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Tankyusha "Tank" Hitotsu

Tankyusha โ€œTankโ€ Hitotsu is a player character played by Ames.

Tankyusha โ€œTankโ€ Hitotsu
Species: Mimicom Custom
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, presumed less than one
Height: 6' / 1.8288 meters
Weight: 210 lbs
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Science Officer
Rank: Santo Hei
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. YSS Eucharis

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6' / 1.8288 meters
  • Mass: 210 lbs
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: 'Tank' is athletic, but not brawny. His skin is Pantone 78-6C, looking much like a heavily creamed coffee. Despite his common name, little about him seems to live up to his 'Tank' moniker.

Eyes and Facial Features: Tank's eyes are gray-blue, showing signs of their inorganic nature up close. While he doesn't have a beard or mustache, a set of clean sideburns runs down to the bottoms of his ears. Given his general lack of 'strong' emotions, his expression typically rests around a neutral state, occasionally slipping into brooding when he is in deep thought.

Ears: Slightly angled tips, though not to the extent of a Nekos'. The tops of his ears have thin metal coverings that are typically covered by his hair.

Hair Color and Style: Tank's hair is black, swept back and lightly tousled. Faint hints of gray are streaked through at his temples.

Distinguishing Features: Due to his android nature, Tank takes some care to avoid appearing 'too' perfect in any way - his hair is intentionally kept from being too tidy, his clothes are well-maintained but not overly so, and so on.

Up close, a handful of features still stand out. His eyes have a subtle camera lens effect. The tips of his ears seem to go from metal to flesh a little too evenly for a piercing. His right wrist bears the distinctive BANGLE. Lastly, the palms of his hands have custom tactile volumetrics emitters that appear as simple metallic rings that flex with his skin.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Tank is calm and collected - to a fault. He finds it difficult at times to engage with organics, never feeling the strong emotions of his companions. When those around him are ecstatic, he is simply pleased. When those around him are full of rage, he seems frustrated. He is aware (painfully, at times) of his limitations in this area. He understands that much of this is due to his relatively short life - it wasn't so long ago that even these simple displays of emotion escaped him.

Tank finds fighting difficult - he operates within an altered version of the Three Laws that still places (most) life before his own. The notable modification to the constraints placed on him is the 'Captain Clause' - an appropriately ranked officer of the Star Army can briefly suspend the First Law for a period of no more than two minutes before he requires a new authorization.

All that said, Tank is loyal to those who place their faith in him. Like many androids, he is driven by a need to please and accomplish his task. He finds enjoyment in many of the simpler parts of life and seems most content when he is surrounded by those who find his services useful.

  • Likes: New knowledge. Curries of all kinds.
  • Dislikes: Most vegetables. Messes.
  • Goals: Tank is in search of something - but even he isn't sure what. Some deep part of him leads him to reach out endlessly, instilling in him a deep sense of wanderlust.


Family (or Creators)

Original owner unknown, probable manufacturer Origin Industries.


Tankyusha Hitotsu's first memories are of standing in an alley in the rain. One hand held a crumpled up Star Army propaganda poster of a starship and the other a few bits of loose change. His next few days were difficult - he found himself in more than one fight, but lacked the ability to effectively retaliate due to his compliance with the First Law.

It was in a bar frequented by military types that he was reminded of the flyer he'd been holding in his first moments of awareness. A table near him was having a heated discussion about the difficulties of firing fighter-based weaponry in the presence of large planetary bodies and its effect on accuracy over long distances. Tank offered to provide a solution for them. A few napkins later, he discovered the deep satisfaction he felt in solving problems for others and found himself at ease in the presence of the officers there. He spent the night listening to their stories, finding himself ever more drawn to the stars.

His entry into the Star Army was the natural next step. During training, he consistently scored just enough to remain in the top of the class. Few knew that Tankyusha was trying his best to avoid upstaging his fellow trainees (and thus causing them harm) while staying true to his own goal - he'd set his sights on the YSS Eucharis from the start.

It was, after all, one of the first things he remembered.



As an android, communication comes easily enough to Tankyusha. He learns new languages quickly, interfaces with machines comfortably, and follows proper procedures surrounding paperwork, protocol, etc. He still has some difficulty with communicating informally with those around him, especially in languages he is less familiar with.


In combat exercises, Tank performs exceptionally well. He is accurate on any target within sight, responds quickly and appropriately to incoming attacks, and applies the massive force available to him with a nuanced subtlety that comes less from experience and more from a calculated conservation of energy. Tank has no particular fighting style outside of the one he was taught during training.

However, he prefers to avoid combat, direct combat especially, rendering most of his skill and natural capabilities in this category moot.

Technology Operation

Tank's ability to leverage technology is exceptional. He can easily tap into (hacking, if necessary) nearby systems without diverting his attention. Robotic working arms, nearby monitors, remote-controlled vehicles and ship-based weapons systems are available to him from anywhere that allows him a stable connection.


Tankyusha is able to calculate very complex equations in a matter of moments. Much of his skill in other areas is based around his ability to quickly process trajectory, velocity, and so forth, and make decisions based on them at a level that appears intuitive.

Science (Nanotechnology)

While possessing a broad knowledge of the various sciences, Tank has chosen to specialize into nanotechnology. His excellent eyesight and steady hands allow him to work largely unaided in the field. When he does need tools, he can produce them from light itself at the micro-scale.

Starship Operations

Tank leverages the schematics and known details about whatever ship/s he may come across. As with his other knowledge, this is more of a 'book smarts' approach than one born by experience or 'feel'. He wouldn't know that a given fighter tends to burn energy too quickly if it wasn't documented, but would know it's exact weight, startup procedures, and so on.


While Tank has had little opportunity to use this skill, he is able to quickly draw up blueprints and technical write-ups based on established or theoretical information to satisfy his various needs. He leverages his tactile volumetrics primarily for this purpose - both in building prototypes and demonstrating their intended functions to others.


Tankyusha โ€œTankโ€ Hitotsu has the following items:


Tankyusha โ€œTankโ€ Hitotsu is currently a Santo Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

Tank has most of the problems that traditional android characters in anime and TV have - he is incredibly smart, but not necessarily wise. He is capable of intuition and creativity, but it isn't the spontaneous genius of an organic mind. Moreso than most characters, he is at the mercy of those who give him orders - part of his core being requires him to obey.

The tactile volumetrics mentioned as a key feature of his are based around an improved version of the Apparel Array that comes standard on his model. They aren't anything ground-breaking and I'd clear it or work up to it in story (with approval) before turning it into a weapon or shield. It's mostly for in-character fluff.

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