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Tange-Katsura Ayana

Katsura Ayana is a Jiyuuian (formerly NH-17 Nekovalkyrja) in an earlier biological variant of the NI-ARIA body, who was the Prime Minister of the United Outer Colonies and the governor of Tokyo on Jiyuu System. She was known for her strong agricultural background and her ability to create distilled spirits from her various plant crops.

In the Senate of Yamatai, she was known to be extremely vocal in regards to the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet's independence; protecting the citizens from criminals that might abuse their current “hands off” policies on ST in general; and advocating non-interference towards how their neighbors run their own nations. Her extremely passionate nature and her devotion to Jiyuu and Yamatai has earned her the trust and respect of the Motoyoshi Clan and the former Empress, Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and the interest of Crown Prince Motoyoshi Tio. In YE 32 she went missing before the UOC blackout.

Tange-Katsura Ayana
Name reading: 桂彩菜
Species: NI-ARIA
Gender: Female
Age: 20 YE: 14
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 5'5“
Weight: 125 lbs
Organizations Motoyoshi Clan; United Outer Colonies
Occupation Prime Minister
Current Placement MIA, presumed KIA during the NMX invasion

Ayana in Roleplay

Her name reads: 桂彩菜 , かつらあやな in Yamataigo (邪馬台語) which means Katsura: for the tree of the same name and Ayana: to create a beautiful variegated pattern.

Ayana is a npc played by Kim. She was first introduced in roleplay on 17 Nov 2007 in Senate Proposal #75- Memory Back-up Protection. She became the Governor of Tokyo and senate representative of the United Outer Colonies on 10 Dec 2007. When the UOC declared independence she became the Prime Minister on 17 Mar 2008 in Operation Freedom Cake.

Her current theme song is ”Hall om mig“ by Nanne Gronvall.

Ayana's Body

Build and Skin Color: Ayana has a slim, toned athletic build and her skin is a light tan with a light peach undertone.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Narrow, Dark Purple eyes set on a round, youthful Asian face with light pink lips.

Hair Color and Style: Straight, shoulder length Lilac colored hair that's usually worn in a tight french twist with 2 long bangs that hang at either side of her face when she's doing her managerial work. When she's relaxing at home she typically wears her hair down or in a french braid when she's doing any sort of work at the farms/breweries.

Hex Codes: Skin: #f1dabf; Hair: #b481c6; Eyes: #751995

Distinguishing Features: Four fingered(Yamataian) hand configuration and fuzzy Nekovalkyrja style ears.


  • Height: 5'5”
  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Measurements: 37-27-39
  • Bra Size: 34C

Experiment in Biology

When those of the United Outer Colonies were asked to return everything that Yamatai had ever issued them, there was a sense of indignity in those with Nekovalkyrja bodies for a downgrade. There was a temporary solution to switch over to the civilian grade Yamataian bodies but Ayana volunteered to have herself transferred into an experimental body that promised to help reconnect Jiyuuians to their origins as biologically based beings that lived normal lifespans. She felt that the notion of immortality was pointless when your friends and lovers only lived until the next battlefield. She wanted to reconnect to a sense of mortality by accepting the new Jiyuuian body (the NI-ARIA) which has already yielded something unexpected- a biological, natural pregnancy through regular procreation. Unfortunately, she now has to live with the actual pains and hang-ups of a 7 month pregnancy but she's excited to see this change as a new frontier for the United Outer Colonies: a chance to have a family with those that you love and to give birth to a unique individual.

Ayana's Personality

Hard headed, and hard working is how Ayana is most described by her peers. She has known hard labor all of her life and is not afraid to get her hands dirty to get the job done. She enjoys a challenge and isn't the type of person to let what people say in debate get under her skin. She tends to be passionate about what she says and isn't afraid to make her voice heard.

On a personal level, she enjoys quiet evenings at home and would rather sit and enjoy the company of her friends with her own spirits rather than someone else's. She tries to do everything in her life in moderation, only rushing when the need arises. She was well-regarded by the people she represented and worked with in the senate.

Melisson to Ayana, from Picking your death, UOC at the Crossroads
“I must say, Ayana, I'm very displeased.” Melisson began severely. “I wait here for almost an hour with you, waiting to see whom amongst my subordinates was going to disobey me and try to kill you. Just when one of them shows up to threaten you, you charm him into being good.”

The interpreter stood and placed her hands to her waist. “It is very off-putting, you know? I cannot rightly punish him now!”

I've learned from the last time, Melisson-sama,” Ayana replied softly, managing to smile weakly. “I'm grateful that you chose to speak with me again.” She rose from her chair and bowed deeply to the interpreter, slowly rising back up to look at Melisson.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Good weather; productive crops and people; brewing simple food.

Dislikes: Arrogance; elitism; false promises; droughts; and of course, the SMX.


To not fall flat on her face as a government leader/politician and not lose sight of who she really is and was.


Relationship with Motoyoshi Tio

Social Connections

Ayana's History

Ayana was once a slave neko that was put to work in a Yamatai owned farming colony. There she learned the meaning of a hard day's work despite her body's augmented abilities and what it meant to actually see the fruits of your labor. For 8 long years, she toiled in the fields in all conditions to produce a crop of some sort; even in the winter there was much work to do in the greenhouses or tending to the livestock that fed a part of the nation. And then, she was a free woman… she simple continued her work as a supervisor and eventually earned enough money to buy her own farm.

Then like always, war came. The demand for food stores went up and they HAD to meet those demands of a suddenly booming military population deployed all over the universe. But the local politics were starting to hurt her farm's ability to expand and function with a large amount of bureaucratic red tape. Unwilling to stand by and watch her farm or others falter, she got involved and did something, she petitioned, fought, argued and eventually made something happen before the work provided by the war ended. Every war fought by the military meant that she and other farmers had a large work load and the ability to expand.

