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Tange Amaya

Tange Amaya is an NPC controlled by GM Andrew who appears in the Resolutions Of The Ghost plot.

Tange Amaya
Character Art Needed
Species & Gender: Female NI-ARIA/Jiyuuan
Age 13, born late YE 29
Organization: The Former United Outer Colonies
Occupation: Politician
Rank: The Former Prime Minister of the United Outer Colonies
Current Placement: Kidnapped and Assumed Dead

Character Description

:!: Some names and stories have been modified to satisfy a retcon. The character is for plot reference only.

Tange Amaya is a Jiyuuan female. She is the Former Prime Minister of the United Outer Colonies who previously served as a Senator in the Yamatai Star Empire. She was the primary love interest of Motoyoshi Tio and the mother of Motoyoshi Eidan. She was kidnapped in YE 33 by Motoyoshi Kiyoko and is assumed deceased.

Measurements & Specs
Weight: 100lbs or 45.36 kg
Height: 5' 2โ€œ or 157.48 cm
Chest: 36โ€, or 91.44 cm
Waist: 24โ€, or 60.96 cm
Hips: 32โ€, or 81.28 cm
Bra size: 36B
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eye Color: Plum Violet


Amaya's History can be found here.

OOC Information

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