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Ty sibo

Ty sibo is a player character played by Esscast.

Ty sibo
Species & Gender: Male Nepleslian
Date of Birth: 28ๆ—ฅ 8ๆœˆ YE 27
Organization: General Robotics
Occupation: Section 6
Rank: Sargent
Current Placement: 188604

Physical Description

Ty is a nearly full conversion cyborg, his body having been broken and put back together so many times that little of the original material remains. 3d printed bones and artifical muscle tissue replacing traditionally grown flesh and blood.

Furthermore, his body is encased in an attached exo skeleton. Angular, armored plates cover him, and an armored 3 panel visor covers his face. This armor is not intended to be removed, merely replaced when damaged, as his body is not intended for long term use outside of the armor itself. The face under the armored visor is somewhat mangled. Much like the rest of his body, his face requires the suit's medial maintenance systems to stay healthy.

The armor is now as much a part of him as his body, and removal of the armor would be fatal.


Ty is in a depressed state, his friends and family having been killed while being unable to be recovered. He hates the fact he's not allowed to die as well, being told his skills are why he's needed to be kept alive. While he hates his second chance, he is also happy to have it so he can prevent the same miserable fate from befalling others.


Ty sibo was raised in the western frontier by a loving family. His mother Jane Sibo worked as an MP officer with PsychoPomp, were as his father worked as an on site engineer. He had a good upbringing and enjoyed his family. Since he was young he had always wanted to join in the military like his mother, and because of this his fathers best friend would come by ever Sunday to teach him things he knew from serving in special forces. At the age of 18 he was recruited into the PsychoPomp PMC. There he spent 4 years of his life in harsh environments as front line infantry. Two tours of duty later and he re-enlisted in a special forces unit. On one occasion he was gifted the call-sign reaper for his silent but deadly nature by his CO.

In YE 39 war came, when the NMX started exterminating colonies in the West. Unfortunately father died when the hostiles first started, killed when his research facility was destroyed from orbit. His mother would join him shortly after when the PsychoPomp ships fleeing the area were destroyed. It was during ty's shore leave when he got the news. He was told there were no survivors. Ty would leave PsychoPomp and join Section 6 so he could be deployed to fight the NMX. He fought them tooth and nail, however he and his team got careless and cocky during a battle costing them all their lives as they tried to defend a facility and the city it was in on an overrun colony world. To Ty's displeasure his skills were too good to just throw away, and his fatal injuries were not so fatal as to prevent the recovery of his body. A relatively new tech corporation calling themselves General Robotics would receive the contract for bringing the Sargent back from the grave and encasing him in a modified scout version of the reverent power armor purchased from Section 6. In the beginning Ty considered this a fate worse than death but his sorrow, pain, and anger kept him going. Past his now artificial heart lay the crushed spirit of a man unable to truly die and join his family or friends in the afterlife. However, the more he reflected on it the more he was grateful to this second chance allowing him to make sure it won't happen again to anyone else.

Skills Learned

Military and survival:Due to 12 years of combat experience Ty has enough experience and skills to take care of most opposition

Stealth expert: Ty had been deployed in multiple combat situations over the years but excels in night time missions. He is very familiar with how to conceal himself on a planetary battlefield.

Elite sniper: Ty was an extremely good shot with a sniper rifle, even before his enhancements. Now, with computer-aided systems, he is capable of hitting targets several kilometers out, consistently, without using guided bullets. His skill set also includes associated skills such as weapon maintenance, how to call for support, mark targets, and adjust firing solutions for various atmospheric problems.

Social Connections

Ty sibo is connected to:

  • General Robotics
  • Section 6
  • USO

Inventory & Finance

Ty Sibo has the following:

Gauss Sniper Rifle

Revenant power armor scout variant custom

Ty sibo currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by esscast on 05, 26 2018 at 03:54.

In the case esscast becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes

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