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Tyler Jackson

Tyler Jackson is a Nepleslian Red Soldier and is currently defending a Water Facility on Kennewes.

Tyler Jackson
Species: Nepleslian
Family/: Mother: Sue Jackson (Living, Kennewes.) Father: David Jackson (Killed, Military Duty)
Gender: Male
Age: 34 Years
Height: 6'9''
Weight: 215 Pounds
Organization Star Army of Nepleslia (Red Faction)
Rank Sergeant
Occupation Power Armor Pilot
Current Placement Kennewes

Tyler in Roleplay

Tyler is a Player Character played by Kampfer

Build and Skin Colour

Tyler is the one guy that you'd want to immediately run away from in a bar fight. Not grotesquely muscular, his body frame is rather unusual. His chest is very muscular, though his arms are rather long and not as well defined as his chest. His skin is currently a deep tan, as a result of his time spent outside on Kennewes.

Facial Features and Eye Colour

His face is very leathery, a testament to the almost bone-deep suntan that he has gotten recently. Age has carved in numerous wrinkles into his forehead, around his eyes and mouth. His mouth is almost perpetually in an arrogant grin, and sits a bit close to his pointed chin. His cheekbones sit rather high, and his nose is in a hooked shape. His face is heavily scarred, as a testament to his gangster past. (Yeah, I know…) Overall, he's an ugly guy. His eyes are a simple gray color, as a result of the uncolored irises on his cybernetic eyes.

Hair Colour and Style

In his more wild days, Tyler would wear his black hair rather elaborately, fashioned into several long braids tied up at the base of his head to form a ponytail. Now in the military, Tyler simply wears his hair shaved.

Distinguishing Features

Tyler's face is criss-crossed by several scars of varying length, as a result of an explosion causing several shards of glass from his vehicle's windshield to cut his face up. Due to the proximity of the explosion (essentially an RPG hitting the armored hood of the car), there is a noticeable white patch of skin on the upper right corner of his face, causing him to have no right eyebrow.


Tyler was born in Funky City. This should probably say enough about his very aggressive and fight-loving personality. Not the most educated person in terms of social skill, he owes this to the fact that he has never been to school, instead relying on his mother for home schooling…in the massage parlor that they lived in. Tyler is extremely apathetic towards people, regarding strangers and newcomers with little interest, and treating people close and familiar to him the same way. The only exception to this rule is his mother. In an argument, he is aggressive in attack and horribly stubborn in defense. The same could be said about his combat abilities.

* Likes: Fighting, Liquor, Cigarettes and Spicy Food. * Dislikes: Waiting around, Dull Work, Cowardice and Vegetables. * Goals: Essentially, to lead a life of constant fighting.


Funky City was horribly unkind to him. His father, a Lieutenant in the (then) Star Army had just recently visited Tyler in his mother's arms at the local hospital where he was born. Shortly thereafter, his father was murdered on the way to his company's base, the victim of a local gang. Nights after, Tyler would find himself alone and cold in the cardboard box that would be his bed for all of his infancy, while his mother would be either passed-out drunk on the couch, or in the arms of another customer on that same couch.

With his mother gaining popularity among the dregs of Funky City as an easy lay, she opened a “Massage Parlor” in the living room of their apartment. With the now increased amounts of money coming in, as well as new “workers” under his mother's belt, Tyler would finally be properly taken care of by his mother. Home schooled by his mother virtually for his childhood and adolescence, he would stay around the apartment to help out his mother in her extremely shady business.

One day, a certain unruly customer filed an “informal complaint” to his mother on the level of service he received at the now widely recognized whorehouse she ran. This “informal complaint” translated onto her face via the customer's brass knuckled fists. His mother, making a horrible mistake on her own, viciously assaulted the man's testicles in retaliation. The now 16 year old Tyler witnessed his mother's vicious beating that followed, as well as the sight of his home being set on fire. Coming from behind his kitchen's counter, Tyler caught the assaulting man off-guard and tackled him into a mess of burning clothes, catching him on fire and “indirectly” killing him. Tyler had then made his way out of his home and tried to scrape together a life for himself on the streets. What Tyler did not see, however, was the gang symbols tattooed onto the now charred skin of the man he killed.

On his 17th birthday, Tyler was pursued by several gang members belonging to the murdered man, and found himself backed into a narrow alley by the gangsters, after knocking out two of them in the process. He was then rescued by opposing gang members, and recognized for the fact he was able to take down two of his assailants, was soon taken in. With little regard for inner politics, but armed with a horrible burning hate for the gang which his mother's murderer belonged to, Tyler gained immediate notoriety within the gang he belonged to. Four years passed, and the event in which would permanently disfigure him changed his life.

Driving an armored car away from one of many random riots his gang caused, a rocket-propelled grenade bounced off the ground next to the vehicle and ricochet'd in front of the windshield, blowing fragments of glass into his eyes, face and burning the upper right portion of his face. He had spent months recovering from his wounds in the gang's make-shift medical room (basement), and during, learned that the grenade belonged to a Nepleslian Soldier, sent as part of a platoon to calm the gang-incited riot down.

A year later, Tyler had left the gang and covertly left Planet Nepleslia, to enlist in the Red Army on their stronghold, Kennewes. At the age of 23, Tyler found himself on perpetual guard duty on Kennewes as a Power Armor pilot, opting to choose the position that he would see the most combat in. As Red positions started to fall and casualties begin to rise, Tyler found himself immedieately promoted to the rank of Sergeant at age 33, and given two squads of PA pilots to command.

As the Greens began the Kennewes Offensive, he was placed in the defense of a Water Treatment Plant, currently under assault by a certain Marine squad.

Tyler's Skills


Though favoring a good hand to hand fight or an old fashioned firefight, Tyler has basic training in the piloting of power armors provided by the Red Faction. His skills as a horribly aggressive pilot earned him the right to pilot the newest Crooked Demon.


Tyler has extensive knowledge of squad or group-based maneuvers by studying the actions of any pacification group sent in response to his gang's riots. He knows about flanking, covering and suppressive fire. However, he does not know any platoon or company-level maneuvers, making him a rather bad candidate as an officer.

Fighting and Physical

The hard life on the streets of Funky City gave Tyler his muscular physique. His extensive use of weight lifting has given him that almost signature, giant and well defined chest of his. Learning how to fight without any sort of proper schooling gave him a fighting style reminiscent of boxing, but with grappling mixed in with it.


His minor leadership in many gang riots gave Tyler an almost natural ability to issue orders, while seemingly un-phased by whatever crazy crap would be happening around him. The same experiences would lead him towards a proficiency in improvised methods of communications, and his training in the Red Faction introduced him to squad-level communications and how to communicate using Power Armor.


The Red Faction trained him extensively in Guerilla tactics. This does not, however, mean that Tyler even remembers said tactics. The only real tactics reminiscent of guerilla tactics that he uses is the simple method of hiding, and then attacking at possibly the most random time. He has no knowledge of outdoor survival, instead of how to survive in an urban setting.

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