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Takimori Ronin

Takimori Ronin is a player character played by Legix.

Takimori Ronin
Species & Gender: Human Male
Date of Birth: YE 10
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Mercenary
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: ISS Shinpi

Physical Description

Standing at a height of five feet and eleven inches tall, with a broad-shouldered stocky frame, weighs roughly one-hundred and seventy pounds and has lightly-tanned skin. The entirety of his form is what you would expect from a human, his hands rough from years of manual labor and managing a cockpit's controls. Average lips adorn a square jaw, small angular nose, and average-sized ears angled just somewhat back. His black hair is buzzed along the sides, leaving the middle three inches of his hair long enough to reach his shoulders in the back and just between his eyebrows on the front. The tips, however, are dyed orange along the center of the scruffy mohawk from the bangs to the end of his hair, presenting a sort of secondary mohawk to his hair. A lone scar marks his face, a thick cut about two inches in length leading into an inch-wide in diameter burn, just beneath his thin green eyes. He almost always has a small smirk or smile on his face, is clean shaven, and lacks any sort of other distinguishing tattoos, scars, or marks beyond his scar. Those near him will often hear the start of a gruff edge to a relatively smooth and baritone-esque voice, somewhat accented by the smell of grease to suggest how often he spends his time near machinery.


Voice Actor / Voice Sample James Horan / Skull Face
Theme Songs
General Theme

As a mercenary for the last few years, Ronin hasn't changed much from the well-meaning guy who wanted to help out the Yamatai. Trying to find the best in any scenario, he's given up the idea of settling down to instead focus on himself and his craft to honor the memory of both his parents. Because of this, he will often sleep around and move on to the next job with a sense of lackadaisical air to him as he tries to continue improving and making a living for himself. Some might consider this to make him throw caution to the wind, having earned him a reputation for being some small brave or foolish man always pushing the stakes when the reward is big. This, combined with a strong work-ethic from personally working on various crafts during his first tour, has led to Ronin being seen and acting like he's his own boss to the point he smokes while preparing to enter the battlefield.

Socially, due in part to sleeping around and smoking, Ronin doesn't do terribly great with first impressions or strangers. He's had a long-standing dislike for men and women who speak lightly of the plight Humanity has faced, more so those who make light of the Plague and what it has done to places like his homeworld. Because of this, most people he meets will find a cold shoulder fixed on ignoring or keeping chatter to a minimum until he has confirmed whether or not someone is trustworthy. Those who avoid angering the man with bigotry and sheer lack of manners will find that he opens up and starts sharing a trademark smile and smirk her carries most of the time in battle. Women and men alike have peaked his fancy before, but for the most part Ronin has no interest in anything beyond fleeting relationships due to how often he will move from one client to the next and have to break them off.



Takimori Ronin was born in YE 10 in the city of Memphis, Khorsovarolor. Much of his early life was spent in the fairly normal conditions of a Yamatai citizen, specifically due to being part of a household where his mother served within the Star Army of Yamatai. With the influence of a great life and the wages they earned from her job, he had more than enough supplies and the like to make it through his childhood without bad grades or misfortune. His father, having been a local mechanic, had seen fit to start training Ronin with machinery alongside his standard classes, resulting in the young man taking an interest in what sort of career he could pursue as a soldier. The result meant that as many were finishing High School and considering their next options in life, the Takimori Lad had already signed up for early enlistment and preparation for a life with the Star Army. This led to him leaving his home-world long before the Plague struck and left him without anyone from his past to even speak to.

Spending a year in a school, cleared enlistment as a mechanic and spent his first tour repairing and working the various craft within the Star Army's armament. Seldom times did he participate in any live combat, instead working almost full-time on repairs during much of the entire Second Mishhuvurthyar War. Because of this, he was able to witness second-hand the effectiveness of mecha through the damages and repairs he would have to perform. However, he was engaged in a relationship during YE 32 and YE 33. As such, as the time came around for the end of his first tour, he would opt to reenlist as a pilot with the hopes of seeing one or even piloting whatever Yamatai could potentially design.

However, by the time he had finished training and was ready to deploy the War had been starting to unwind and hostilities ended. While piloting had been one avenue, he requested a transfer to help the construction crews with rebuilding to get a better look at the occasional debris. Stuck in a construction mech or Power Armor, he was at least able to get some more experience… but each time he had begun questioning about the mecha piloted by their enemies it had turned into an argument and often been brushed away. It was clear that most of Yamatai saw little to no use with the design and premise of their enemy's craft, effectively brushing away any chance of remotely piloting one.

