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Tomblyn Ardane

Tomblyn Ardane is a player character played by Commonerscoffee.

Tomblyn Ardane
Species & Gender: Helashio Male
Date of Birth: YE 19
Organization: Anybody local
Occupation: Technician
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Emerald eyes that could kill with only a glare are hidden behind a shaggy shoulder-length mess of redness that is somehow called โ€œhairโ€. Leaning on the taller side of average, the young man stands at 5'11โ€œ with a lean build. Perfectly white and sharp canines are clearly visible in every smile that he gives to those he cares about. Since he explores the open quite a bit, Tomblyn has a nice tan which contrasts against his sandy-colored tank and caramel colored pants. He only has one bit of clothing from his time as being a ruler, which is a shield bracelet which is easily activated by flicking his wrist up. Despite having an average length tail (2 1/2 feet) he is very expressive with his fiery red tail.


Tomblyn is a very brave person, but only when he finds it to be necessary. Despite not very social to begin with, he is very friendly towards others with the exception of Raiken. He doesn't like being active that much but he does enjoy the fact that he is able-bodied and healthy. No none relationships other than mutual have ever been formed (mainly due to the fact he doesn't have much time for them, either that or his person of interest will end up getting hurt). Tomblyn is typically soft-spoken and tends to not talk a whole lot unless somebody is able to befriend him.


Tomblyn Ardane was born in YE 19.

Odian met Marti in YE 17 within their own tribe of Helashio and soon fell in love. Two years later, a healthy Helashio was born and went by the name of Tomblyn. Everything was going well for the prince and his parents, until one day a squadron of Raiken came around and either killed or took almost every Helashio in Tomblyn's tribe(age six at the time). Managing to escape, the young prince grew up alone and scared in his now empty home. He soon found a technician who went by the name of Jetstar to take him in and accepted him as his adopted son. By the age of 16, the last Ardane (Tomblyn) went out to live on his own and help repair ships and vehicles for his own profit. To this day, he is constantly trying to find work and has very little idea that he is a lost prince, despite the fact it is very obvious.

Social Connections

Tomblyn Ardane is connected to: Marti Ardane (mother, deceased) Odian Ardane (leader of his own tribe,father, deceased) Jetstar ??? (adoptive father, alive)

Skills Learned


He knows some odds-and-ends of quite a few languages, but not enough to carry on in every day life. Strongest languages that are spoken are: English and Trade.

Technician abilities

Knowing practically every build and parts of most vehicles, Tomblyn can fix or restore almost anything.


Tomblyn is an incredibly fast runner and a strong fighter. Only downside is that he doesn't know when he needs to move out of the way of an attack. Being lean allows him to be pliant and twist easily.

Random stuff

He knows how to sing well and knows how to mimic voices (for singing or to irritate people)


Tomblyn knows how to survive in dry hot lands and build shelters from minimal supplies. He can easily disguise himself with his tan clothing.


This man would not make a great leader, since the responsibility startles him a bit. He is great at detecting trouble, but not moving out of the way.


He is slightly above average in reading from learning how to read thanks to Jetstar. Tomblyn has not gone to a school, but would love to one day and study history. Most knowledge of repairing machines comes from Jetstar.

Inventory & Finance

Tomblyn Ardane has the following items:

- shield bracelet/cuff

- khaki knapsack

- vintage ray gun from a rather strange era on the planet earth

- spare change (not enough to buy anything to be honest)

OOC Information

OOC Notes

Tomblyn is a big baby and if you say anything mean to him he'll probably cry. In the case Commonerscoffee becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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