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Tos'cana Ye'gor

Tos'cana Ye'gor is a player character played by BionicSamurai.

Tos'cana Ye'gor
Tos'cana Ye'gor
Species: Shukaren (Laibe)
Gender: Male
Age: 14 (born 749 ER)
Height: 152cm (5'2โ€œ)
Weight: 45kg (100lbs)
Organization: Youth Corps
Occupation: Systems Engineer (Apprentice)
Rank: C'Baruce
Current Placement: SNV Gam'trosha

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 152cm (5'2โ€)
  • Mass: 45kg (100lbs)
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Ye'gor has a lighter, young adolescent build. His shoulders just starting to broaden, but his light muscle mass makes him look kind of gangly under his fur. His tail is also a foot (30cm) long.

Eyes and Facial Features: Ye'gor has yellow eyes with slitted pupils, while his face and head are triangular shaped.

Ears: Ye'gor's ears are long, swept back, and pointy with white fuzz inside.

Hair Color and Style: Ye'gor's fur is read over all his body, except for his tail, which is completely orange.

Distinguishing Features: A small piece off the tip of his left ear is missing from not being fast enough once during training.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Ye'gor is a conflicted, lawful individual with an odd level of intelligence and some social emotional issues that make it difficult to talk to others, but quick on the uptake with technology. This can make him seem distant among his peers, even when he tries to interact with them, and seems to have a hand in why he still sleeps with a small plush lizard. The feeling of power when it comes to his ability to understand technology has him addicted to gaining understanding and alongside combat training has gone a long way in improving his self-confidence.

The young Laibe has had family teaching him about their species superiority, however reality has done much to alter his view as to how correct this belief is. With his parents incarcerated for theft and the lawful lean of his conscience, this sense of superiority is often on shaky ground. When he then looks at all the right that many Daur and My'leke live under, it makes him feel even less superior - and sometimes below them.

  • Likes: Engines, power systems, fixing things, sketching design schematics, roast poultry, the Neshaten equivalent of suicide wings, and music with a mathematical rhythm
  • Dislikes: Being alone, lack of honour, lack of control, a messy cabin, a messy workspace, green food, and music that sounds โ€œdisorganizedโ€
  • Goals: To restore his honour and find someplace he belongs.


Family (or Creators)

  • Mother - Nadezh'da
  • Father - Xio'mar
  • Grandmother - Sen'ki
  • Grandfather - Gen'nady


Ye'gor was born to two rather young, trouble making parents in a decently well off family. Unfortunately when he was eight, his parents turned what started out to be a nice date, into a joyride in some unsuspecting person's vehicle. Things could have gotten bad, but the authorities managed to be quick on this one - they managed to avoid execution, but incarceration was not going to be a treat for them.

Because of this, Ye'gor ended up in his maternal grandparents' hands, and though the family loved him, they were also quite distant in their care. The young Laibe felt abandoned and dishonoured in one fell swoop, and with his trouble making friends at school, his social skills suffered. The year he turned nine however, he saw a ray of hope when a new school year dawned and the flyers advertising Early Solder Training drew him to sign up - at last a chance to, in the very least, regain his honour.

EST was tough at the start; but Ye'gor felt freed by the discipline and even being scolded by instructors helped him feel like he existed. This went on rather simply until after a training session he passed by a My'leke and a Daur working on a fighter engine.

At first, when he got caught watching, the My'leke O'Eytene was about to run him off; but the Daur G'Tyere noticed Ye'gor's curiosity and let him into the hanger on account of him still wearing his uniform. The young Laibe was told that he could only watch and ask questions, but not touch, though soon he was tasked to fetch tools. He made a couple mistakes as he learned what the names of what each tool was, but soon the engine was tuned, bolted back into the fighter and ready for a test burn. From then until he joined the Youth Corps, Ye'gor would help the technicians out after his training sessions which translated into what he wanted to focus on in his career.

When one looks upon the world, from the top of a mountain, the world can look so vast; yet when one looks up into the night sky, the sea of stars can be overwhelming. Ye'gor didn't want to stay grounded after he gave thought to his decision to join the Youth Corps - he wanted the stars, and sub-consciously, escape from his family. Starships eventually became the thought in his mind and he asked his mentors about how he could learn about starship systems, the way he was learning about fighters.

