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Thao Tuyet

A player character used by Primitive Polygon.

Thao Tuyet
Species & Gender: Iromakuanhe Female
Culture: Maekardanii
Year of Birth: AR 917/YE 4
Organization: Solan Starworks
Occupation: Engineering Consultant
Current Placement: Setareh Wing
-Theme Music-
GenesisKeys - Der Untergrund
Height: 6“5 ft
Weight: 108 kg

Physical Characteristics

Tall, imposing and rather arcane, Thao is a pale ghost of a woman, with sharp, deep red eyes. They have rather streamlined, ethereal facial features, with distinctly high cheekbones and a long nose. This leads upwards to a pair of ebony black horns jutting through their straw-white bob of shoulder length hair.

Adding to the imposing nature of her above average stature, they also have a variety of symbiotic enhancements, including a pair of pseudo-organic pincer-arms on her lower back, which are normally kept folded down into a pair of flat grey 'wings'. Azure-blue ')O(' markings layer both cheeks, with additional panel lines running all over their distinctly lithe, grey-plastic clad body. A lot of this detail, including the horn color and much subtler detail, such as her permanent smokey eye shadow, are in fact the result of Somatic Tuning.

Not on the exterior, but certainly noticeable regardless, there are also dozens of small electromagnets implanted inside of their limbs. It's supposed to be used for the fine manipulation of tools, but Thao also casually uses it to maintain an abstract floating jewelry set of white-metal marbles, too.

It is not clear if the sharp wide-shouldered suits she wears are actually Solan Starworks standard, a personal fabrication, or something in between. With all sorts of extra input sockets, skin tight sheathing under the skirt, a high collar, easy-zipping pocket tabs and a visibly tight waistband, their fashion sense is best described as 'corporate cyberpunk'.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Dancing the line between intelligent and animalistic, Thao offsets her veracious appetite for knowledge with a distinctly short attention span. Constantly scatterbrained with the noise of a thousand conflicting ideas, they genuinely greet others with enthusiasm, but can also have trouble focusing to the point that they seem disingenuous.

Adding to this is the fact that they actively enjoy violent or explosive concepts, and the white devil can seem quite off-kilter indeed. Playful but absent-minded doesn't even begin to describe their enthusiasm for correctly assembled Frame and VANDR related components…

Using Iromakuanhe empathy abilities with her is a task best left to the brave or foolish.

  • Likes: Heavy machinery, fashion, EDM music, video games, complex engineering problems.
  • Dislikes: Staying in one place for more than ten seconds.
  • Goals: Construct the ultimate Powered Frame.


Family (or Creators)

Koloba Tayut (Father) Myra Tayut (Mother)


Born in YE on the planet Maekardan to a family of three brothers and two sisters. Thao's father was a wealthy official at one of the Port Aersin spires. She was a brat and a serious pain in the ass, as one might expect from a rich child, yet was also turned out to be the youngest, quietest and most devious of the siblings…

A sharp, hidden intelligence turned out to be their way of holding their own against a brooding family rivalry, spending pocket money on engineering trinkets instead of fangirl paraphernalia. Both parents certainly had little to do with the Astral Vangaurd, and in fact had a rather pompous attitude towards the 'plebs' that perform such 'dreadful primitive' roles.

As Thao grew, however, so did her appetite for technology of the destructive variety.

When her parents tried to strong arm her into applying for a civil engineering college at the age of 19, the woman instead chose to join the real world for long enough to patent a new math co-processor system and effectively buy her way to independence.

Immediately migrating over to an industrial heartland, in the Bayside area of Kaeshun City, Thao then applied to Solan Starworks simply to 'acquire additional resources' for her continuing backyard experiments. Not only did they get the job of a technical assistant, but they completely came off the rails and embraced it with relish, surprising themselves with just how much they enjoyed having access to bigger toys.

They were known to sleep in the office and give every single project their all, which both impressed and distressed certain superiors in equal measure.

Then came the body enhancements. Some extra arms added, along with the implantation of several specialized magnets, meant she could complete work literally without getting her hands dirty… Or, alternatively, whilst stuffing her face with junk food. She had her own money now, so why not? That internal fire to grow and improve got bigger and bigger.

Eventually, Thao was hacking the company servers to put other employee's effort into building her strange and unstable new ideas of VANDR design.

When this was all discovered, prison or at least firing probably should have been the likely result… But some of the designs were actually quite viable, and thus the management instead hatched a plan…

Why not basically just exile her to the VSV Arha, with the official title of engineering consultant? It wasn't like she could waste any more company resources out there, and any modifications she performed to the mecha could be listed as simple battlefield repairs, too, legally speaking…


Engineering (Powered Frame Design)

Considering her lifelong obsession on the subject and an early access to a multitude of learning resources, Thao is an extremely adept technician beyond all immediate expectations. They can diagnose many frame problems on sight and sound alone, and repair them with a fantastic efficiency. When they decide to create new components on the other hand, the rule book goes out the window… Expect warning lights across the board, with the frame pushed to the very limits of instability with a newfound rush of barely contained power!

Reverse Engineering

It's one thing to operate or modify a piece of technology with an instruction manual in hand, and quite another to simply plug it in and see what happens. Thao takes a certain manic glee in splicing two unrelated pieces of hardware together, creating something monstrous and exciting in the process.

Technology Operation

Thao is capable of using a wide variety of native Iroma technologies and systems, including those only found within the Astral Vangaurd. They aren't technically trained in some of the more secretive military secrets, but seeing as their company created a great deal of it, they can often figure it out by touch. Electronics are what they are particularly gifted with, and they can be quite a proficient hacker/ECM operator if called upon to perform such an action.


Other than the aforementioned knowledge of computers, Thao speaks only Saalsari, the standard native Iroma tongue.


Despite possessing neither licences nor training, Thao's hands on approach to vehicle design means they can operate a great deal of land and space vehicles. The only object which they have much actual practice with is their personal armor, however.


They like guns, so they learned how to use a handgun. Pretty straight forward, really. Their magnetic abilities and pincer arms can be weaponized for sure, but they are not a trained fighter, and not as skilled in an combat situation as they might appear confident…


Thao plays many instruments, particularly electronic keyboards and traditional string, and has a light, chirpy singing voice… Particularly during combat scenarios. It's supposed to 'motivate people'… It doesn't… Maybe she finds it funny?…


Thao has the following items:

  • A miniature pocket electronics toolkit
  • 2 Solan Starworks official uniforms
  • 2 Solan Starworks official coveralls
  • Grey smartwoven skinsuit with multiple input through-ports
  • Various dress outfits, including shoes and jewelry
  • Wood-finish electric ukulele
  • Wood-finish and black plastic keytar
  • Sound mixing turntables
  • Symbiotic-friendly personal hygiene stuff
  • A large 10-litre canister of Prajna (They are known to bathe in it excessively.)
  • A seemingly endless supply of caution tape


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
13000 KD Starting Funds

OOC Information

In the case Primitive Polygon becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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