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Jax Dir Teshin

Jax Dir Teshin is a PC played by Jabberwocky727.

   Jax Dir Teshin  
  Species & Gender:    vekimen Male (Hermaphrodite)  
  Date of Birth:    21 KY Born YE 15  
  Organization:    Star Army of Yamatai  
  Occupation:    Bio-Scientist  
  Rank:    Nitô Hei  
  Current Placement:    YSS Kaiyō II  

Physical Description

Height: 5'11“

Weight: 148 lbs

Jax has a naturally athletic body despite being rather slim. He has grey eyes like the rest of his species, but in certain lighting, it is easily mistaken for blue. Jax boasts striking reptilian-like features such as a long snout lined with razor blade teeth, and scales over his body. White feather-like down covers his neck and shoulders like the mane of a lion. Black scales cover the back of his arms, down the sides of his torso to his legs, while the rest of his scales are a pearly white.


Somewhat quiet and reserved, Jax isn't one to place himself in social situations unless it involves political or intellectual conversation. Many who meet him tend to describe him as distant and emotionally unattached. This could be attributed to his brutal history.


Jax Dir Teshin was born in 21 KY/ YE 15.

He spent his youth aboard one of the cannibalistic ships which fled his dying system. His father was a biochemist, and in the years before his death, feverishly researched and experimented to find ways to create a sustainable food source to end the cycle of chaotic cannibalism. After his father's death, Jax took it upon himself to pick up his father's work, and bode his time familiarizing himself with his late father's notes. Eventually, mass slaughter broke out among the remaining Vekimen on the ship. In a short amount of time, Jax found and miraculously repaired an escape pod, safely avoiding what would have been certain death. Since then, he's ventured to numerous ships and stations learning all he can about biomechanics and synthetics, with a side passion for plants. Everything he learned was through personal experience or private (illegal) instruction/practice, and has been involved in several obscure criminal schemes due to the individuals with whom he has been associated.

On one such occasion, he worked with a black market organ dealer as the supplier of a highly potent plant extract which was used as a narcotic to drug their victims, in exchange for some old notes of research left behind by a great yet publicly abhorred scientist. Other similar incidents occurred, but Jax was never caught or charged, and prefers to forget about his years as a criminal, attempting to move on and become the well-intentioned and positively renowned scientist he always wanted to be. Overall, he is partially responsible for the deaths of at least sixteen people.

After deciding to put his past behind him, Jax was overcome with guilt and came to the conclusion that joining the Star Army was his best chance to redeem himself for his actions. After enlisting, he entered basic training. Jax excelled at the communications portion of his training, demonstrating fluency in both the required languages and others he'd picked up beforehand. He easily learned how to use the various methods of electronic communication as well, although note-wise, he still preferred the old-school method of pencil-and-paper notetaking. When he encountered his first few days of combat training, it was rough for him. While he was efficient at the methods of combat he was being taught, he found it difficult to push aside the memories of his past and intense guilt. During combat training, he grew in favor of throwing knives. Mathematics was a breeze, and he reminisced on the times when he was in school.

After completing his basic training with more or less flying colors, he was immediately shipped off to assist the crew aboard the YSS Kaiyō.

Social Connections

Jax Dir Teshin is connected to:

  • None

Skills Learned

Below are Jax's learned skills:


He has picked up many languages through his years of travel and obscure work, and continues to learn new ones, which he recites with ease- even picking up various dialects.


Extremely skilled when it comes to plants and plant functions, having knowledge of how to make useful medications, or lethal poisons. Tinkers with genetic modification.

Medical and Science

Knowledgeable in cell reproduction and synthetic organ transplants. He uses himself as a personal experiment, allowing him to replicate his own self-regeneration for use in restoring what would be lethal wounds in others.

Inventory & Finance

Jax Dir Teshin has the following items:

3000 KS

OOC Notes

He only involved himself in criminal activity because he wanted important documents to further his research, or because it was a way of repaying debts. He's not actually an evil person, just got caught up in some horrible criminal activity.

  • *All of his criminal activity happened on independent ships or planets*
  • His spoken reason for joining the army is simply because he wanted to feel like he was part of a greater, noble cause.

In the case Jabberwocky727 becomes inactive:

  •  Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  •  Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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