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Ume Hatoyama

Hatoyama Ume is a player character played by Syaoran.

Ume Hatoyama
Species: NH-33 Nekovalkyrja
Gender: Female
Born: YE35
Organization: Star Army
Occupation: Soldier
Rank: Jôtô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyō II
Orders: Orders

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 170cm1)
  • Mass: 55kg2)
  • Measurements: 86-66-923)
  • Bra size:32C

Build and Skin Color: Ume is a bit more muscular than most neko but still very shapely. Her skin is a purple tone that is not too dark, and is how she got her name Ume, which means plum.

Eyes and Facial Features: She has almond shaped 'tareme' style eyes with a mint green color. Her face is heart shaped and she usually looks like she's enjoying herself.

Ears: She has cat style ears with fur covering their backs.

Hair Color and Style: Her rustic orange hair goes just past her chin, she often times leaves it unstyled in a mess of frizzy curls.

Distinguishing Features: Ume has genetically encoded tigers stripe 'tattoos' on her face in the shape of narrow bands going form the side of her face and tapering to a point before reaching her nose. Since it's a genetic coloring the 'tattoo' is simply a spot where her skin is a few shades darker.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Ume seems to always be in a good mood, constantly energetic and lively even in the midst of battle. She has a very sociable nature and will talk to people rather easily even if she doesn't know them. Her disposition is often mistaken for just being 'naive' but behind it all she's fairly mature. Recently she has become very open with her emotions and wont hesitate to display then when not in combat. She also has an almost motherly sense about her when it comes to protecting comrades from harm and will become rather offended if her teammates are mistreated.

  • Likes: She tends to swim when she can get the chance. She also enjoys board games even if she plays them alone.
  • Dislikes: Despite her name she does not really like the taste of plums. She also does not like to wear lower undergarments and will only wear them if she has to, like when swimming in public.
  • Goals: For now she just wants to do good on her first assignment


Family (or Creators)

Ume was manufactured by Star Army as part of a test program by Shinken Initiative


Ume handled her basic training without serious problem , however afterwards she was given more detailed training in hand to hand combat as well as melee weapons combat, primarily sword usage. Though she is to serve as a soldier, a large emphasis was put on her value as a personnel guard to take advantage of her protective personality.

During her training her instructors thought it would be appropriate to have a constant supply of plums on hand for her considering her name. This however led to her soon coming to dislike plums because she was eating them nearly every day. The biggest problem in her training though was during her socialization stage, she did not like to wear underwear bottoms so she would often discard them, those a little extra time was needed to help her understand decency. She still doesn't wear any normally, but now she puts some on before swimming and doesn't take them off in public if she has to have them on.

Somewhere along the way Ume developed an interest in board games. However she could not get the instructors to play with her and most of the neko were too busy with their own lessons to play frequently. This led her to start playing board games alone when she couldn't grab anyone to play with her. Technicians have wondered and checked if this is signs of a possible mental problem or if she just really likes board games, thankfully it turned out to be the later and she is perfectly fine mentally.

YSS Soyokaze

Fly Me to The Moon!

Ume was given her first assignment a crew of the YSS Soyokaze, which had the primary objective of searching out and removing any NMX that were hiding out in Yamataian space. The ship's first mission was to head to a moon orbiting a gas giant, where an old NMX outpost was. Arriving in the system they found more resistance than they were expecting, and the infantry squads had to be hot dropped to the outpost.

The squad made it down to the planet but were greeted by hostile Power Armors before they could get their bearings. Misato Suzume was severely injured during this engagement and had to be rushed out of the combat site. This caused some problems among a portion of the infantry as they were a squad that was supposed to patrol and clear the surface with Misato leading them, while Riko Bors took a squad to the lower levels.

Seeing no one take charge of the surface squad Ume decided to take charge herself so that they could finish the mission. Thankfully everyone knew what to do without much of any guidance and they managed to clear out the 'welcoming party'. However being too caught up in securing the area, Ume did not advance the team quickly enough to stop a shuttle launch with most of the NMX personnel escaping.

Realizing there were still more on the surface Ume took Meiko Lee and Gargandottir Kioko with her into the hangar to clear it. Though Ume sustained severe wounds in order to take out a high caliber turret, the area was cleared of NMX hostiles.