Because of this, he was left with a sour taste in his mouth and ensured that when his second tour was coming to an end, he made off with one of the AMES suits and his gear to prove them wrong. This would lead to him spending some of his twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth years of life abound with much of his prior paychecks pocketed as he searched for anything that could get him into action or into a proper mecha. Reports of him from YE 35 and YE 36 were slim, mostly detailing reports of PMCs operating the various models of the M1 series with mercenary companies. However, it wouldn't be until YE 37 that he would properly resurface. More specifically, he had finally made a proficient sighting leading a series of small skirmishes along the Yamatai border with various pirate organizations. During this time, he had customized one of the Garuda models of the M1 series into his aptly named “Tengu”.

Having spent the last few years on the move, sleeping around and having plenty of close scrapes along the way, he's now coming off a contract and looking for anyone in need of his services as a mecha, small craft, or power armor pilot.

YE 38

During the latter half of YE 39, Ronin served under Uso as a mercenary pilot. Between his few jobs serving her and operating on Planet Osman, Ronin would meet an interesting woman by the name of Rubi Kalan. This native of the apocalyptic planet would be one of many people he met between fighting in two space battles alongside his employer, as well as someone who helped him in brief times to assist the local population. When he found a Kouken-Class Escort in the deserts of the planet, however, Ronin cut out and put himself in debt to repair the ship and leave his employer. It was at this time he started SaSC, Stop-and-Secure Contractors, alongside Rubi and a drifter he found aboard the ISS Shinpi who called herself Aala. These two, after extensive repairs that dismantled his Tengu to just a pair of legs, would help him get off world in the final days of YE 38.

YE 39

Aboard the Shinpi leading a motley crew, Ronin took his first job in YE 39 and set out to try and take down a Kodian involved in the Kodian Civil War, specifically selling weapons from Nepleslia and outside of Yamatai's reach to the efforts to keep the war going. In the original leg of trying to track this Kodian down, the Shinpi crew arrived on Fortuna within a bar-brothel owned and operated by the Black Syndicate as a backdoor arms dealing location. While Rubi gave chase to try and isolate their target, Ronin engaged in single-combat against a naked ID-SOL. Far from the worst of the fighting, Ronin ended up winning with the intervention of Letty Wendigo Bayogora, who blew the super soldier's brains out after he had been set on fire and preparing to finish Ronin off. While the firefight escalated outdoors, Ronin picked himself up while rescuing an elf from the backroom and escaping with Letty and Rubi with a member of the Kodian's organization. The Freespacer had put up quite the fight, Ronin had noted, before calling their escape vehicle in the form of his gutted Tengu, outfitted as a fast transport walker. But before they could fully board and leave, they came face-to-face with Rebecca Blackhart. Initially at arms, Ronin decided to give her a lift due to the elf with her knowing the one he had rescued. While the pair raced away, Ronin had taken stock on their success as they prepared for a new plan of action to proceed forward.

While many recovered Ronin secured the extended aid of Letty, allowed the pair of elves to remain aboard as crew members, and worked with Rubi to beat a lead out of their Freespacer hostage. Only then did he contact an old Abwehran by the name of Gunther Stein whom had worked with Ronin in his days as a more common mercenary. In exchange for helping the group prepare for a venture on the surface of Fegefeuer, he intended to cut his old friend in on the bounty. As far as their information could tell, the group would need to raid a criminal outpost on the planet to acquire the last of the information needed to track down the Kodian arms-dealer. Without much info on enemy strengths, Ronin took the ISS Shinpi and its crew to Abwehran space in the hopes of getting one-step closer of eliminating his debt and hopefully returning his prize mecha to operating status. Despite his best intentions, however, fate was definitely going to throw him a curveball.

