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Tos'feg Fuir

Tos'feg Fuir is a Tula in the Poku Degonjo Saeruo Wotanu Abokatinka Poku. He is a Bajao'a (Technician) on the HS-SG4-1a - Yome Nuiqai (Wings of Hawk) Class Ship - WAP Yome Ismâopate (Searching Hawk) Plot. He holds the rank of Sâvyjo (Junior Apprentice). Tos'feg is a player character played by Sean_ODuibher.

Tos'feg Fuir
Species: Tula
Gender: Male
Born: 731 CY, 6th Month
Age: 23 Mâi
Ruoka (House): Poku Vit
Jael (Sect): Otâmovi Wiy
Occupation: Bajao'a (Technician)
Rank: Sâvyjo (Junior Apprentice)
Current Placement: WAP Yome Ismâopate
Galy'ka: Galy'ka

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 128cm (4'2 ”)
  • Mass: 66.4kg (146.4lbs)
  • Build and Skin Color: Small, lithe, and agile with gray skin.
  • Eyes and ears: Pale yellow eyes rounder and wider than most other Tula, though still falling within the range of possibility. Ears have the usual triangular shape of his species.
  • Fur Color and accents: Very dark gray fur everywhere except for the hands, feet, and chest.
  • Distinguishing Features: 63cm tail.

Psychological Characteristics

  • Personality: Tos’feg is largely inquisitive and carefree, content to explore his surroundings. When in the mood, he is openly happy and affectionate with friends and family, but otherwise is slightly standoffish - more shy than rude. He is as curious about the lives, habits, and activities of others as he is about the mechanical devices under his care, but is more likely to learn and observe from a distance than he is to directly enquire.
  • Likes: Complex devices working flawlessly, a snug spot to hole up in, stews and soups
  • Dislikes: Overly rambunctious people, being disturbed from sleep, things being done out of order
  • Goals: Learn everything there is to learn about every bit of new technology he comes across



  • Father: Feg’la Fuir
  • Mother: Ru’tosa Fuir


Tos’feg was sickly for much of his life. The causes were non-congenital, but nonetheless were persistent and pervasive. While his parents and extended family could tell he was bright, he consistently lagged behind his cohorts in meeting almost every developmental milestone. Still, he was cared for and loved, and was made to feel useful despite his limitations. When others his age began their formal training in their desired career fields, Tos’feg was given tasks around the house and for his extended family. He became the goto source for repairs for their tools and devices. His innate comprehension of the inner workings of complex systems was a source of great relief to his family; their Jael accepted and encouraged such interests, and he was able to pursue knowledge even if his physical conditions prevented his formal progression.

When his chronic conditions were finally laid to rest, he found himself still curious but suddenly energetic. His parents desired that he continue to pursue pure knowledge as a Kynkasâjo'a, but Tos’feg was inexorably drawn to the complexity and energy of starships. With his health now secure, his family was loath to deny him the chance to follow his dreams and so, despite his late start on the formal Kâbo'kai path, he set out to become a Bajao'a aboard a ship.


Checking aboard the WAP Yome Ismaopate, Tos'feg found himself encountering everything he'd dreamed of and plenty he had never even imagined. From the start, he surprised himself by taking up the Tin-Ta'a on his offer to participate in the formal oath ceremony, though nominally exempt as Tula. Still, it felt right and despite cutting too deeply into his hand Tos'feg felt satisfied at being able to rise to the moment. In Engineering, though, he found what he had desperately been waiting for: all of the incredible technology he'd spent years reading about. Now it was his task to work on it and for that he considered the coming deployment with excitement, despite the warnings of potential danger.

Service Record


Knowledge: Clan Lore

Tos'feg Fuir since starting at the age of 5 was taught at the Ruohui Giba'te (Academies), the history of the clan, basic clan law, and traditions. They also received training in the history of their Ruoka (House) and Punla (Family). While at the Ruohui Giba'te (Academies) they were schooled in social interaction, customs and etiquette of their people. He is fluent in Takavonai.


Tos'feg Fuir received initial training in Veltin-daho'te (Knife Fighting) in their home, and while at the Ruohui Giba'te (Academies).

Common Skills

Tos'feg Fuir received compulsory training in mathematics, finances and the basic operation of command clan equipment and basic use of Kynjodau'tajo Aorq'ka (Information Technology).


Tos’feg Fuir is also trained in installing, troubleshooting, repairing, and servicing basic equipment used by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. He knows how to use basic diagnostic equipment such Voltmeter, Logic Probe. He can also install and repair power and data wiring. He can work on more complex systems on starships with supervision by a Bajao'ka Tinsae (Starship Engineer).

Shipboard Life

All members of the clan spend time on ships, their world station is essentially a ship so these skills apply there.


Living aboard Poku Saeruo Degonjo vessels members of the clan have limited personal space. For this reason most clan members will typically carry the following when they first join a ship.



These items will be either generic or may have the individuals Punla (Family) colors and crests

  • 1 Lapur (belt)
  • 1 pr Bapaumati (sandals)
  • 1 pr Bapawotai (boots)
  • 2 Umatsai (robes)
  • 2 Hodiwota (trousers)
  • 3 Jendomu (tunic)
  • 5 Niomse (underwear)


The following specific items a member of the clan will have for performing their Kâbo'kai (Occupations).

  • Lapur (belt) utility to hold tools or weapons.
  • Moqbapa (footwear) depends on the job, or task.
    • Bapaumati (sandals)
    • Bapawotai (boots) worn when foot protection is required.
  • Umatli (Kilt) worn by all members
  • Hapuwotai (gloves) are used in some professions to protect the hand.
  • Jendomu (tunic) Normally worn to distinguish ranking members, from lower echelon. Rank is worn on the left side, and the house and family on the right.


All clan members will have the following for wearing to special events.



Tos'feg is a Sâvyjo (Junior Apprentice) and receives no monthly Kâbolelpa (salary), they are on the Boon program.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
1,000 OW Starting Funds

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