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Talas'et "Honeybee" Asatt Llamnel

Honeybee Asatt Llamnel is a player character played by Madi Harper.

Talas'et “Honeybee” Asatt Llamnel
@@[email protected]@
Species & Gender: Female Lorath
Date of Birth: 20日 4月 YE 20
Organization: Lorath Matriarchy
Occupation: Engineer
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: @@[email protected]@

Physical Description

Honeybee is a fairly plain Lorath, of average height and slim structure. She is very well muscled from her time living with the Fyunnen, and her white hair is usually kept in a short pixie style, due to her low status and her emphasis on utilitarianism over tradition. Blame her sweetwasp bonded and the entourage that often grooms Honeybee as well. On the insides of her forearms are the one constant shift she tends to keep, a set of ten inch retractable stingers, capable of pumping a highly corrosive venom through reasonably thick armor, if she needs.

Honeybee's Bonded is a Lorathi Sweetwasp queen. This creature is a large insect, approximately the size of a large rat or small cat. The iridescent blue thorax is coated in a thick layer of black hairs that grow along the top of the abdomen covering the dark blue and yellow striping of the wasp queen. She is not able to sting, herself, but her entourage of giant wasp workers can. These creatures have a similar appearance to Japanese Giant Wasps, and produce honey. If Honeybee and her Queen are left in one place too long, the queen and her entourage will start building a nest and using any available sugars to produce honey and increase the size of the hive.


Due to having bonded with a communal organism, Honeybee has taken up the role of a worker bee, incapable of functioning outside of a group setting, she's aggressively social, leading to her placement with the Fyunnen sisterhood. Her mental health requires constant doting if she's not assigned to a task in a “set and forget” manner, or studying. A playful soul at heart, she can often be seen setting elaborate practical jokes that are often harmless, if devious in their subtlety and complexity.

Due to her part in her “hive's” wellbeing, she finds herself always placing the needs of others above her own, grooming her bunkmates and taking care of their needs. Often working herself beyond exhaustion, the crew she finds herself assigned to will never find themselves needing anything more than basic self care, though she does expect others to find and complete tasks before she finds them.

Her Bonded, Selet, is best described as a lazy attention whore, often nuzzling up to and begging for attention from Honeybee and those she finds herself with. Her being used to constant attention from her entourage has left her needy and spoiled, always stealing sweet things from the galley and attempting to start a true hive to protect and dote on herself and Honeybee. She sees everyone as part of her hive and demands the same attention from them, bestowing her hive's “blessing” of organization and honey on the group.


TTalas'et's early life is rather unremarkable, and the memories are hazy. What is known is the discovery of a wounded sweetwasp alate when she was a young child. In the process of nursing the creature back to health, she bonded to the queen and started taking on more feminine traits and identity, her Lmanel genetics leaning closer to being the queen bee's worker. Eventually, Selet was fertilized and started building her own hive.

Honeybee's emotional health began to degrade in her independance and it quickly became apparent that her personality had taken on aspects of a communal organism. She was sent to live and work as a Fyunnen engineer and her health improved drastically.

It wasn't long before the Moon Drop happened, and she was evacuated with her sisters, her queen, and the modest hive she had kept. She did her best to be intentionally unimportant until the Mishhu Invasion, where all hands were on deck to contain the threat.

Her post had been swarmed by Mishhu zombies and she had to abandon the repairs she was in progress of, and hide until she had produced enough venom to fight. When she did, she quickly found her venom to be extremely corrosive and she was able to kill a more powerful, but low level Missuvurthyar.

Since then, she has returned to her life of intentional unimportance, and was forgotten in Project Checkout.

Skills Learned


Inventory & Finance

Talas'et D'laest Asatt Llamnel “Honeybee” has the following:

Standard issue clothing and equipment

Talas'et D'laest Asatt Llamnel “Honeybee” currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

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