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Trendsetter Three-nine 6597-6818

Trendsetter Three-Nine 6597-6818 is a player character played by Navian.

Trendsetter Three-Nine 6597-6818
Species & Gender: Type III Freespacer Automata, Female
Year of Birth: YE 33
Organization: OSO and the Shravana Hive
Occupation: Liaison Officer Candidate

Physical Description

T-39 is a svelte 167 cm, 50 kg anthropoid fashioned from stainless steel with photonic circuitry, equipped with an impressive knee-length wig of fiber optic cables that covers the rough silvery finish of her simple mannequin-like form, on the rare occasions it's not worn styled on top whatever haute couture she has on display that day. Her face has no mouth or nose, though wherever face veils and bandanas are in fashion–which she takes to mean wherever she is–this is seldom readily apparent. Understated black rubber covers conceal her joints, which are not only stylish, but essential for protecting them from the dust of the desert world.

Taking a page from the I'ee playbook, T-39's eyebrows are displayed electronically, and her stylized eyes–which are largely cosmetic in any case, as her vision is mostly provided by a small optic sensor embedded in her forehead–nearly always emit patterns of coloured light, which she uses in part to express her many emotions. Her anatomy is elsewise quite simple, with six fingers, two thumbs, and six toes found on the usual appendages, and evenly divided between left and right. She lacks other prominent fiddly bits, having an internal power supply, no wired connection, and well-concealed maintenance panels.


T-39 is exuberant, imaginative, excitable, and filled with joie de vivre. Indeed, she's the sort of person who would use phrases like 'joie de vivre' in normal conversation. There is nothing more important to her than making the world a more beautiful place, and her flexible sense of taste makes this a very versatile ambition.

Young even for a Freespacer, she greatly values the aesthetics of natural phenomena that became popular during her formative years, is equally enthralled by the potential in low-tech crafts such as pottery, and is driven by a strong undercurrent of liberal guilt. These combine to make her a dynamo of enthusiastic support for the people of OSO, whose class system she seems almost incapable of noticing, let alone understanding.

T-39 is a socialite, through and through, though not necessarily extroverted. Although the life she's led has been physically sheltered, her presence and activity on the Hivemind has exposed her to some of the worst that the Shravana Hive has to offer, so her naivete has its limits. Still, an essential quality of T-39 is that she has difficulty distinguishing the various entities that she interacts with. This has about the effect of her assuming that everyone else she speaks to is also a creative type, like her, though perhaps one who is not so good with words, or at using their hands, in the case of, for example, dogs and horses.


Trendsetter Three-Nine 6597-6818 was created in YE 33 in the Shravana Hive's Type III Automaton production facilities, tutored nearby for five years. Although her Freethinking apprenticeship ended in failure, with allegations of 'overimagination', her Trendsetting apprenticeship aborted after three months when her bewildered mentor informed her that she could only learn from her charge, not teach her anything.

Though not explicitly given a pass by this, or any other remarks forthcoming from her mentor, she was accepted by the others in the fashion industry of her generation who completed their educations ahead of her, and continued to produce new clothing designs monthly until she was voted most likely to replace Groundbreaker Eight-Four 4242-4286 as the Shravana Hive's envoy to OSO in the first days of YE 39.

It didn't take long for her to go for the informal 'most likely' vote to churn into an official vote on the matter in fact, and by the end of the month she'd arrived in Osman City by Traveller shuttle, with high hopes of filling her predecessor's blue pseudo-suede shoes.

Social Connections

Trendsetter Three-Nine 6597-6818 is connected to:

  • Trendsetter 'Oilyrag' Seventy 0550-8949 (Former mentor)
  • Landscaper Four-Five 9645-5224 (Friend and coworker)
  • Potspinner 'Glass-eyes' Three-Seven 7364-8221 (Friend)
  • Paperpusher 'Deep Six' Six-Six 1490-7893 (Overseer)


Trendsetter Three-Nine 6597-6818 has the following:

  • Wardrobe of fashionable clothes, in both Hive and Osman styles
  • Set of four (4) chakram, for excessively stylish self-defense
  • Microbot hive, with bots optimized for electronics repair
  • Sample kit of decorative glassware and pottery
  • Maintenance kit for her own robotics


T-39 has the following notable skills:

  • Art & Vocations: While T-39 can design fashions, decorate interiors, etc. it's not clear this is a skill so much as a lack of inhibition. She does at least have the basic skills needed by a tailor or metalcrafter to do their work, and a knowledge of painting techniques (though this, too, is not the same as being a skilled painter.)
  • Biology: T-39 studied life sciences before entering her current profession and has a great deal of relevant knowledge, only some of which is horribly wrong. Biomechanics is about the only field that is relevant to her work as something other than a dubious source of inspiration for her designs; she's competent there.
  • Communication: T-39 communicates fluently in Trade.
  • Engineering: T-39 mostly designs clothing and decorative items which do not require engineering skill, but she dabbles in engineering so that she can also fulfill demands for armour clothing, computer clothing, and simple objects that are mostly but not entirely decorative, like clocks, table lamps, and eyewear.
  • Maintenance & Repair: T-39 can maintain and repair herself and most clothing or household items, though she has no special ability with other robotics, optronics, or anything else.
  • Mathetmatics: T-39 has the math background required to generate optical effects, understand orbital mechanics, make estimates and understand gravity. Since her brain is a computer, she can solve any equation she understands very quickly, and come to the wrong conclusions just as fast, otherwise.
  • Technology Operation: As a Freespacer, T-39 lives and breathes computers. Like anyone else in her field, she has a particular interest in design software and physics simulations.

Character Will

In the case I become inactive (gone for more than a month):

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I'm gone for a year or more? YES

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