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Tsukino Masami

Tsukino Masami is the medic aboard the HNMS Eidolon. She is a 4-year-old Neko, the daughter of a retired Shoi that served in the 1XF and settled down after years of service. Masami never really bothered to enlist, instead preferring to become a civilian doctor and finding a private employer.

Name Tsukino Masami
Sex Female
Species NH-29
Age 4
Height 5'2โ€œft
Weight 127 lbs
Affiliations Yamatai Star Empire
Occupation SAoY Civilian Contractor- Crewman
Current Assignment HNMS Eidolon
Job Title Medic/Doctor

Hair: Straight navy blue with strands of pure white. Eyes: Deep blue with flecks of baby blue. Skin Tone: Fair Peach Pink. Light blush around her cheeks. Build: Slim and trim, but fairly athletic like most Nekos. C-cup bust.

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