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Titan is a player character played by Lijosu.

Species & Gender: (GM) Human Female
Date of Birth: 35日 3月 YE 28
Occupation: Soldier in training
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

Physical Description

Likely to the surprise of most other characters, she is not just mentally 12歳 old but physically as well. She is 1.37 meters tall (54 inches) and muscular in build, weighing 31.75 kilograms (70 pounds). Titan's skin color is a ghostly white with occasional splashes of light rose. Typical for her complexion, her veins are often visible through her skin, especially around her hands, feet, arms and legs. Her hair is a pale, ivory blonde. It's short, thick and messy, having large tufts sticking up at different angles. Contrasting to her otherwise very pale complexion is her eyes, which are green-brown. Titan's voice is bubbly, wobbly, tremulous and singsong. It often sounds excited and she is prone to yelling.


Titan is a bit of a Tykebomb. She was created and raised to be an extremely effective soldier in many ways, some being adopted from the technologies of other factions at the time, others being methods entirely invented by her creators. Due to this, her brain doesn't function the same way as a civilian child's. One example of this is how she needs constant attention and distractions, far more so than any naturally born child. Failure to give her these distractions (which often involve intense physical and mental exertion for her) will usually result in overwhelming boredom and highly destructive behavior. As anyone open minded might expect, this means she absolutely loves combat training, rigorous exercise and learning new things, which can all be exhausting activities for other people. For her, training is a fun game rather than a chore or tiring undertaking. Feverish, sometimes earthquake generating leg bouncing is common for her.

Another exaggerated feature Titan possesses is an apparently youthful, innocent demeanor. While most civilian children her age aren't as innocent as they let on, Titan boasts an entirely pure, playful personality in stark contrast to her role as a violent soldier. This is blown so far out of proportion that she genuinely enjoys playing with stuffed animals and dolls, squeals when presented with candy and other treats and calls her creators “Mommy and Daddy”.

Even though she's full of energy, she can be shy around strangers when her creators aren't nearby, having spent most of her life with them and next to none of it interacting with other people. Despite this, she feels comfortable on the battlefield, blowing peoples brains out repeatedly until they stop moving. She doesn't have much of a sense for mortality, though she is trained to be as defensive as necessary in a life threatening situation. Titan has a poor understanding of a lot of moral and ethical issues, especially when death is involved. This could be due to her upbringing, but it is equally likely to be due to the culture of the current ruling faction, Yamatai.

An unexpected flaw that comes from her exotic mind is that she learns so quickly that she is often irrational. As little as one example of something, whether real or fake, can cause her to automatically change most things she knows about a subject unless what is being presented to her is already confirmed through extreme confirmation bias. This often results in impulsive behavior that lacks rationality. Her enthusiasm can also be difficult to quench, which further contributes to this unpredictable, spontaneous and wild behavior. One way that Titan's creators have figured out how to better control her while being as gentle to her as possible is training her to respond to commands, as though on impulse. This doesn't solve many issues that this trait causes, however.


Titan was created in YE 28, during a period of political unrest for almost all significant factions of the time. Her two creators were Freespacers from a traditional colony of The Free State. They had witnessed the disintegration of this faction and began work seeking ways to integrate into other more sophisticated societies, almost completely rejecting the beliefs and values they were raised to respect in the process. War being overly abundant and commonplace, they made the decision to focus on creating a new breed of super soldier. In theory, they would present this new soldier when it was ready and be adopted into a new, more luxurious faction for their efforts. To them, creating this soldier was not just important as a potential living, but to help other freespacers transfer into more advanced civilizations by humanizing their culture and becoming more relatable to other species.

This turned out to be an excellent decision. Only two Yamataian years after Titan's birth, The Freespacer Genocide had begun. The newly independent families' willingness to separate themselves from The Free State had, in many ways, saved them from total annihilation. During this period of time, their primary focuses were raising Titan and staying alive. Her earliest childhood memories are of hiding from Yamatai. During this time, the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia also offered protection to the group, which they accepted.

Despite being ludicrously young, Titan had already started to develop exceptional motor skills, much to the approval of her creators. Much to their disapproval, however, is that this is when her destructive tendencies most showed through. In desperate need for discipline, her creators began her military training as soon as The Freespacer Genocide was ending, just over 2歳. This caused a lot of tension due to Nepleslia's heavy condemnation of child soldiers and their continued training of one. Nepleslia had repeatedly ordered the two Faulkner's to cease their operations, but every time they did, Titan would become chronically bored. This put Titan's creators in a corner, as they couldn't do as Nepleslia said but leaving would be risky. In the end, they chose to keep their original vision of being truly accepted into a sophisticated faction and left the protection of Nepleslia behind, claiming that they didn't feel much more safe and that they wanted to continue their work. Because the majority of the threat was ending just as Titan was becoming more destructive, the biggest threat would had been being tracked down and hunted by Nepleslia, which was in itself extremely minimal.

