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TraumaPatcher Care Seven Six 76-6165-3411

TraumaPatcher Care Seven Six 76-6165-3411 is a player character played by Jabonicus.

TraumaPatcher Care Seven Six 76-6165-3411
Species & Gender: Automata Type 3 Female
Date of Birth: YE 37
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Medical
Rank: Jôtô Heisho
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyō II

Physical Description

A 5'5 (1.65 m) automaton fashioned after human design, with the chassis being likened to a human shell. Roughly the same size as a human, with the same shape as an adult woman, the model is quite clearly mechanical in origin. With its outer later being a softer material fashioned out of silicon, obviously meant to mimic the appearance of skin. However, the silicon flesh is gray in design, and despite having some give to it like flesh, it's clearly inhuman and only skin-deep on any closer inspection.

Her skin is laced with numerous lines, divides in the material that allow them to bend and shift as inner mechanisms see fit. This is most visible in joints, but runs along every part of her body. Some parts of her silicon flesh, typically solid pieces defined by the borders, are a darker gray, which give variation to her visual aesthetic.

In her design, nothing sexual is present. Though breasts are built in, they lack nipples, and her groin lacks any features as well. On her head, however, synthetic hair is shoulder length, tied back into a ponytail. It does not grow over time, and is a dark shade of gray. Her nuclear core is effectively sealed to prevent radioactive leakage or other possible issues.

Her eyes are visibly artificial, with circles of components that allow for easy adjustment. The iris emits a soft blue glow, and the sclera is a metallic silver. While adjusting depth, the eyes can be heard making soft clicking noises.

Her hands are fashioned as tools on the inside, despite having the standard appearance of normal hands. Laced with the borders that allow the silicon material to move, each hand is equipped with a set of medical scissors, a syringe and a flashlight. While using any of these tools, her hand opens and deconstructs, revealing the very mechanical design within.

Being completely artificial, her body does not breath, and as such her mouth is only used for speaking, or for mimicking eating or drinking (which is stored in a pouch to be disposed of later). Despite this, her mouth has a rather human design, though it, too, is given the gray chromatic level as the rest of her body.


Being an Automata of the third level, Care is very much human in personality.

Care is a disconnected individual, with habits leaning towards isolationism on a minor scale. While friendly, she tends to avoid groups and stays within smaller social circles. Furthermore her access to data is often restricted to just a few sources at any given time. While she does challenge herself mentally, there's a clear limit on how much influx of information she's willing to take.

Despite the active and fascinating Galaxy around her, Care feels as if a majority of events happening are irrelevant happenings, things so distant and happening to people she never met that they hold no real importance to her. While the Galaxy is very real and the events hold dire effects, it can be seen at time that very little matters to Care that's outside her own circle.

Terrified of death, Care strives to avoid conflict. While she doesn't distant herself from those who commonly face violent conflict, she's hardly the one getting involved. She's not a pacifist, however, instead only resorting to violence in self defense, or perhaps the defense of someone she knows. She would hardly get involved in some conflict that doesn't involve her or someone in her circle, as she's aware of the darker side of life, and is rather numb to the sufferings within it.

While some would see her as selfish, and they wouldn't be wrong, Care doesn't see it that way. To her, existence is only real in the small section of the Galaxy that she's in. Her friends, her job- It's all localized. She simply doesn't have the connection to anything outside of such things.


Traumapatcher Care Seven Six 76-6165-3411 was born in YE 37.

Constructed by the Freespacers, the production of her chassis held no anomalies, nor did the initial design of her mind. However, as she was powered on, a rare issue arose. Despite previous fail-safes and other preventive measures, Care became overwhelmed with her surroundings. Coming from literally no input or previous knowledge, to a good deal of pre-existing information and several sources of constant input, it put her into a state of panic that took time and effort to pull her out of.

Though there were worries on the effect that the event would cause, they proved to be minimal as she was later prepared for medical purposes. The only long-lasting effects seemed to be an adversity to crowds, and a tendency to avoid large influxes of information.

Upon questions of the panic, Care admitted that it had to do with the knowledge she had already. Existence was sudden, and from the instant she was created she knew that her chassis could only hold so much information before it would be overloaded. Even knowing that the amount could never be reached in a single day, the total sudden-ness of it all, as well as the unstoppable influx of information such as light and sound provoked her into an afraid, anxiety ridden state.

Moving away from the Freespacers sometime after she had turned two, she found herself in Yamatai space. Becoming a legal immigrant, she began a job in a hospital, though quickly found issue in its work. With high level of technology and an abundance of medical personnel, it felt as if her presence made no difference. Struck by this, she looked elsewhere for work, before running into recruiters for the Yamatai Star Army. Entranced by the idea of putting her skills to use in a place where they would actually matter, she signed up for enlistment, shortly after signing the Star Army Enlistment Contract, reciting the oath on official record.

Being moved into basic training, Care completed the five courses in standard time of just over three months. After completing basic training, she furthered her training by enlisting in the medic program, completing the training and certification in the standard nine months. Having spent a year in training, she was eager to be put on the job, and finally do work she could feel proud of.

During the Kaiyo II

Being transferred from basic training to a medic position on the Kaiyo II, Care found herself shocked at the situation before her. Even when her actions and intentions came into play, she still felt as though her own abilities meant little in the scheme of the greater Yamatai machine. Even on such a small scale, she felt like a rusted cog in an otherwise spotless engine.

Missions and outreaches of the Kaiyo passed before her eyes, fading from her mind and notice as quickly as they began, their reasoning and their justifcations not registering as anything more than news, an odd routine that she settled into with failing hope. Despite her lack of enthusiasm, after a brief issue in Ayenee where she shut down due to improper balancing of her body and mind, she put on a brave face and took precautions to make sure she would be able to uphold her role in the team. She felt as though the many promotions she received, she did not earn, and looked upon them as examples of how something was incorrect about something in her.

Even as they returned from Ayenee, Care remained relatively unchanged, still disheartened, but endlessly persistent. It would be of note that she never purchased anything across her time on the Kaiyo, from the day she joined Yamatai's Star Army through their return from Ayenee, she never withdraw a single thing from her growing wealth. She did not sleep, so she avoided her bunk, and though she desperately wished to get to know the crew, she avoided doing so out of a mixture of fear of what such connections could do to her, and out of a wish to not bother or burden them.

Social Connections

Traumapatcher Care Seven Six 76-6165-3411 is connected to:

  • None

Inventory & Finance

Traumapatcher Care Seven Six 76-6165-3411 has the following items:

3000 KS

OOC Information

In the case Jabonicus becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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