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Truly Venus

Truly Venus is a player character played by Reynolds.

Truly Venus
Species: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33
Gender: Female
Age: 5 years
Height: 5'7“ (170 cm)
Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Pilot
Rank: Nitô Heisho
Current Placement: SINs Of Anisa: Idol Wars / SOFT 555 "Chōchō"

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'7” (170 cm)
  • Mass: 99 lbs (45 kg)
  • Measurements: 32A-23-32

Build and Skin Color: She's tall and skinny with smooth, milky white skin. Lean and athletic, with a slightly bottom-heavy look due to her small chest.

Eyes and Facial Features: She has wide, slightly tilted, light blue eyes. They're often accented with wide swaths of bright pink eye shadow.

Ears: Her ears are short and rather small, generally lost in her mane of hair. They're a matching pink.

Hair Color and Style: Tru's long, neon pink hair is a wild mess, reaching her rear and puffing up noticeably above her head. It is generally untamed, and stuffing it into a helmet can sometimes be a hassle.

Distinguishing Features: She tends to sport holographic 'makeup' whenever she's not in the field. This includes eye shadow and lipstick, as well as face paint. She favors pink, although the colors are always blisteringly bright.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Truly Truly's outrageous. She's loud, bright, energetic and upbeat. The Neko is always up for a party, ready to help out (even if her assistance is unneeded) and eager to please. She likes to move fast, live on the edge and tends to crash hard.

  • Likes: Loud music, crowds, fans, other Neko, Star Army, fast rides, flying, helping others (whether they want it or not)
  • Dislikes: Quiet downtime, being alone, dirt, ugliness, rudeness, mean or unhelpful people, walking or travelling slowly
  • Goals: To become the number one musical act in Star Army space; to serve Yamatai and protect her fellow citizens


Family (or Creators)

Created by the Star Army in 6/33.


Tru went through her early training without a hitch, and was selected for specialized training as a pilot. It was during that time that she met Caramel Tart and Soga “Crasher” Tama. Although not actually created in the same batch, they consider themselves sisters. Their young lives were changed after attending their first live concert during a short leave. Immediately deciding they wanted to be musicians as well as pilots, they spent their scant free time after graduation practicing instruments and writing songs.

As a farewell surprise as they were transferring out of one of their first assignments, the trio played a short concert for their fellow pilots under the name Venus and the Avatars. Although they were nervous and had little experience, the experiment was a surprising success. Their passion, both for music and the Yamatai people and planet they sang about, endeared them to their fellow soldiers. The performance went viral, and they were met at their next post by a small mob of music producers. Signing with Hoshihikari Studios, they worked to record their first album during their limited free time.

Finally, just as all three Neko were celebrating their first birthdays, their album was released. The self-titled Venus and the Avatars went Galactic Platinum, due to the popularity of such songs as “My Girlfriend is a Pilot” and “(Neko Are) Truly, Truly, Truly Courageous” and their bright, energetic videos. They were shuffled from unit to unit, sometimes as an excuse to schedule them to perform and other times in an attempt to avoid excess attention, briefly serving on the YSS Soyokaze in YE 36.

YSS Takamagahara

YSS Imperator

Caramel Tart

Mel (synth saxophone/backup vocals) was originally a fairly tall Neko, but willingly converted to a NH-33M (Miniature) to better fit in once she was assigned to the Takamagahara. This was also encouraged by the management of Hoshihikari Studios, who felt it would increased the group's 'cute' factor and help them further stand out from other acts, while endearing them to the crew as well as Minis throughout Yamatai. She is now 8 inches (20.3 cm) tall, with apple red skin and brown hair with white highlights, that is worn in a tall mohawk that adds another inch (2.5 cm) to her height. She is laid back compared to the other two, and tends to observe situations carefully. Caramel is also known to subtly manipulate her friends into silly situations or subject them to friendly teasing. She is related to Kiwi and Pecan Tart. Her current rank is Ittô Hei.

Soga "Crasher" Tama

Gaining her nickname from an abbreviation (Ga-chan, crash) as well as her tendency to fly directly into people/objects/etc. while distracted, Crasher (synth drums, not allowed to sing) has always been a Mini. Standing 6 1/2 inches (16.5 cm) tall, she has very lightly tanned skin and bright, neon blue hair with black highlights, styled in a sharp bob. She is exceedingly energetic and always up for adventure. Her mouth tends to work faster than her brain, which often gets her into trouble. Her favorite word is 'totally' and she considers everyone her friend, which has helped her popularity but gotten her into trouble with some of the group's more eager fans. Her current rank is Ittô Hei.


Star Army Common Skills

  • Entertainment: Tru is a talented musician, skilled at singing, composing music and playing her custom keytar.
  • Leadership: Although still young, Venus has shown some natural talent in this area. Her friends generally defer to her to make most of the decisions for their band, and she heads up their three-Neko fighter squad.
  • Starship Operations: She is an accomplished fighter pilot and is proficient in all fighter craft used by the Star Army of Yamatai. She is experienced at both flying and fighting in atmosphere and in vacuum. She has been given some additional training in operating larger ships than her personal fighter, in preparation for future promotions.




Assigned Vehicles





Venus and the Avatars

  • “My Girlfriend is a Pilot”
    • Soaring right on by
    • Draw a HEART in the sky
    • With a vapor trail
    • Like a Neko tail
    • It's LOVE one way
    • Don't know what to say
    • Barely catch her eye
    • 'Cause she lives to fly
    • My girlfriend is a pilot!
    • Woah woah!
    • Yeah my girlfriend is a pilot!
    • Oh no!
  • “(Neko Are) Truly, Truly, Truly Courageous”
    • Neko are truly courageous!
    • Truly, truly, truly courageous!
    • But we're the Mishhu
    • Our clones are better
    • Some Neko Mishhu
    • Clone Mishhu
    • We're gonna get 'em!

Neon Frontier

  • “Totsugeki FIRE”
    • LET'S FLY
    • Across the night sky
    • LET'S ROCK
    • And we'll never stop
    • As long as we have love
    • For what we know is right
    • If we work as a team
    • I know we'll rise above
    • If you listen to my heart!
    • (MY HEART)
    • Then you'll learn to cross your heart!
    • (YOUR HEART)
    • And with a heart shaped crossfire
    • We'll unleash our desire
    • Totsugeki FIRE!

Songs Covered

  • “Monster Party” by J.D. Whitecross
    • Plasma pizza
    • Bobbing for brains
    • Blood balloon races
    • And other fun games
    • You're all invited
    • Fun starts at midnight
    • It's a monster party
    • Delight in the FRIGHT
    • It's a bash, it's a mash
    • You can dance, you can moan
    • At the monster party
    • Behind a tombstone


Truly Venus is currently a Nitô Heisho in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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