Moon(ie) Fever

During the repairs of the Soyokaze after the battle above the outpost, a strange outbreak of what appeared to be a virus spread throughout the ship, catching Ume as well. She ended up in quarantine with other's who were infected just before a mass outbreak happened.

After the outbreak was settled and the virus cured it was decided by the test program that Ume should be reassigned to a ship that might be able to more readily use her sword expertise in different environments to get more conclusive results.

YSS Ryujo

Ume's service to the Ryujo did not last long. The first mission had a rather unexpected start and went south quickly. In light of this her handlers at Shinken decided that she needed to be called back once again for more training, however this was to make up for her tactical training that was overlooked in the original program.


The Shinken Initiative had planned to make their big public reveal so in order to prepare for it, all of Ume's generation were recalled for further training. Before they had all been specialized in seperate things, but with this 'final' training they were to rise up to a master level of aptitude to demonstrate the full potential of Gendaijutsu.

During this time Ume got to have many straining matches agianst many different people in order to practice, but the bulk of her training was either against Kazue Sonohana in personal combat, or dealing with out numbered situations with a variety of weapons load outs. The reason for this was to target and fix Ume's weakness of a straight forward combat style the would result in her rushing forward only to result in a difficult situation for herself.

YSS Kaiyo

In early YE 39 Ume was assigned to the YSS Kaiyo after having completed her training. However before she was able to properly deploy she was recalled for an emergency deployment, she was to fill a vacancy on a planetary assignment with unexpected casualties that needed to be replaced for a time. While there Ume encountered Kuvexian forces and sharpened her skills in real combat.


Star Army of Yamatai
Image Name Ship Mission
Combat Award YSS Soyokaze Fly Me to the Moon! (1.0)
Service Award YSS Soyokaze Fly Me to the Moon! (1.0)
Starship Award YSS Kaiyo II Transfer to YSS Kaiyo II



Ume can write and speak both Yamataigo (邪馬台語) and Trade (language), as well as handling report, radio communication, and military short hand in these languages. She is also fully proficient with her in-built communication systems as well as military standard equipment.


She has received basic Star Army combat for training firearms as well as an extended melee combat training to allow her to fight proficiently with most simple melee weapons as well as unarmed. She has also recieved more in-depth training as a 'prototype' for Gendaijutsu. She later was reeducated on melee combat with a focus on use in power armors after her training was found insufficient for modern combat, this left her at a ranking of Hozon 3rd grade.


She has received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry.


In light of her performance, Ume was given basic tactical training so that she could lead a squad if necessary. She is capable of organizing plans and handling logistics information and maps. Though her focus is primarily in squad level operations, and can not do more than guess at how to command larger forces.

Technology Operation

Ume is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. She is proficient in entering and/or searching for information.

Starship Operations

The neko has had flight courses downloaded into her head, she recently took standard courses on flight to that she could make application of the knowledge in her head. She is capable of flying fighter ships and atmospheric air craft, but has had little practice and is not good with the larger ones.


Ume has learned how to proficiently handle all infantry standard vehicles. She has also taken time to learn how to drive civilian vehicles and transport vehicles as well. She wasn't sure if she would need them but since she came into the ownership of a car suddenly she figured it was best to be prepared.

Ume's Inventory

Ume has the following items:




  • T-Shirt with a zombie Qaktoro female
  • A sweater with a small logo of the Soyokaze
  • Fireproof Balaclava
  • A zip-up hoodie with a picturesque image of the YSS Kaiyō II printed across the entirety of the hoodie



  • YSS Soyokaze Ring: purple stone with image of the ship inside


Power Armor

Ume's Finances

Ume Hatoyama is currently a Jôtô Hei in the SAoY and makes 3,300KS/month, having severed over 3 years

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3,000 KS Starting Funds
2,000 KS -1000 Ta-Wx Gunto purchase
3,989 KS +1989KS Apr.-Dec. YE36 pay
13,989 KS +10000KS Yule YE36 gift
14,431KS +442KS Jan-Feb YE37 pay
11,331KS -3100 construction of Ryuha (竜歯)
14,651KS +3320 March YE37 to DEC YE37
37,751KS +23100 YE38 Pay
36,651KS -1100 SiZi Model 38 Special Duty Revolver
54,676KS +18025 Jan to July YE 39 Pay (promoted to Jôtô Hei)


This character is NOT up for Adoption


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