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Tenaryth Delaetal

Tenaryth Delaetal is a PC played by Bilgecrank.

Tenaryth Delaetal
Pronounciation: TIN-ah-rith DAY-la-tall
Species: Tree Elf
Gender: Female
Height: 6'7โ€œ / 200.5 cm
Weight: 137 lb. / 62 kg.
Date of Birth: 1ๆ—ฅ 3ๆœˆ Pre-YE 19
Organization: -
Occupation: -
Rank: -
Current Placement: -

Physical Description

Tenaryth is built quite like a willow tree, narrow in body with a long head of black hair draping over her shoulders to her waist. Her face is a softened mixture of dark brown elfin features, which are sculpted on an angular, almond shaped face. Narrow, green eyes nestle under a thin brow, typically shadowed behind a pair of spectacles of varying style depending on her mood. She is composed of a narrow, thinly frame which is adorned with modest assets lending to a feminine form. From toe to head, she ranges at about 6'7โ€, and is tall by elf standards.

Each of her long, wood elf ears are adorned by two silver clamps. One is situated near the tip and another above the lobe. On each ear, the clamps are connected by a thin, delicate chain. These adornments are particular to her clan and family, and she is unwilling to remove them for anything less than absolute necessity.

In most situations, she prefers to wear casual dresses of simple make with various, silver adornments. Most of her dresses are cut to the knee for modesty, and mostly range in cooler colors of blues, greens, and etc. However, with her work as a Scientist, most of her style is covered by a labcoat, or similar safety clothing. The most of her variety in style comes in the various shoes she will wear on any given work day, from tasteful pumps to adorned wedges to daintier slip-ons.


Dramatic, insular, and high-strung, three terms that could describe Tenaryth in the shortest walk of words.

Like most elves she wears a mask to cover what truly ticks under her veil of hair, but inside she is always calculating, always ticking, and further, always observing. Few details escape her sweeping gaze, and years of training in the arts among the Delaetal makes every ounce of the world's features a careful note in her mind. For this reason, she tends to have excellent recall, but can, at times be frustratingly verbose on the less important aspects of what she should be remembering.

Tenaryth doesn't play well with others, this made most evident in her weak social graces. Naturally, she does well in the presence of regular people, but an Elf would find her awkward, and after a few minutes of conversation, regular people would as well. She has lived a largely lonely life, befriending books and written text over most else, and it shows in her habit of shunning contact with others. This leads her having unspoken expectations of others, and many people have been left frustrated when the elf has become upset with those coming short of them. In reflection of her difficulties with communication, she has adopted a strange habit of communicating through finely-written notes, or text messages should the option be available.1)

In lighter, happier moments, she is prone to singing. As a habit, she tends to sing elfin songs when she is in excellent spirits, exercising her lyrical voice to the fullest. This is rarely done in the company of other, non-elf species and to a lesser extent, non-Delaetal, as few would understand the purpose or the spontaneity.


The Delaetal were a family of writers, poets, musicians, singers, and artists. Paint and ink was such a mainstay to their being, that it represented itself in a majority of their clan-homes architecture, of elves creating stars and land with their brushes and pens. A true mark of culture was to find a work of a Dalaetal in your collection, were it a canvas, a book, or a piece of sheet music. Theirs was a legacy of recording, remembering, and reciting, which gave light to any elfin ceremony, in hearing the practiced voice and work of one of their dark-skinned clan. Each child of Delaetal was a master of grammar and diction, believing that all art stemmed from the song-like Xiulurian language. To them, it was their duty to keep the world beautiful, a singing.

Then, in Pre-YE 19, Tenaryth was born, to Sohma and Tyriel Delaetal, a singer and song-writer respectively. She was beheld by the clan to be one of the most boorish children to ever grace their halls. After her birth, as a babe, she established her reputation by continuing to wail through lullabies, and being largely unphased by the most gentle of the clan's voices. As a child, growing up in the Delaetal clanhome in Xiuluria, she was taught the basics of many of the artistic skills that gave fame to their name. She would sing, but with no passion; she would paint, but with no color; she would write, but with no imagination; her performances always felt forced, as if ritual. Her parents worried that she would never find her passion.

Instead, the beauty in Tenaryth's life came from study and learning, her notes in any subject but art were meticulous. She would argue with her instructors constantly if she did not understand something, and found herself in possession of a deep thirst for knowledge. The elf excelled in practical knowledge, mathematics and science, and found a talent of assembling and disassembling the world around her in her mind. 'Magic', or the technology that drove it, was her obsession. At the time, in the elves' world, magic had died and with it, their command of it. Yet when Tenaryth looked to the sky, it seemed as if the rest of the universe continued to wield it, tearing lines and holes in the fabric of space.

