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Tanja Dunst

Tanja Dunst is a player character played by Syaoran.

Tanja Dunst
Species: Abwehran Nacht Bewohner
Gender: Female
Born: BYE6/AF249
Organization: Civilian
Occupation: Ship Captain
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 176cm1)
  • Mass: 78kg2)
  • Measurements: 96-66-943)
  • Bra size: 34C

Build and Skin Color: Tanja has rather noticeable muscle tone and despite her weight has a slimmer than expected womanly figure thanks to her Abwehran genes. Her skin has just enough color to it to not be considered too pale and softens her appearance with a hint of delicateness.

Eyes and Facial Features: Her just slightly upturned eyes have almost invisible irises and pupils while giving of a faint blue glow. Her diamond shape face despite her age still shows youth with soft features and high cheek bones.

Ears: humanoid ears

Hair Color and Style: Tanja's hair is blue-black and she keeps it in a bob cut with side swept fringe, however when she's working she often bring it up into a short ponytail

Distinguishing Features: She has a prehensile black haired tail that she displays proudly.

Color guidesSkin: roughly #FFF0E0

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Tanja is down to earth and relaxed, but a hard worker, and doesn't accept other people slacking off. She's a bit bossy when it comes to work as well, since she was often times around younger less experienced people. However when she's not being a leader she becomes more of a big sister, willing to help out those in need and keep people in high spirits.

  • Likes: Always up for a good adventure and exploring new lands, as well as just hanging out with friends and having a drink.
  • Dislikes: Hardly anything gets her mad, or at least she doesn't show it, but she has no tolerance for people who try to get by without working and senseless fights.
  • Goals: She's gone off on her own with hopes of finding adventure, and maybe discovering something no one else knows about.


Family (or Creators)

  • Father: Adrian4), Erwin
  • Mother: Hannelore5), Claudia, Ingrid
  • 3 brothers 7 sisters


As a child, Tanja spent a lot of time in the caves exploring as much as she could in the safe areas and bringing home anything she could once she 'discovered' it. Her parents did not mind this too much, as she was the 3rd female there was not much pressure on her growing up quickly. However once she was five she like others went through her coming of age ceremonies, with the final phase being a test to see how well she could run a house, which she barely managed to pass.

Once she was an adult she joined the AFF as soon as she could, wanting to get into space. She did not have problems at home or anything, she just felt that space was calling her. She was stationed in the Weltraumflotte on a few different starships and performing many different task, climbing the ranks like anyone else but deep down she felt that there was more out there for her, she just needed to find a way to it. This led her to taking an expeditionary assignment that was specifically going into space the Abwehran had not seen yet, but things were not as good as she had hoped. There were several pirate attacks and though there was little difficulty in fending them off once they had gotten to the uncharted space, there was nothing there, one of the biggest disappointments of Tanja's life.

For a while Tanja was in a slump and felt like she was merely going through the motions with life, however her saving grace was formed the Foreign Service had opened. Tanja immediately transferred once she heard that the employees would be taking jobs from clients out of the system. The more Tanja worked for foreigners the more she wanted to go further away from home and soon she saved up enough to have a decent start and said goodbye to her family and left on the start of her adventure.

Simple Beginnings

Solo RP Tanja headed to the Amatsu-Nova where she purchased the Anbruch and had it fitted for mining. Of course she did not have the funds to pay for the ship up front so she became a work to own employee of Geshrinari Shipyards as a miner. There was a bit of an altercation with a ship called the Mad Mole but things were sorted out without much trouble and the mining continued.

Only on her second week of the job, Tanja ended up being kidnapped by a slaver ring. She was taken to what seemed to be a chemical weapons factory, there Tanja met Veronica Roux who helped her get along and survive. The two tried to stay under the radar and keep out of trouble, already knowing what kind of place awaited the women that misbehaved. But when trying to get her goggles back so that she could work properly in the bright light, a woman that - Tanja would later realize was an NMX Nightmare - intervened and had both her and Veronica moved to the upper levels to become a play thing for VIPs.

It was from these upper levels that the girls were able to escape thanks to slackened security. They stole a modified Onset shuttle and headed blindly into space. After half a month away the Abwehran made her way back to made it back to Amatsu-Nova. Fortunately her Geboku droid had been mining in her absence and she had enough money to pay off her debt and took time off from work to just relax and try to recover with Veronica.

The Wayward

Ep 01 - First Steps

Tanja decided that if she wanted to continue her free journey in space, she would need to have a crew, preferably one that could handle its own in a fight. After sending out a digital flyer she gathered the ship's first crew, Rev'tock Embel, Shadow Wraith, Hugar and Reed Sterling. Though it seemed like there might be a little tension between members Tanja took the ship and crew on their first assignment, but investigate the old Origin facility on Tami for good things to sell

Once they arrived the crew On the planet there was a little resistance, two former NMX hostages attacked and gave the crew trouble. After the fight the crew decided to depart, only having managed to pull a few schematics form the computers. A bit displeased Tanja took her crew to Dawn station to get patched up and collect some payment. Three new crew men joining along as well while they were at the station.