Because of their anticipation for something such as the Freespacer Genocide to happen (albeit probably less extreme), the Faulkner's weren't overally involved with The Freespacer Schism. Their beliefs remained roughly the same and they continued the work they set out to do. This leaves them difficult to classify as pacifists, rebels or exiles. Although Yamatai may make them uneasy, they do not resent them (and ironically enough may actually have harder feelings towards Nepleslia) yet their disagreement with their traditional culture makes them anything but pacifists. Naturally, Titan's behavior reflects that just slightly, having an almost neurological link to her creators despite not being actually technologically connected. Similar to the connection a child might have with her human parents.

The majority of her skills are almost professional level despite her age. She learned to fight from her parents, which took up the skill after leaving The Free State. From there, Titan became much better than them to the point that the master had become the student. This is mostly due to her incredible ability to learn, as once she knew the basics and some of the more advanced techniques, she began to discover for herself. This makes a lot of her fighting strategies unorthodox. Although she got some help to begin with, she learned the complex aspects of mathematics completely on her own. Acrobatics, free-running and heavy lifting are all activities that the Faulkner'​s encourage her to do to burn off energy. The same is for her skill in competitive gaming and speed-running. Her knowledge of military strategies mostly comes from reading, while her survival skills came from the times when she and her creators would scope out battlefields to gather intel or search for weapons and spare parts. Titan was told nothing about physics and learned even the more complex nuances with nothing more than observation. As a result, she doesn't know much if not any of the jargon that comes with the discipline.

Skills Learned

Titan has the following notable skills:

  • Fighting & Physical: Operating power armor, armed combat of various relevant arts, styles and weapons, marksmanship, unarmed combat of various arts and styles.
  • Humanities: Cuddle therapy.
  • Knowledge: Extremely high neural plasticity, good memory of events from YE 32 onward. Faded memory of her life before then, as she was young.
  • Leadership: Situational awareness (recognizing ambush points included).
  • Mathematics: Physics, the basics and any knowledge she would require to engage in more complicated disciplines, such as accounting.
  • Medical and Science: First aid.
  • Physical: Acrobatics, free-running, heavy lifting.
  • Survival and Military: Guerrilla warfare, survival, tactical warfare.
  • Technology Operations & Art and Vocations: Competitive gaming and speed-running, troubleshooting, using computers.

Social Connections

Titan is connected to:

  • Freethinker Faulkner 78-0782-4395
  • Fleshmender Faulkner40-2586-1208

Inventory & Finance

Almost everything on this list was scavenged from the aftermath of battles done by other parties. Not bought. In addition, wearable items of clothing or suits are in her size. Weapons also have a large quantity of their correct ammunition.



  • A mock power suit designed for nothing more than simulation.
  • Weighted dumbbells.
  • A bulgarian bag.
  • A bench press made of scrap.
  • Double ended punching bag.
  • Uppercut punching bag.
  • Various weighted clothing.
  • A number of shooting targets.


  • A collection of 5 dolls. They aren't in particularly good condition and some are torn.
    1. Ms. Strawberry. A plastic and plush doll modeled after a female Helashio. It has white skin, pink hair and large, black eyes. In relatively good condition. Plastic is scratched in places.
    2. Woofy. A Maulwurfhund plushy. Missing its front left leg, the tear of which has been sewn closed. Has red button eyes.
    3. Benjy. A human baby doll that's missing its head. It was recovered with its face smashed to pieces, in very poor condition. Likely many decades old. Male.
    4. A broken clockwork spider called 37 that no longer moves on its own. Despite its simplicity and lack of relatable form to most, this is her favorite toy. Female.
    5. A burned, plush aardvark that looks unsettling to some. It has a tag on it with the characters “██S カ█ヨ” written on it (█ representing burned off or unreadable characters). This has lead Titan to thinking that its name is “S. Kayo” which she often shortens to Kayo. Even once she had known that other characters were missing, the name stuck.
  • A gaming console with 10 controllers. 6 are broken beyond repair.


Titan's theme is titled “Wildtalent”, composed by Lijosu and published on the 21st of June.

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OOC Information

In the case lijosu becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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