” the rugged, stylishly shabby look associated with the maverick, rogue, but ultimately heroic, independent ship captain trope prevalent in popular media. For more formal occasions when she isn't wearing traditional clothing, she generally wears actual undergarments, but holographically projects the outer layer. Much of her current fashion sense has developed at the advice of the shipboard Lying Mirror.

Modern Yamataian
Footwear and Accessories


The rare occasions Tachiko needs utility garments when not on duty generally occur aboard her civilian ship, or somewhere it has taken her.

  • 1 suit Bravemart Coveralls, dark grey
  • 1 Bravemart Vest, Utility: This vest is covered in pockets for gear, dark grey
  • 2 Bravemart Shirt, Work, long sleeves, basic (with 2 pockets on the upper chest), dark grey
  • 2 Bravemart Shirt, Work, short sleeves, basic (with 2 pockets on the upper chest), dark grey
  • 4 pair Bravemart Cargo pants, dark grey

Personal Effects

Capital Assets

Tachiko owns some items she can't carry around with her or wear, such as her home and ship.

Real Estate



Account Amount (KS) Memo
Income 3,000 Enlistment Bonus
Income 250 Travel Allowance
Income 529,000 Backpay in lieu of Prestige while MIA
Expenditure (2,435) Ship's Store (YSS Eucharis)
Expenditure (27,200)​ Star Army Surplus Store23)
Expenditure (2000) 2 Onset Shuttle, Used(Good)
Expenditure (82,425) Droids
Expenditure (66,503) Equipment
Expenditure (850) Yuuko's Undies Spree
Expenditure (148) Emrys Industries Clothing Spree
Expenditure (1150) Godfrey & Morrison Clothing Company
Expenditure (2,235)​ Star Army Surplus Store24)
Expenditure (37,397) Booze for Yacht
Expenditure (3,560) Star Pillows
Expenditure (1014) Bravemart
301,402 Total

Takeda Tachiko currently has 301,402 KS.

Tachiko's Mindy

Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" Armor

Left Shoulder Dorsal Right Shoulder
Leg Pods Utility/Cargo Handheld
Star Army Butt Pack, Type 29
Left Waist Forearm Right Waist
2 Ke-M2-W2910 Forearm Pulse Cannons

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