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Takikuga 滝牙

"Zesuaium Spear: Takikuga (滝牙)"

“Waterfall Poison Fang” is the name of the spear that was given to Asami by her sensei when she entered training as a Karibito-no-akuma. When she failed to complete her training after six months she and the spear were both deemed failures and thus it was not returned. The Takikuga though designated as a yari, actually more closely resembles a qiang. The spear stands at about 185 cm (6’1”) from blade point to butt of the pole section. The blade is slightly broad and wide in the shape of a leaf. The center of the blade is carved out with four gold coins spaced evenly around in the center with lotuses on them. At the base of the hollow section of the blade is a compartment were poison comes out and can coat the blade. Along both sides of the blade there is an inscription that reads 「私は、水のように流れるの戦士に属し風やヘビのようなストライキのように飛ぶ。 (“I belong to the warrior who flows like water, flies like the wind and strikes like a snake.”) The beard of the spear is dyed a brilliant Egyptian blue and the pole or nagaye is Pakistan green with edges, carvings and grooves that make it look like the scaly flowing body of a snake. The kuchigane, gyakuwa, mizu-gaeshi, and ishizuki ehk hirumaki or the metal pieces that connect at the top of the pole near the base of the blade as well as the butt of the pole are a dull copper color. The pole is made out of a very strong Ligustrum lucidum called Hebi no ki or ‘snake wood’ which is native to the planet Yamatai. The blade of Takikuga has gone through many advanced treatments to make it effective in battle, some of the most noticeable being: hollow, monomolecular, molecular knit, poison reservoir, and vibro blade. There is a section of the gyakuwa that slides out and is where the BR-28 Series Battery Magazine is stored.

"Monk Staff: Shakujō"

The blade of Takikuga is usually hidden and kept inside an ornamental top that makes the spear appear as an ornate shakujō. The blade slides into the giant ring and merges with other decorations to just appear as an elaborate center piece for a monk staff. The beard of Takikuga is also hidden, being slid up and gathering in a compartment at the base of the shakujō staff head decoration. Only a little is still visible giving it the look of a small sageo or wrap at the staff head’s base. The decorations are a dull copper color the same as the metal pieces of Takikuga. There is a switch near the kuchigane of Takikuga that releases the locking mechanism for the decoration head so the spear may be used.

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