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Tirak Diivit

Little One
Species: NH-29
Gender: Female
Age: Created YE 33
Height: 4'9โ€œ
Weight: 87 lbs
Organization: NMX
Occupation: Infantry/POW
Rank: Common Fighter
Current Placement: N/A

in Roleplay

Tirak is an NPC played by Kai.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 4'9โ€ Mass: 87 lbs Measurements: A cup Build and Skin Color: Tirak has a small, scrawny build, suggestiing she was made with the minimum of materials in order to maximize soldier output. Her skin is a deep tan, bordering on light brown.

Eyes and Facial Features: Tirak has a small, heart-shaped face, and smallish, oval eyes, which are black.

Ears: Tirak has basic Neko ears which are covered in black fur.

Hair Color and Style: Tirak has short, straight black hair with no distinguishable style to it.

Distinguishing Features: none

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Tirak's Personality is not very well-formed, but she seems to be mostly innocent, and a little shy, but under duress she can be fairly strong. When her life is directly threatened however, Tirak is a bit of a coward.

Likes: unknown Dislikes: unknown Goals: none


Family (or Creators)

Tirak was made in a mass-produced infantry center on Nataria, which was at the time in NMX control.


Tirak was born roughly three hours before the Fifth fleet landed on Nataria to retake it from the NMX. In that time, she was given a sidearm, a grenade, and a uniform, and sent to guard a control room; following the slaughter of her unit, she was captured after four hours of life by Squad 6, thus becoming a prisoner of war.


Tirak knows very few skills, aside from how to point and shoot a gun, and how to use a grenade. As mass-produced infantry, her basic skills are much below the average for standard Nekovalkyrja.

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