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Terrins Dassau

Terrins Dassau is a player character played by SirSkully.

Terrin Dassau
Species & Gender: Minkan Male
Year of Birth: YE 10
Organization: Galactic Horizon
Occupation: Security Team
Rank: Captain
Plot: Galactic Horizon

Physical description

Terrins stands at 5ft 9inches with a highly-athletic, streamlined body not so dissimilar to that of a professional swimmer, with a light tan. His face is long and angular with a dark and dense 5 o’clock shadow covering his lower face no matter how much he shaves, his messy mop of hair is a brilliant red colour while his eyebrows and facial hair are jet black. Terrins’ eyes are an intense icy-blue colour and usually have a mischievous look about them.

Terrins' left arm was torn off at the shoulder by an osmani drop bear and later replaced with a Durandium Alloy arm that serves as a replacement rather than an upgrade, it is a bit sturdier but has no special features besides being powered via a bioelectric generator. The arm is gunmetal grey in colour with a few slight bits of cosmetic damage.


Terrins is a humble, very driven person, never one to take the spotlight nor brag about past accomplishments. He is a patient type who is generally not too outspoken unless he must be and is slow to anger, yet when his temper does boil over he becomes quite the spiteful and cold individual. Not many things can get him riled up with the exception of his where his loyalties stand being taken into question. He does not shy away when faced with adversity, he pushes through whatever emotions might be holding him back and gets the job done, while he isn’t reckless he is willing to put everything on the line for the right cause, needless to say he takes his work very seriously. He spent a lot of time undercover when he was an SAINT and as such he can suppress his own emotions and opinions on subjects to fit in with almost any crowd he needs to.

Despite all of this, he speaks with some sense of chivalry and is fairly warm towards friends.


Terrins was born Roughly 2 minutes after his twin sister Ventriss, they were raised on some out of the way backwater planet by parents who were both mercenaries back in their prime and damned good ones at that. Given that they had thrived in a morally grey area of society and managed to get out of the business intact it is not so surprising that they gave their kids the tools to do the same, the principles of loyalty to the right people, respect to those who show it back and to not blindly follow orders simply because somebody is higher up the ladder than you were constantly hammered into them. The twins were also taught how to handle weapons as a means to take care of themselves no matter the situation, needless to say they were not raised in the most orthodox manner but they were loved and taken care of all the same, albeit with a Dassau flair to it all.

The twins signed up for the army and exceeded in most of the qualifying tests, Ventriss went on to become a combat engineer while Terrins paved his path into SAINT as an Intelligence Officer, a role he easily slipped into.

Then came the Battle of Yamatai, The server rack containing his sister’s ST backups was destroyed along with the ship she was assigned to, technically she was classed as M.I.A but there was no body to be found among the wreckage, so it was presumed that she died in the explosion and with no way to restore her, the family mourned the loss and buried a few mementos where her body should’ve been.

Towards the end of YE 35 Terrins woke up in a soul transfer facility , suddenly freed of his scars and lacking a memory of what had transpired over the past few weeks. As it turned out, he was deep undercover investigating rumours of military grade weapons being illegally sold onboard a civillian mining vessel. The ship was ambushed, he had been held captive and supposedly died during the hours upon hours of torture, so here he was, Terrins V2.

Terrins retired, bundled up his personal inventory and adopted somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle for a few years until he found his way to a rock called 188604, he grew out a long beard and gained a wolf-like companion that he named Dink. Occasional odd jobs were keeping him afloat but he wanted to be a part of something again, he heard in YE 40 that Galactic Horizon were looking for people to join their security force and so he began walking north, towards their plot of land. Along the way he encountered an Osmani dropbear that tore off his left arm, thankfully Terrins managed to cling to life long enough to find a disgraced doctor who replaced the arm with a no-name, Durandium Alloy replacement.


When he joined Galactic Horizon it was agreed upon that his involvement with SAINT in the past would not be included in the information the company holds about him


Recruitment JP
JP 1

Skills Learned

Terrins Dassau has the following notable skills:

Star Army Common Skills

SAINT skills

Combat: Terrins is highly skilled in most areas of combat, including: Bladed, hand to hand, short mid and long range firearms, he is quite the lethal individual and specializes with small arms alongside high-powered, long range rifles.

Athletics: Terrins keeps his body in the best shape he possibly can, his lithe yet dense muscles along with hours upon hours of experience make him quite the speedy and agile individual.

Rogue: Being an Ex-Saint Operative, Terrins is familiar with shadier ways of dealing with issues, the man knows how to lockpick, the finer arts of sneaking and how to acquire illegal items in a pinch among other things.

Chemistry: Terrins may not be a professional chemist but he knows practical stuff such as how to make thermite.

Vehicles: Above-basic understanding in the operation, modification, and maintenance of most vehicles: Mecha, Tanks, Cars, Trucks, basic ships.

Medicine: Proficient in the application of first aid and basic medical procedures.

Social Connections

Ventriss Dassau (Sister)(M.I.A Presumed Dead)

Boven Dassau (Father)

Melo Dassau (Mother)


Kryss Black (Boss)

Riccard Black (Boss of Bosses)

Argus Zepheris (Surgeon)

Calanthe Brongus (Nurse)

Anaska DePolanskaya (R&D)

Donvan Black (PR)

Inventory & Finance

Galactic Horizon Security Uniform

Scavenged_armour (wip)

A cybernetic left arm made of Durandium Alloy, generic and simple.

A black tuxedo

A dark brown, bulletproof wool trench coat with a high collar.


Personal PDA

SiZi M38 SDR

Custom Longsword

Sport Shot 7.62 with a wooden stock.

A well worn hiking backpack

Misc camping supplies

FourSight Helm

Padded Armour Layer

Enhanced Mobility Armour

2x The Shank Gauntlet

3000 KS

OOC Information

In the case sirskully becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
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