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Terry Desmosa

Terry Desmosa is an NPC controlled by GM Ace in the psychopomp plot.

Terry Desmosa
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Organization: Psychopomp PMC
Occupation: Support Specialist

Character Description

Terry is 8' 9โ€œ and has a thin build. He has a dark tan bordering on the color of a light brown or dark orange. He does not have much visible muscle or fat but he looks healthy. He is a very happy and social person. If someone gets him talking it's hard for him to stop. However he is usually found close to Natyli since he doesn't speak much trade.

History and Relationship Notes

Terry is a close friend to Natyli and both of his parents whereabouts are unknown, he is in love with Angela Voll. Terry joined Psychopomp following after a run in when he was saved by Angela Voll of team Osiris who he has had a crush on since the incident. He was born in YE 15 in Elysian space.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Terry is fluent in Seraphim and has a decent understanding of trade however he mainly relies on Natyli to translate for him.
  • Fighting: Terry is a jack of all trades when it comes to fighting but he can be easily defeated by anyone above novice level. However he does have a mastery over snipers and weapons that cover large areas such as mortars or flamethrowers.
  • Physical: Terry has an Endurance that far surpasses any normal person and his running speed is quite high as well due to his many years of combat with Psychopomp and his own natural abilities. He also has a good hold of parkour due to his strive to keep up with his Power Armored counterparts.
  • Knowledge: Terry has a photographic memory and can create maps in his head.
  • Military and Survival: Terry is excellent at camouflaging himself and signaling.
  • Vehicles: Terry can drive almost any vehicle he comes across.
  • Art and Vocations: Terry loves to draw and is quite profecient at it.

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