The two helped him transfer over to the education centre where he would learn about starship systems and the safety knowledge needed prior to starting his apprenticeship. This education seemed the best thing for young Ye'gor as he devoured the material and would seek more - even to the tune of playing audio recordings on FTL theory and life support homeostasis while sleeping. At the end he finished with honours and began petitioning to get a starship placement.


Chapter 1.2

Ye'gor's posting on the Shraw got interrupted during a training mission due to a Netrunu'marol attack that destroyed the ship. He managed to get out in a lifepod; but due to its poor functioning and the fact that they were in atmosphere, the SNV Gam'trosha needed to pull an extreme dive in order to pick them up. Since then, he has been helping out in the Gam's engineering bay to repair damage and run errands.

Chapter 2

After a few months, some leave was granted while the Gam'Trosha undergoes maintenance and re-fit. During this time the Shipmaster, Sa'kira Yuna'me, has invited the crew out to dinner - an invitation the young Laibe has decided to take her up on, along with several others from the crew.

Chapter 3

With leave behind him, Ye'gor is now back on the Gam'Trosha bound for destinations unknown. All seemed to look fine until it was noticed that a number of upgrades to the ship had not been properly completed and the young engineer may be on a mission of pest control. With a little help from others and some soak time for the fold engines, however, the solutions presented themselves and hopefully the next jump will go without too many issues.

The planet the ship had jumped to, however, seemed to require a closer inspection. the Gam'Trosha slammed into the atmosphere so hard, that Ye'gor got injured in the process - bad enough to require moving to the Med Bay.

After a decent enough recovery, everyone was collected into the cargo bay. There, a group of the crew was sent to survey, investigate, as well as keep an eye out for a reconnaissance team that the ship had lost contact with. Upon arriving at the area where the investigation is to start, Ye'gor made his way outside to prepare for the next phase of the mission.



Ye'gor has been trained in the use of civilian and military telecommunications equipment, including radio, FTL comms, and video communication terminals. He is also well versed in standard military radio operating procedures over the aforementioned equipment as well as use of hand signals for group manoeuvres. He can use Tinacen fluently for these purposes, as well as in operational conversation, documentation, interpretation, and instruction/reading comprehension.


Ye'gor has been trained in the proper handling and firing of pistols and rifles, as well as some basic defensive swordplay. He can also make decent use of the targeting and firing systems in various light tanks and light fighters.


Ye'gor, through school and basic training has learned about the Kingdom's laws and (painfully) about Neshaten history. He has also taken the time to learn about the history of the Youth Corps.

Starship Operations

Ye'gor has taken classes to learn about a starship's systems and how it all integrates to make a vessel run. He has also spent some extra personal effort on learning about ship drive systems.

Technology Operation

Ye'gor is familiar with common operating systems used by the Shukara Volunteer Navy as needed to input, search, and manipulate data.

Maintenance and Repair

Ye'gor has had some training in the repair of fighter systems as well as the theory for repairing starship systems.


Ye'gor has been trained in the basic algebra and trigonometry.

Survival and Military

Ye'gor has been taught the basics of terrain navigation, shelter construction, hunting, foraging, lighting a fire, and cold weather survival.


Ye'gor has been trained how to drive vehicles such as light tanks and fly scouts or interceptors that are designed for kits.


Tos'cana Ye'gor has the following items:


Tos'cana Ye'gor is currently a C'Baruce in the Youth Corps.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 Rn Starting Funds
5175 Rn 175 June 13 (C'Baruce)
5350 Rn 175 July 13 (C'Baruce)
5525 Rn 175 August 13 (C'Baruce)
5275 Rn 250 To replace the shorts he lost on the Shraw
5250 Rn 25 To replace the plush animal he lost on the Shraw
5425 Rn 175 September 13 (C'Baruce)
5425 Rn 175 October 13 (C'Baruce)
5600 Rn 175 November 13 (C'Baruce)
5775 Rn 175 December 13 (C'Baruce)
5950 Rn 175 January 14 (C'Baruce)
6125 Rn 175 February 14 (C'Baruce)
6300 Rn 175 March 14 (C'Baruce)
6475 Rn 175 April 14 (C'Baruce)
6650 Rn 175 May 14 (C'Baruce)
6825 Rn 175 June 14 (C'Baruce)
7000 Rn 175 July 14 (C'Baruce)

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