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Dink was a male, wolf-like creature that Terrins Dassau pulled from the wreck of a small cargo ship in YE 38, after they failed to kill each other he Dink became Terrins' Pet.

Physical attributes

Dink is a wolf-like creature with a dark-charcoal coat that has a white underside and a thick mane, his eyes are a vibrant blue colour and a white โ€œXโ€ shaped bit of fur on his left hind leg yet it's edges are very well defined, this coat appears to almost float around as if it were weightless. His ears are large but still wolf shaped, with two gazelle horns sitting in between them, his tail is longer and bushier than your average wolf.

When he is agitated, small arcs of electricity can be seen arcing around his fur and between his horns.


Dink is usually as calm and placid as any other house hold pet dog and usually can be found simply wandering around, asking to be petted. Yet when his master is threatened, Dink becomes aggitated and defensive.

Additionally, Dink hates baths and being cleaned by other people but loves swimming.


Dink has the following skills:

Hunter: he is a natural hunter, silent and lethal

Intelligence: Dink has a surprisingly high intelligence for an animal, although it is still not quite that of a human.

Electric shock: Dink's fur naturally builds up an electric charge by brushing against itself, when he expels this charge, electricity arcs between his horns and is then shot out of his mouth in a bolt equivalent to getting hit by a hi-powered taser.

OOC Notes

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