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Tal`Dar Ara`sil

Tal`Dar Ara`sil is a player character played by Daimyon.

Tal`Dar Ara`sil
Species: Shukaren Daur
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 4'10โ€œ
Weight: 105 lbs
Organization: Shukara Volunteer Navy
Occupation: Hardware Engineer
Rank: C`Baruce
Current Placement: SNV Gam'trosha

Preferred Plots

  1. Gam`Trosha

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 4'10โ€
  • Mass: 105 lbs
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: While not appearing to be overly built, he does maintain the muscle required to perform his duties adequately. His complexion tends to be a tad bit darker from all the time spent under machines and covered in grease and oil.

Eyes and Facial Features: Bright blue eyes that seem offset by the rest of his appearance. He doesn't have any noticeable or unique facial features and seems rather bland at first look other than the eyes.

Ears: Sharp ears that tend to pick up a lot of small details in the sounds around him. Black hair around the outside of the ears, and a darker green on the inside, mostly matching his tail.

Hair Color and Style: Black hair, most of the time kept short as not to interfere with his work. His tail turns the green of inside his ears near the start, but fades again to black at the tip.

Distinguishing Features: While his race is known for their fur and longer hair, he keeps his rather trimmed, not wanting it to get caught up in any heavy machinery he works on.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Tal`Dar sometimes suffers from the feeling of inferiority that is typical of most Neshaten, however, he uses that feeling to drive himself harder than most. He constantly maintains the will to improve in any and all directions. This desire feeds into his craving of knowledge. When he's not knee-deep in machine parts or computer code, he's often seen either reading about history, or going over past battle logs to break them down and analyze everything. He will often create projects out of such things and submit his findings to his superiors to help better the crew.

  • Likes: Knowledge, history, strategy games, analytics
  • Dislikes: Nay-sayers, passive-aggressive people, failing
  • Goals: To become chief engineer on a starship or station one day


Family (or Creators)

Tal`Dar is the only son of a happy couple. Never having had brothers or sisters, he was drawn to the companionship of working with a tightly knit crew, and was drawn to the military.


Tal`Dar was always a curious child, getting into everything he possibly could. Growing up, he took a keen interest in the way things work, whether it be machinery, computer systems, battle tactics, or even psychology. He studied everything he could get his hands on. When he became of age, he joined the military and was instantly drawn to engineering. Although, he did go through the same training as everyone else in the military, it was noted that he did not fare very well on front lines, and preferred to remain in the back. As such, he took a liking to long ranged weapons, and sharpshooting, becoming quite proficient in it. His analytic nature allowed him to be able to calculate distances, wind and movement much easier than some of his counterparts. And while he can kill very well from a distance, he still maintains that most battles can be won with very little bloodshed if the right tactics are employed.



Studying history, mechanics and systems lead to the understanding of the way things operate by sending information back and forth, whether it be digital, physical or just the way machines interact with their parts. This lead into a deeper understanding of other races methods of communicating by observing past battles, and deconstructing salvaged parts from the field.


Mathematics came almost naturally at a young age from his early discoveries. He learned that almost everything in the universe had some form of logic behind it and could be understood if one only knew how to break the code. Mathematics was just the easiest way of explaining most things for him.


Having trained with the military, and since he was young, Tal`Dar is quite formidable in close combat. His skill with his hands from using precision and heavy tools lends to that ability. Although, he still prefers not to be in the position to be that close to an enemy.

Technology Operation

The basis of his study since he joined the military. Learning how systems function, and how to disassemble parts and salvage from other species.


The basic skills taught to engineers, his chosen field after joining the military. He excels at repair and salvage of damaged parts, weapons, or vehicles. Always a fan of guerrilla warfare, he believes that one can become stronger by learning and taking what they can from an opponent.

Maintenance and Repair

While serving as an engineer, his skills at fixing and repairing systems, tools, and armaments has become something of note. There seem to be very few things that he can't figure out how to get working again with a few hours of study and tinkering.


Years of study and observation has lead to a deeper understanding of the world around him and how each race fits into the whole scheme of things. Study of past battles and the politics behind them has given him insight into the mechanics of societies as a whole and an understanding of events past and present.


Tal`Dar Ara`sil has the following items:


Tal`Dar Ara`sil is currently a C`Baruce in the Neshaten.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 RN Starting Funds

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