Ep 02 - Distant Memories

After having to adjust the crew a bit more, Tanja took them and a Qel'noran researcher to an uninhabited planet to research sighs of ancient life. They After their first encounter with some of the hostile wild life, Tanja came to realize not all her crew were used to such dangers, so she tried to take on a motherly role and comfort a few of the team who were not handling the pressure so well.

The mission was already having difficulties with having crash landed, but when sensors picked up a ship entering the atmosphere Tanja made ready for a quick documentation of the second structure they found and then to try to get the ship back in the air. However at the second location she was rendered unconcious after being thrown against a tree by an elephant sized native creature.

Ep 03 - Ups and Downs
Ep 04 - New Heights
Episode 5 - Out at Sea
Episode 6 - Unlisted

Tanja's Skills

Tanja Dunst has the following skills


Speaks Abwehran and Nepleslian, currently learning Yamataian. She is also knowledgeable about military and trade documents as well as operating communications equipment.


Tanja has a wealth of combat experience and training in military combat and is able to hold her own with or without a weapon but she's never been great with energy weapons, much preferring to feel the recoil of each shot. She does have a knack for fire fights though and manages to come out from some pretty bad situations.

Technology Operation

She is capable of operating common ship computers without problem as well as standard computer OS. She doesn't ahve enough knowledge to do anything along the lines of programing though.


She has basic and some advanced math knowledge, up to calculus.

Starship Operation

After having piloted a few small craft and served on some large starships Tanja has gotten familiar with basic systems for a starship.


Tanja has experience leading small squads and fire teams into battle and being responsible for them. While she did make Oberbootsmann it was upon her retirement that she was promoted to such. She's picked up a few tricks from her seniors and learned the value of keeping good public appearance even in distress.


Tanja has been to more than a few late night parties in her life. She's picked up a few things here and there between mixing drinks and keeping the party lively. She's even picked up a bit of 'backroom entertainment' from some of her experiences.

Tanja's Inventory


  • Blue T-shirts x2
  • White T-shirts x2
  • Blue button up blouse x1
  • Dark denim jeans(tail) x2
  • khakis(tail) x1
  • Black hip shorts(tail) x2
  • Blue heavy cargo pants(tail) x2
  • Slate Gray zip up jacket x1
  • Black work boots x1
  • Black open toe flats x1
  • Black undergarments(tail) x2
  • Gray undergarments(tail) x2
  • Dark tinted goggles x1
  • Black w/ silver trim Open front Jendomu



    • 10x25mm KZ Barrel (Compensated)
    • .45cal Zen Armaments Barrel (Compensated)
    • 10x25mm KZ Barrel Non-Compensated/Threaded
    • .45cal Zen Armaments Barrel Non-Compensated/Threaded
    • PDS-21 Universal Pistol Suppressor
    • 4x Standard RKP-10/45 Magazines.
    • Holster/Magazine Pouch
    • Zen ZAH-1 Holographic Sight
    • Zen-EHBR 25-round Magazine 6x
    • Zen-EHBR 50-round Extended Magazine 2x
    • Zen ZWS-3 Heavy Caliber Weapon Suppressor
    • Zen ZSS-3 Single Point Weapon Sling





  • Fresh water, 500 Liter Tank (Halloween, TC: 49-24, IC: 1184-201-68)
  • Duffel bag stuffed full of marijuana (Halloween, TC: 82-37, IC: 3009-353-110)
  • Amplifier, 400 Watts RMS stereo (Halloween, TC: 99-13, IC: 849-174-101)
  • Stack of College Textbooks (Halloween, TC: 23-74, IC: 1759-797-95)
  • 1 ceramic ID-SOL skeleton - glows in the dark (S Halloween, TC: 42-79, IC: 3333-926-121)
  • 1 ceramic Lorath male skeleton - glows in the dark (S Halloween, TC: 6-81, IC: 537-1110-87)
  • Lifelike Iromakuanhe eye, when placed down, eye rotates to follow any object that is within 5 feet. (S HiddenSun, TC: 24-12, IC: 321-1077-36)

Tanja's Finances

Tanja Dunst is currently the captain of the Anbruch.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3,000 KS Starting Funds
1,935 KS -1065KS Starting gear purchase
4,935 KS +3,000KS April(YE36) Mining
64,120 KS +60,000KS -815KS Late April-Early May Mining and loan payment
36,120 KS -28,000KS loan payment
21,120 KS -15,000KS Moved to Anbruch Finances
19,170 KS -1,950KS equipment purchase
9,170 KS -10,000KS Moved to Anbruch Finances
Loan for Anbruch Addition Subtraction Reason
28815 KS Initial start loan
28,000KS -815KS Payment in April
0KS -28,000KS Payment


This character is NOT up for Adoption

4) , 5)

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