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Triske is a player character played by Triskelion.

  Species & Gender:    Qaktoro Male  
  Date of Birth:    YE 01  
  Organization:    Psychopomp LLC  
  Occupation:    N/A  
  Rank:    N/A  
  Current Placement:    Dovanian Kyzu 

Preferred Plots

  - Psychopomp

Physical Description

Body Fur: White

Body Type: Big and Muscular

Eye Color: Brilliant Green

Eye Shape: Almond Shaped

Ear Shape: Triangular

Skin Color: Black

Height: 7'2ft

Weight: 272 Pounds


Triske is a cunning and strong morale Qaktoro. He believes strong in his peoples code and will follow even in death. He plans to return to his people if he ever gets the chance and I mean EVER! He is a hard working and will follow orders straight to the point. He is hard to anger unless your provoke his people in anyway, shape, or form. Finally he is not very social unless needed and only likes his Species, but will deal with others if needed and only for so long.


Triske was born in YE 01.

Not much to tell. When he was born his father started to train him to become just like him. A feared Warrior. Once Baqnor came for him he had to use his training to get food, kill predators, find water, and make structures to stay warm. Once he came back and was welcomed back as a warrior and not a child he took command of his Warriors. From that point on he has continued to sharpen his skills and study languages of all sorts so he can gather information if need and never be left in the dark in conversations. By doing this he has also been able to talk with many species that come to his home to trade.

Social Connections

Triske is connected to: Father was a feared and respected Warrior and his only friends is his fellow comrades. He and his clan decided to keep his name and his family names secret for not wanting to put “Triske” in possible danger.

Skills Learned


Triske may not speak to many or to no one at all, but he can speak Trade and Yamataigo. He is interested in learning other languages and will fight to get it if needed. The more languages he learns the more information he can store on other species and possible info that may concern him in anyway.


Triske was taught by his father how to fight. His Father was the most respected and deadliest warrior the clan had. Well… until I finished my training and bested him. Anyway Triske can weild all sorts of weapons that are needed in any situation, he has been trained in the way of hand-to-hand combat which he uses his claws to his advantage, but this can also apply to Martial arts. Finally he understands the use of Power Armor and how to wield it, but prefers not to use such things for it slows him down. He is also trained in the Bakyu-daho'te (Silent Combat) and he is considered a Kasavyjo'sa (Master) in that form of combat.

Survival and Military

During Baqnor I learned the basics of survival. Sense of direction has never been hard to me for my sense aid me in such an area. I have learned of all types of environments and possible dangers that await in them.


Triske can run for hours on end, can swim great distances and stay afloat. Finally he can preform jumps, scale objects, and dodge out of harms way. The only down fall is when put in space he can become distressed and his overall Physical state can be affected.


Triske has always been a natural born leader since he could remember. He has the ability to see possible weakness in his enemies and structures around him. He has a strong voice that make Qaktoro and other species do as he says and he can solve issues with words considering his strong nature. Even though he prefers to stay silent for this is his way to store information for possible use he will and can speak for his people in negotiations.

Starship Operations

Triske has lead his fellow warriors on scavenging missions whenever a ship has crashed on his planet. As he collected possible items that may be useful for his people he has always been interested in starships. So he convinced his clans leader(His Father) to let him learn to pilot on incase the time ever rises when his people will need to leave or even venture out to where normal space crafts cant go.


Cars, trucks, and any other types of and vehicles have never been a challenge for him. He could take on look at them and understand the basics of the vehicles. Sometimes he would drive a truck to help his allies if they needed to transport an item great distances. Learning to drive a tank or mecha was a different matter. For that it was trail and error for a ship crashed with such vehicles and he spent day after day learning how to use it until he finally got it.

Inventory & Finance

Triske has the following items: Kitsou and Gulvisa Gia (Death Sticks and Claw Blades)

OOC Information

In the case Triskelion becomes inactive:   * Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO   * Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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