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Tim Aricson

Tim Aricson is a NPC played by Alex Hart.

  Tim Aricson  
  Species & Gender:    Human  Male  
  Date of Birth:    YE 19  
  Organization:    Ex-OSO   
  Occupation:    Deserter  
  Rank:    Leader of the Exodus desertion fleet  
  Current Placement:      

Physical Description

Tim Aricson is by all accounts an average human. Standing at 5 feet 11 inches and weighing 200 lbs, he is a well built individual.

His sandy brown/blonde hair is well kept, but slightly shaggy, and he has the beginnings of a beard.

His eyes are hazel.


Tim is an idealist, but is able to put his ideals aside for the sake of pragmatism. He is an excellent commander, and is tactically minded.

In times of crisis, he has a tendency to withdraw from social interaction, focusing instead completely on solving the problems he faces. This often leads to him becoming overworked however.


Tim Aricson was born in YE 19.

Tim Aricson was born on planet Osman in the Yamataian year 19, and was orphaned at a young age. After the 'liberation' of the planet by Uso, its would be conqueror, he enlisted in the planet's new defense force, the Skyguard.

During his time in training, he met Sienna Nelson and rose to the top of his class. Soon after he began active service he rose to the position of the commander of the 2nd Skyguard fleet.

Eventually, he grew tired with what he viewed as corruption in the Skyguard, and set in motion plans for himself and the Skyguard 2nd fleet to desert and start anew.

Social Connections

Tim Aricson is connected to: Sienna Nelson, close friend

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