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Tiberius 'Eight Ball' Aldrich

*Unapproved and such

Tiberius 'Eight Ball' Aldrich is a player character played by 8bkevin.

Tiberius 'Eight Ball' Aldrich
Species & Gender: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: YE 17
Organization: Freelance
Occupation: Ace
Rank: Captain

Physical Description

Tiberius is a little on the shorter side, standing at five feet, eight inches tall, but has an athletic build from years of physical training. He tends to wear his hair blue to compliment his violet eyes but has also been known to change both his hair and eye color on a whim. What is harder for him to change is his pale skin color. Tiberius jokes that he 'should have darker skin from all of the time he spent exposed to radiation in space but he is still as white as a ghost'.

In terms of clothing, he prefers to wear a more retro style. Call him old fashioned, but there is something novel about an old school flight jacket accented by goggles that just screams pilot. Not to mention all of the nifty hats, scarfs, and shiny belts you can use to accessorize with. And yes, he does consider his vast assortment of harnesses and holsters to be considered accentual pieces.


Tiberius is the poster perfect glory-boy fighter pilot. He projects a charismatic aura of supreme confidence, holds a tight-knit camaraderie with what few friends he has, and deadly skill. He has no problem staying calm under pressure, he thrives under it actually, to the point where some say he lives for it.

Without even have to peel away at his outer layer, it is easy to see Tiberius has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. He has never held back when it came to standing up for the little guy, even if that meant he himself was going to get pulverized himself. He simply doesn't have it in him to stand by and watch others get hurt. Now that school of hard knocks has taught him that you can't attack every problem head on. Some problems require a little bit more finesse or guile, but something will be done.

When you do start to peel away at Tiberius' outer shell, you'll find out he is something of a hopeless romantic, and that is not just because he is a history buff either. When he falls for someone, he falls, hard. He has fallen so hard that he has fallen flat on his face, more than once. Like the one who stole his heart and got away…It is because of these falls that Tiberius has begun to jealously guard his heart to prevent it from being ripped out again. Which is probably why he can count the total number of friends he has let in on one hand.

Tiberius' interests include superheroes, musicals, break dancing, Medieval history, and games involving the capture and training of fantastic critters.


Tiberius Aldrich was born on Planet Nepleslia with his twin sister Terra Aldrich in YE 17 to Derick and Luna Aldrich. He also had an older brother named Zander and he would eventually have a younger sister named Aires. The family owned a salvage yard that all of the kids had to work on. Jobs included piloting the Grav-Lift to move salvage, rehabilitating old salvage to turn a profit, and any maintenance job needed to keep the place running. The kids were real grease monkeys growing up who learned a lot about hard labor. Heck, the only time they weren't doing hard labor was when they were in school or when Luna was hounding them about their school work. Tiberius never did feel like it was fair for the kids to be expected to excel at school while holding down full time jobs at the family business but who was he to complain? They put food on his plate and the roof over his head.

School wasn't easy for Tiberius. Not that he was did poorly in class, the opposite was actually true. He was honor roll every single semester. His problems were social ones. He had this annoying stubbornness about helping other people out and standing up for the little guy. That included if he was a little guy standing up to a much bigger guy. Tiberius regularly got into fights and didn't necessarily always win those fights either. There were plenty of times where he had to run home as fast as he could or suffering dire consequences. It was hard being an honest kid in a dishonest city. At least he could always count on his family to have his back.

Eventually Tiberius would graduate from school fights and operating Grav-Lifters to street racing and underground fights. He had a natural aptitude for flying and had plenty of experience fighting, so why not make a profit off of it? At least his racing gear came cheap. Nothing fooled his racing opponents worse than him showing up to the starting line with a Grav-Bike that looked like three pieces of junk slapped together, only to shock everyone with a high-performance propulsion system that blew the competition away.

The underground fights were another story. Tiberius quickly found himself outclassed by guys and girls who were juicing, taking stims, had nanites, or even gene mods. No amount of skill and physical training can stand up to someone who was genetically stronger. He needed to get his hands on some gene mods of his own. The problem with gene mods was coming up with the money and finding a doctor to do it.

Zander approached Tiberius with an offer to help him out. Zander told Tiberius that he could set up a few jobs working for Roscoe Verex, a well known crime lord, as a driver. This weren't the run of the mill type of criminal activities either. These were well planned, highly professional operations that turned over huge profits. Tiberius could use this cut to get the gene mods he wanted. The only problem was this kind of work tended to cause people to be in for life. But Tiberius had hope that if he explained before ever accepting any job that this was temporary, that the crime boss would somehow let him go.

That is how Tiberius made his deal with the devil.

He pulled off numerous jobs. And with each job came a new gene mod. The first mod improved Tiberius' nervous system so he could react far faster than any normal human to help his piloting skills. Next came improved vision in both his depth perception, peripherals, and night vision for the more advanced jobs. Then came the gene mods for his underground fighting. The first two gene mods focused on survivability for obvious reasons. He modified his bone marrow for additional flexibility to prevent breaks and increase his natural ability to heal. Then he had secondary heart, liver, and kidneys in the off chance one was damaged beyond recognition. Finally came the increase his muscle fiber density. His increased strength combined with his increased speed made Tiberius one hell of a threat in the ring.

Tiberius had all that he wanted and now all he wanted was to be out. The problem was, his crime boss wouldn't take no for an answer. Realizing he'd never be free of the crime boss' influence and not willing to put his family at risk, Tiberius joined the Nepleslian Star Navy in YE 34. The young man scored off of the charts and competed for a pilot's slot. Upon graduating flight school he earned the call sign 'Eight Ball' because his flying was, well, magic.

