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Miharu Tori

Miharu Tori is a NPC controlled by GM Doshii Jun who appears in the YSS Miharu plot.

Miharu Tori
Species: NH-29A
Gender: Female
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Technician
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Miharu

Tori in the roleplay

Tori stands at 5'6“, weighs a rather bulky 134 pounds and looks the part. She is not svelte, slim or even slender — Tori has muscle and she is not afraid to use it or even show it, which it often does in her jumpsuit.

She keeps her hair cut in a bob, but longer in the front than in the back. It's hard to tell because she so often has it up behind her head, out of her eyes. It is colored a dark, dark red that shows up only in the right light; on starships it looks black. However, there's a stripe of blond-white in it, perhaps 1.5 cm thick, that when her hair is not up falls just to the side of her left eye.

Those eyes of hers are hazel, a bright, brilliant hazel not hidden by her short lashes. However, her eyes are narrow, almost as if she is constantly peering in bright sunlight. Strangely enough, they do tend to open more when she is in dim areas.

Her ears are sharp, short and hairless on the backs, but she has very keen hearing, even for a Neko. Tom taught her to use all her senses when it comes to repairing equipment, as any little smell or sound could signal a potential disaster.

Tori's outlook on life is most generously described as “pragmatic.” Others might call it “dour,” “soulless,” “empty,” “passionless,” or just plain “dull.” She is a worker, a fixer, a creator. She wants things to function as they should or better. Her life is devoted to this task and emotional stuff (relationships, emotional or physical) gets in the way.

Tori does have a soft spot, however — animals. She especially likes dogs, having read much about them but only having touched one the day of Tom and Yukari's ill-fated wedding.

It's possible for Tori to cut loose, but she prefers to do it alone or with her sisters. And liquor.

History and Relationship Notes

Tori is a new Neko, a member of the Miharu Clan and a survivor of the Battle of the Blue Rift. Her relationships are few, and mostly with her sisters: Cho, Yuzuki, Suzume and others.

She also was one of the few crew who survived the onslaught from Melisson's flagship against the Miharu.

Skill Areas

  • Communication: Yamataian, Nepleslian, some KES programming languages, liquorspeak
  • Engineering (Power Armor): While having all the standard educational components already implanted into her upon birth, Tori is more accurately known as the power armor mechanic.
  • Engineering (Combat): Tori's original purpose was to be a combat engineer, and helped craft the defenses during the onslaught against the Miharu.
  • Fighting: Tori is a capable fighter, but not specialized or advanced in any one field. She is best suited to defense.
  • Engineering (starship):| Tori can effect repairs on any Star Army vessel, but she is functional, not advanced.



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