Social Connections

Character/NPC Relation Status & Info
Takimori Aria Mother Deceased A retired soldier of Yamatai, killed in the Plague.
Takimori Roland Father Deceased A small-time mechanic, killed in the Plague.
Yazumi Omi Lover Alive A Nekovalkyrja who served as a partner to Ronin. Though they had little active engagement, the pair worked with one another following battles and drills which led to them growing very close. When Ronin re-enlisted for his second tour, they pair were separated. While Ronin was on the run and engaged in his mercenary work, their relationship fell dormant until YE 39 when Ronin reached out to Omi after nearly six years. The two are especially close, as Omi's original death led to Ronin earning his scar and their follow-up encounter allowing the two to re-bond.
Yazumi Inari Child Alive Originally a Neko but now transferred into a Minkan body sharing both Omi and his own genetics after her initial tour, Inari is Ronin's illegitimate child. She was gifted comet-like patterns on her cheeks to mirror his scars, but had never met him. Despite this, Inari shares a great love for engineering like her father and unknowingly followed in his footsteps in her training. As one might expect, she and Ronin have little to no relationship due to his lack of knowledge of her birth and the separation and lack of information on him.
Aashi Nath Werner Ex-Ally Alive Ex-pirate Iromakuanhe who met Ronin during his time working on 188604. Parted as fellow romantic comedy enthusiasts.
Rubi Kalan Taser Bully Alive A native Human from 188604, Ronin initially hit things off as a rivalry and dislike for Rubi. After saving her from a taffy-grave on her home-world, however, he's taken her own as a co-founder and partner for his new business. Infamously puked on her after being tasered and beaten by her while he was drunk.
Aala Dash Worker and “BFF” Alive An Iromakuanhe hacker, found aboard the Shinpi by Ronin during his exploration of the ship. After a tense initial encounter, the two became cooperative and he hired her on to pay her with taffy and free board.

Faction Relations
Yamatai Star Empire1) Ambivalent2)
Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia Ambivalent
Poku Saeruo Degonjo3) Ambivalent
Kingdom of Neshaten Ambivalent
The Free State Ambivalent
The NMX and their splinters Hostile
USO Ambivalent4)

Skills Learned

Star Army Common Skills


While his mood might not always be fitting to be entertaining, Ronin has some skills that could be called “party skills”. All those years of smoking have allowed the man some almost unnatural levels of blowing smoke rings, along with playing a mean harmonica. Of course, he doesn't have good jokes… but he can entertain at a basic level.

Starship Operations

In terms of operating starships, Ronin's experience is enough to operate most types of spaceships at least on a basic level. This could be as simple as flying from A to B… and normally is about as far as that. However, when he's put into fighter-like craft he fares far better with the aid of his Yamatai flying experience. In short, the bigger it gets… the more likely he's going to make a mess of trying some complicated maneuver due to the sheer lack of experience he's had with them!


Unlike his flying experience, Ronin has spent a lot of time with both land vehicles and small craft. Able to operate most land vehicles, war-focused mecha, construction frames, and every fighter in Yamatai's fleet, this is one dude who knows his way around the edges. Of course, his lack of experience in other fighters only means he'd need time to adjust to their formats. Just don't expect him to use a Misshu craft.

Maintenance and Repair

As a mechanic and basic engineer, Ronin was trained to repair almost everything in Yamatai's arsenal. Of course, his experience is mostly on small craft but it's a universal talent and experience basic. From his time operating mecha, he has a baseline experience in their field, albiet far less developed as his time with the Star Army's machines. Whether it's a basic field repair to a full refit (with the right parts!), Ronin can work in simulated, real, or no gravity to fix things up!




Gear and Armor


Total Currency Acquired/Lost By
3000 KS Initial
-10,000 KS Shinpi Plot Start = Debt

Owned Craft

ISS Shinpi

The ship Ronin found on Planet Osman, the Shinpi is a Kouken-Class Escort repaired using parts from the Tengu. It is his personal ship as much as the base of operations for his company, Stop-and-Secure Contractors.

Stripped Scout Walker - “Tengu” (Originally an OI-M1-3A Antiarmor Support Frame)

Ronin's “Tengu” had been originally built in YE 34, but was bought and used in YE 37 to 38 by Ronin. He often fills the cockpit with his supplies and pilot snacks to allow him to “camp out” during ambush jobs. However, after he used it to repair the Shinpi, it became a new scout walker, lacking anything but the legs and an open cockpit.

Armament None!


  • Tow-Rigging on the legs for fitting on cargo or even fixing itself to craft.

Additional Artwork

Personally made. Request info for artist details. Made by Tutti-Fruppy. Provided by an artist from the ICanDrawThat subreddit, u/soysaucesweater.

OOC Information

In the case Legix becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Home Nation
Can shift between Friendly or Strained, based on those he speaks to.
Hidden Sun Clan
Helped with fighting the NMX that originally were threatening it and nearby systems.
Originally owned by the Black Syndicate

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