Eight Ball was assigned to the 1st Assault Fleet as an Na-FA4 fighter pilot in YE 34 just in time for the The Rok'Veru Offensive. It was his first real taste of combat and he could tell you just how horrifying yet exhilarating it truly was. He was even shot down, three time, throughout the whole campaign. Each time he had to find his way to a rescue team or extraction point behind enemy lines and would get hell from his superior officer upon his return. His punishment? He would be on call to fly a Corona Heavy Gunship for the Nepleslian Space Marine Corps when everyone else was tasked out. The joke was on his commander though. Tiberius loved mingling with the grunts and even dismounted his ship on more than one occasion to help out where he could. That was one hell of a year…

Tiberius spent all of his free time working on getting his degree in Engineering Physics. He figured it was a good fall back plan when he got out of the service in YE 37. That and it would make his mother happy. You always wanted to make mama bear happy. Not mention softening the transition out of the military (Because lets be honest, it isn't easy). The problem was, while Tiberius spent the last year finishing up his degree, he found ways to pay for it through freelance work. Work that was pretty lucrative and a hell of a lot of fun. Sure, engineering physics was exciting, but it isn't as exciting as shooting at a bogey while doing a barrel roll screaming 'Boo-yah!'.

So here we are today. A young, up and coming engineer who went through all of the trouble of getting the degree, only to throw it all away so he can play space cowboy lord knows where.

Social Connections

Tiberius 'Eight Ball' Aldrich is connected to:

Derick Aldrich: Father of Tiberius and owner of Aldrich's Yard. Tiberius has a deep, unspoken bond of love between his father and himself.

Luna Aldrich: Mother of Tiberius and wife to Derick Aldrich. Luna calls Tiberius far more than he'd like to admit but he loves her dearly.

Zander Aldrich: Tiberius' older brother and the first one to network him with organized crime. He currently works as a city planner architect and is rumored to still be working with criminal elements back home (Because who isn't?). Tiberius looks up to Zander and holds him in high regard. Tiberius believes that Zander has always been better than he was and almost always will be.

Tera Aldrich: Tiberius' twin sister who became an aerospace engineer who is actually working as an engineer. She is damn good at it too. Tiberius is very protective of her and they have a great relationship.

Aires Aldirch: Tiberius' younger sister who is hasn't quite gotten her life together yet. Tiberius is protective of her but Aires finds it to be overbearing and annoying. Meanwhile Tiberius finds his sister's train wreck of a life, err, decisions to be annoying. But you never turn your back on family…

Roscoe Verex: Crime lord who originally employed Tiberius. The two have a dubious relationship at best as Roscoe never truly got over how Tiberius ran away to the military. Still, that doesn't prevent him from passing up a good business deal with Tiberius when it comes along.

Major Colton Veres: Tiberius' old commanding officer. The two had many professional disagreements but they at least professionally respected one another.

Captain Zurick Phoenix: Tiberius' old wingman. They two went to hell and back together. They still have a great relationship, even if Tiberius decided to take 'the easy way out' of the military.

Alastair: The Ebony Peregine's AI.

Skills Learned

Starship Operation

Tiberius is an exceptional pilot above all else. He has a natural aptitude since birth and began flying at very young age. He grew up to become an accomplished street racer, professional driver for a crime lord, and completed pilot training at the top of his class. It doesn't matter what the vehicle is, if it can move, he can pilot it. Having said that, he is most at home flying through space.


Raw physical strength and enhanced reflexes? Who in their right mind WOULDN'T make it a point to learn martial arts? Tiberius grew up street fighting and fighting in underground cage matches against augmented humans. He didn't get formal training until he joined the military. Now he can combine his street smarts with martial precision for a deadly combination.


Basic weapons training came when Tiberius joined the military, but his favorite weapon is the pistol, dual pistols to be exact. He practices routinely with his pistols and competed professionally while in the military as an expert pistoleer. There weren't many competitions where Tiberius didn't make the finalist bracket at pistol shooting competitions. Thank goodness too, he definitely utilized his pistol when he was shot down behind enemy lines on more than one occasion.

Engineering Physicist

The combined study of physics, math, and engineering. Tiberius was hounded by his mother to be something more than a fighter jock, so he decided to 'make something of himself'. Little did she know that he would use this knowledge to create, innovate, and otherwise science his wacky schemes into reality.


Growing up in a salvage yard doesn't just mean you only make something new out of something old. It also mean you can make that something old into nothing. His brother and him used to make homemade explosives and blew them up in the salvage yard for giggles because why not? Tiberius became professionally trained on making demolitions when he went through the Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape school required by all pilots in flight academy. He can even take it one step further and experiment with explosives since he became an engineering physicist.


Running away from bullies since childhood helped Tiberius develop a very lean build. It wouldn't be long until Tiberius went into parkour to become more effective at running away because, believe it or not, he was still being chased in high school and in the military. Whether it was school yard bullies, pissed off thugs, or NMX power armor, Tiberius was always running.

Technology Operation

Tiberius is capable when it comes to operating computers, networking, and writing programs. He had to be as apart of his degree. Having said that there is plenty he doesn't know about plenty of programs out there. He is pretty much proficient at design software and administrative software, not creating viruses, hacking, or otherwise cool stuff. Though he does make a mean 3-D modeler.

Inventory & Finance

Tiberius 'Eight Ball' Aldrich has the following items:

OOC Information

In the case 8bkevin becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES
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