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Tira Gambizam

Tira Gambizam
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Geshrin Height: 5'6β€œ (168 cm)
Gender: Female Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Age: 24 Measurements: 34-25-35 (86-63-89)
Employer: Origin Industries Bra Size: B
Occupation: Pilot Eyes: Brown
Rank: N/A Hair: Red
Current Assignment: SS Raider

Tira is played by Revolver

Physical Description

Build and Skin Color: Average build, wide-ish hips, light mocha skin Facial Features and Eye Color: She has a rounded face, with deep brown eyes, full lips and a small nose. Hair color and Style: short, firery and generally unkempt red hair

Distinguishing Features: Her outgoing and assertive personality usually leaves enough of an impression on people, but should her body need to be identified, Tira has a tattoo of a star behind her left shoulder. After the engagement that left her missing the lower part of her left leg, she now has a cybernetic replacement in it's place.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Tira's a redheaded firecracker, always out to prove that she can do it just as good as anyone else and that she too can reach her goal of flying among the stars. She's quite friendly and outgoing, going so far as to force smiles when things arn't going too great. She feels a bit guilty of the success she's found in life and is deathly afraid of being a dissapointment to anyone else. Because of this, Tira always trys to give 110%, even at potential risk to herself. In tense situations she focuses intently on her situation, almost to the point of ignoring other details of the near future.

Likes: Flying, Playing the Guitar, Being among Friends Dislikes: Saying Goodbye, Dissapointing Others, Personal Failure, Her hips Goals: To make her family proud of her, To fly among the stars


Family: Garren(Father), Lanni(Mother), Geon(Eldest Brother), Kameo(Older Brother), Rowny (Younger Sister)

Early Life and Tgraining

Tira's father, Garren Gambizam took care of his family, working as a supervisor at a warhouse for a planet-wide delivery service. Sometimes when he ended up short-staffed he would have to fly some deliveries himself, and as his children grew older, one by one he would take them along for some of these rides to share time with them. It was on these rides that Tira grew to have a fondness for flying, and even with the ground below them, her eyes were always on the stars above. She would beg her father to fly higher and higher and he would laugh.

Geon, Garren's eldest son, joined the military right out of school, while Kameo, the second eldest continued his education. Neither of these were choices for Tira. She wanted to be a pilot and begged her father for a job making deliveries for the warehouse. Garren was wary of this. Making deliveries was not the safest proposition and like any protective father, he wanted to keep his daughter safe.

Instead, Tira got a job with another delivery company. She had the skills and the know-how and did a fine job. However, she couldn't stop dreaming of the stars. One day, her eldest brother showed up at her work and offered her a job with HIGA Industrial Corporation. They were going to be producing their own powered armor and they needed test pilots. She wasn't sure at first, but Garren told her it would be her ticket to fly higher than she'd ever flown before and she couldn't sign the papers quick enough.

Tira had experience with the heavy-lifting powered armor they used in the warehouses, but not any combat experience and so she was sent to boot camp and given basic training. Now she's ready to go, ready to do her best, and ready to reach out and touch the stars!

HiGA Industrial

Working for HiGA was a challenging prospect for Tira. The high stress of combat situations combined with the complications of operating large-scale testbed armor and the added troubles of the behind-the-scene political backstabbing at the company sharpened her energy with a cynical edge. Eventually the situation became one of near banditry when the Zilant Test Team was forced to break off overt contact from their parent company and fight HiGA's enemies as a β€œrogue” unit. During an engagement with enemy forces, Tira's Zilant was nearly destroyed by a barrage of missiles. Luckily, she survived, but not without cost. Her left leg was badly damaged and she had suffered a concussion which left her in a coma.

Her lower left leg had to be amputated, and after a couple of months, she awoke to find herself no longer fit to run with the ZTT. She spent the money she had earned on getting a cybernetic leg installed. The loss of a limb wasn't going to stop her from achieving her dreams. She had a strange meeting on Morant with Aerin Tatst contact with someone from Origin Industries who was willing to hire her as a pilot for their testbed ship, the SS Raider (v2).

Origin Industries


Vehicles (Owns a beaten-up motorcycle in need of constant repair, has basic skill with heavy lifting power armor and most commercial aircraft/shuttles. She's got basic military-grade powered armor training)

Maintenance and Repair (Mostly of loading equipment and aircraft/shuttles, also pretty good at keeping her crappy motorcycle together)

Entertainment (Tira took up playing the guitar to help pass the time on long delivery nights. She thinks she's a pretty good solo player, as she's had a lot of practice.)

Engineering (Mostly in commnications from all her time dealing with air traffic controllers and dealing with aircraft-to-aircraft communications, Tira found that she had a certain affinity for this type of hardware, however she's got a good grasp of how things in general go togther from her maintence work on the job.)

Domestic (Hoping that her daughter would grow out of her tomboy β€œphase,” Lanni made she her daughter could take care of a household. Luckily, it does come in handy for living alone as well.)

Survival (Basic military training for the most part. She's pretty confident she could probably handle herself in an urban situation even better.)

Technology Operation (Tira can operate most commercial and military computers, but she's no whiz and anything past basic operation would be quite a task.)

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