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Tora Gakusha

Tora Gakusha is a player character played by Cookies.

Tora Gakusha
Species: Minkan (NH-31)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5'3
Weight: 126lbs/57kg
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Field Medic/Infantry
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: -

Preferred Plots

  1. YSS Ryūjō

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: Tanned. Lithe, thin and graceful build. His muscles are not very well defined.

Eyes and Facial Features: Blue, almond-shaped eyes, boyish face.

Ears: Ears of a tiger; Mostly black on the outside with white, fluffy fur on the inside.

Hair Color and Style: Dark brown, long. Large strip of hair falls down to right eye, sometimes covering it. Shaggy and somewhat unkempt. There are a few yellow strips of hair running down, but it is mostly unnoticeable.

Distinguishing Features:An unusual set of characteristics; This Minkan has two noticeable physical traits of a tiger: The ears and a tail, the tail which stretches out from his tailbone, about four and a half feet long (1.3M)

Psychological Characteristics


Tora is mildly introverted, needing time from other people after exhausting and extended social encounters. He is otherwise kind-hearted, willing to please, and modest. He rarely curses (replacing them with much less severe words, sometimes silly), only doing so in extreme stress. While he appears young (More like a teen who JUST got out of the severe stages of puberty), he acts mostly in a mature manner. He has a higher-than-average pitch of voice, boyish yet steady.

In combat, Tora may panic when under high stress to perform a task, when faced against extreme or impossible odds, or when he is unable to assist a fellow soldier, and would need someone to calm him down. Surprisingly, he handles physical injuries to himself quite well emotionally.

  • Likes: Reading or studying; acrobatics practices; foreign foods; close-quarters combat; friendly interactions or advances; peaceful solitide; stubborness or unending loyalty to a belief.
  • Dislikes: Very loud or constant noise; gore or explicit content (Real or not); any form of racial or social discrimination/intolerance; Factions that are enemies against the Yamatanian.
  • Goals: Create a world in which all future generations are guaranteed lives without war, contempt, poverty, disease, or crime.


Family (or Creators)

A mother and father. The mother a proclaimed genius in the medical fields, even though she uses more traditional methods of healing to treat her patients. His father was a housewife as well as a teacher of martial arts.


Born on YE-20, Tora lived a simple but creative and prosperous life. With two experienced parents training him from day one valuable skills to use in the future, he was able to outpace most other children of his kind in knowledge and wisdom. His father taught him hand-to-hand combat rigorously while his mother pushed young Tora towards books, and allowed him to study her methods of curing the various ailments the denizens of the area would come to her with, whether it be a simple illness or a slashed wound. Meanwhile, Tora sought out his own hobby - He began to perform acrobatics at the age of seven, walking to the nearby forest to climb, jump, and practice within, while partaking in classes at a nearby school. He became proficient quickly, surpassing his other fields - He became so skilled, he could be comparable to an olympic acrobatic in our world - He was a 'parkour master' and performed incredible stunts that impressed his peers and parents.

After graduating from his scholarly institution, he was sought out by the Star Army, a career that had interested him vigorously previously. Impressed by his skills, general knowledge, and medical aptitude, they signed him aboard with a hefty enlistment bonus. From there on, he learned the military's culture and was entrenched in training until being put into the field of battle.



  • Incredible prowess in close-quarters-combat, especially with bare hands. In fact, he much prefers hand-to-hand combat rather than combat from a distance. He abuses enemy-weaknesses and pressure-points to disable them, rather than using raw strength
  • Great use of small-arms
  • Provide covering fire
  • Respond to direct fire
  • Respond to indirect fire


  • Communicate via two-way radio
  • Report intelligence information
  • Request for medical assistance



  • Perform shipboard damage control
  • Perform shipboard firefighting


  • First Aid
  • Apply a pressure dressing
  • Apply a tourniquet
  • Evaluate a casualty
  • Perform medical examinations
  • Perform general/field surgery (Given the tools)
  • Fully stabilize injured personnel on the field
  • Perform emergency care (CPR, etc.)


  • Guard a prisoner
  • Search a prisoner


  • While not very strong, Tora has high stamina and runs rapidly. To accompany this, he has absolutely incredible acrobatic prowess, capable of doing multiple flips, rolls, advanced agility-based navigation (parkour), balancing feats, and so much more with total perfection. He completely abuses this even in the field, making him a difficult target to shoot at.


  • What do you know, all of those acrobatics can do more than save his life. Tora can perform tricks and stunts to entertain others, especially when given tools.


Tora Gakusha has the following items:

Star Army Standard Issue Items

A bunch of books.


Tora Gakusha is currently a Santô Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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