But then… everything changed… the SMX came and her world was evacuated by the Fifth Expeditionary fleet. It left her feeling bitter and helpless; it was painful to have to leave behind her life's work to burn. To her getting to Jiyuu was a Godsend and then getting a chance to work again was a blessing. She was horribly surprised when someone urged her into the seat as the Governor of Tokyo and then the Yugumo Cluster's Senate seat.

In the ensuing chaos and her selection as a Yuugumo Cluster senator, she was adopted into the Tange clan.

In the Senate

The previous Taiie senator, Kazuhiko Minari, had resigned her position as both senator and 5XF Shosa after receiving a demotion to Taisa for voting in favor of Proposal #81: Repealing of Taisho Yui's Species Restrictions. The seat for Taiie was later filled by Chujo Kotoku. Until Taiie was destroyed and reformed.

Ayana has worked in the senate to most notably get such proposals as the “Decentralization Act” and the new YE 30 YSE/DIoN Treaty passed. She has been an advocate of allowing the Nepleslians to not have their military moderated nor be oppressed by Yamatai in anyway. She has been one of the voices in the Senate extremely vocal about trying to find a diplomatic resolution to the current war and has even ventured to the heart of Melisson's territory to implore the Elder to join them at the Peace Summit. She and Crown Prince, Motoyoshi Tio investigated a claim that Yamatai took captured SMX ships to attack Nepleslia Prime.

Melisson to Ayana from Dinner with Ayana as the Main Course
“The second is to go talk to your Empress and have her apologize to the Nepleslian government for framing the attack of Nepleslia Prime on the Mishhuvurthyar. I want them to admit that at the time, they commited a mistake. I suspect the truth will be hidden in the muck the Ketsurui clan enjoys surrounding itself with.” The redhead shook her head. “I do not really care if you decide to blame it on Uesu or SAINT or whatever if you wish to save face; I'm only interested in making sure that it is known that it is not the doing of my charges or myself. Not being too proud to make the apology before the Nepleslians find out for themselves could also have its benefits for you.”
Senate Interactions

Diplomatic Talks with Melisson

Redeeming Pisces Station: the International Peace Summit

Ayana and Tio discovered the truth behind Melisson's claim and sought out the Mishhu Interpreter to confirm with her that they did have proof and now they could go before the Nepleslian Senate and make an apology. But in Melisson's territory, they were unable to find her and were promptly attacked by other SMX forces that didn't want the war to end. Luckily, the Heion was able to escape thanks to some unknown intervention from another SMX group that arrived.

The Heion managed to arrive at Pisces Station, relatively intact and Ayana found herself shaken, late but alive at the Peace Summit. The first day was disastrous as personalities conflicted within the Yamataian Senate and with Melisson. The first day of the Summit ended with very little accomplished except that Nepleslia now knew that former Emperor Uesu sent a SAINT ship to attack Nepleslia Prime to force them to side with Yamatai in the war. Ayana, disgusted, returned to her room on the Heion to recompose herself and was informed by the Crown Prince, that she would be the one representing Yamatai in the Summit for the next day.

Feeling completely out of her league, Ayana returned to the Summit for the Second day, hoping that she could pull off their peace talks…

1st IRC

Independence for the United Outer Colonies

With the Armistice signed, Ayana returned to Jiyuu and bore witness to the cruel annihilation of the Freespacers on Halna at the hands of the Star Army of Yamatai on the news. With the mounting protests of her constituents, and her growing frustration with her military's inability to refrain from bullying tactics… an emergency assembly of the UOC was called. Crown Prince Tio headed the Assembly and announced their desire to peacefully pull away from their neglectful Central government and branch out on their own, naming Ayana as their government leader. Feeling overwhelmed, Ayana gave a short hopeful speech before retreating back to her office for some privacy and to complete some paperwork.

Nothing but uphill from here

Building a nation is hard work, very hard work that leaves very little time for much of anything except the bare necessities required to survive. She has got her hands full keeping things running, spinning and changing.

IN YE 32, Ayana gave birth to a little boy, named Edmond who's father is Motoyoshi Tio. Both mother and son disappeared during the UOC blackout but the Prime Minister's home was burnt down with no remains located. Both are presumed dead due to the NMX invasion.

Ayana's Skills

Communication:Ayana is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, telepathy and radios in non-combat conditions. Ayana is fluent in Nepleslian and Yamataian. She can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, speak publicly, etc.

Agriculture: Having spent most of her life working on a farm, Ayana is familiar and capable with different methods of farming; crop rotation; recognizing and diagnosing common plant and livestock diseases; tending and breeding livestock and tending and harvesting crops.

Math: Ayana is able to do basic math equations that are related to her farming trade and is unable to do anything more complex than Algebra.

Vehicles- Farming Equipment: Ayana is able to operate farming equipment and automobiles with some familiarity.

Management: Ayana knows how to keep track of items and money for a project (land) and can oversee workers. She has very strong accounting skills and can identify wastes in spending and correct the problem. She also knows which strings to pull to expedite reordering of supplies, or getting access to harder to obtain supplies.

Politics: Ayana is still learning the ropes of the political aspect of things and is still very much a small town politician being asked to represent something much bigger and greater than what she's used to.

Brewing: Ayana might not know the complex equations that go into brewing alcohol BUT she knows how to brew a large variety of spirits; beer and wine through trial and error experimentation. It could be said that a good deal of her success during elections was a result of many free samplings of her brewery's offerings during her public appearances or her generous donations of alcohol to charity events.

OOC Notes

Still working on updating and fleshing out the rp history. - Kim

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