At YE 18, the young elf pensively left home, determining that her lust for higher education could not stretch further without perspective. Xiuluria was a closed nation, and despite her notions of superiority, Tenaryth felt a great desire to cast herself forth into the galaxy. Her family largely objected until they found her concept of 'going forth into the galaxy' was as far as North Tower. There she stayed, studied, and assisted in the research at a University, expanding her knowledge, while also contributing to the meticulous tasks of testing, recording, and testing again. As a student, she excelled, far outstretching her classmates, but some considered this natural, as she was an Elf.

Ten years went by as people came and went, but the Elf of North Tower did not leave until she had secured an impressive array of degrees under her belt. She was a proud student, and the urge to unravel the world around her began as she went back home, wishing to start first with the magic of her people. In her time among the Yamataians, she had watched them assert their dominion among the galaxy, heard of nations that flexed, fell, and surged. She wanted to return that fire to the elves, the literal fire they commanded in their own dominion. Yet, what she came home to was a society that largely accepted their fate, and she found herself unwanted in most scholarly circles for her ambitions and unorthodox practices. In the end, she only found home among her clan, the Delaetal. Even then, she was no practiced artist, and only Dalaetal by name.

In YE 39, Tenaryth had settled back at the clan home, preferring to work in solitude outside her family's estate. Her knowledge was put to use in advisory positions, and freelance lab work. Most elves left her alone, and she found peace in the business, but little satisfaction.

Skills Learned

Art and Vocation

As a Delaetal, Tenaryth was introduced to many different forms of art and expression at a young age. Brushes and pens are familiar to her, but she is more likely to create a creative looking manuscript or text-book than anything resembling a brilliant canvas, as her family is known for. As a guilty pleasure, and as a influence earned from her time outside Xiuluria, she likes to design little, simple emojis for her textbased communications.


Tenaryth has a firm understanding of the physiology of most human-like races, primarily Elves, Nepleslians, and Yamataians. She has studied many forms of flora and fauna, and has a significant and deep knowledge of identifying various forms of trees. Her strongest interests tend to fall in the fields of Ecology, but is also furthering education in biochemistry and genetics.


To mesh an understanding of physics and biology, Tenaryth has understanding of the various materials and elements that comprise most planets. She is capable of concocting mixtures and balancing formulas to create or test reactions. With proper study and experimentation, she is able to generate substances depending on what she puts together, and further, see what results from its inevitable or stimulated breakdown.


When given the proper tools and time, Tenaryth can generate carefully applied solutions and blueprints to support her research or develop other manufactured solutions. Most of her designs tend to follow a flowery and flourishing motif, but will often be put through the most spartan of numerical stress tests in order to prove their practicality. These can range from things as small as a device, to as large as a building, with a vague understanding of larger architecture, ranging from mechanical to civil engineering. She can also, when combining her other, repositories of knowledge apply aerospace and biochemical solutions.


Tenaryth can comprehend sheet music, and play most common instruments with apparent skill. Her singing voice is also well-practiced, and is capable of a wide range, with many traditional elfin songs committed to memory. She does not often play for others, however, and most of her performances are limited to her private study or elf-kin.


Out of most of her fields, physics is the favorite of Tenaryth. In her view, it mostly resembles a true understanding of the universe, and the products and assembling theories replicate the effects that her people used to behold as magic, and what some people still do. As such, the elf is an accomplished mathematician, with expertise ranging not just through pure mathematics, but applied concepts as well, like physics, computation, and statistics. She is able to take these concepts and apply them to her other fields of study and generate either further research or solutions on the unknown.


Though primarily versed in Xiulurian, Tenaryth is well at speaking and writing in both Yamataigo and Trade. She knows a smattering of most well-known languages, and is familiar enough with varying grammar structures to pick up on new languages at a quick pace. In addition, she possesses a varying array of writing styles which shes uses depending on whim and mood, most of which are done in a neat calligraphy. Her handwriting is typically careful and beautiful, and can be carried out at a speed which most would need to do use shorthand to match. To go further, she enjoys making ciphers, and most of her research notes are taken down in complicated codes or well-written gibberish in the eyes of others.

She is not the best at speaking with people.

Social Connections

Tenaryth Delaetal is connected to:

  • Sohma Delaetal (Father)
  • Tyriel Delaetal (Mother)

Inventory & Finance

Tenaryth Delaetal has the following:

  • 1 Sunhat
  • 17 Dresses of varying range and color
  • 4 Blouses of varying cool colors
  • 4 Sets of slacks of varying dark greys to dark browns
  • 10 Pairs of Socks and leggings
  • 9 Pairs of casual shoes
  • 3 Pairs of business shoes
  • 11 Pairs of nice shoes
  • 3 Pairs of sandals
  • 20 Pairs of matching underwear with intermingling designs
  • Calligraphy kit
  • Paper
  • Parchment
  • Sticky-Notes
  • Xiulurian Pouch
  • Various Dataslates
  • A small library of reference books

OOC Information

In the case Bilgecrank becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Sure.
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Negative.
It is not recommended to return these messages verbally.

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