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Uso Tasuki

Uso Tasuki
Alias: Uso,Uso Stelshin, Harm, Stacy Whitefield
Species: NH-7y4+
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5โ€œ6'
Weight: 130lbs
Organization: Freelance
Occupation: Gun for Hire

Uso in Roleplay

Uso is a player character played by Zack.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5โ€6'
Weight: 130lbs
Build and Skin Color: Uso's NH-7 body can vary in shape and size but typically looks like a curvy, fit, Caucasian female.

Eyes and Facial Features: Purple eyes (Indicating NH-7 public sale model) and a rounded face.

Hair Color and Style: Dark green asian style bangs around the sides of her face in the front and the rest pulled back into a ponytail.

Distinguishing Features: The Typical NH-7 features such as CRT organs in the form of ceramic shoulder blades that extend out of the body slightly and four sets of three angled slits on her arms and legs that server as heat exchangers.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: While somewhat professional when on contract, Uso is the classic Fem-Fatal, loving to toy with others and often switching between being helpful to being harmful. She almost always carries an air of being a trickster around her. Though she constantly walks the line between friendly and adversarial she is almost always playful about it.

Likes: Jokes, Food, Alcohol, Combat, Speed, Sex, Money, Nice things, Tight Fitting Bodysuits, Weapons, Explosives, Servants, Control, Candy, Practical Jokes, Hot Showers/baths, Games, Creative Thinking, Attractive Females, Flight, Biological Augmentation, Copper, Thievery, Winning, Gambling, Loosing with Style, Good Music, Fast Music, Racing, Sneaking, Comedy, Parties,
Dislikes: Dying, ST tech.
Goals: Not to Die, earn phat lewts, remain entertained.


Originally sold to colonists for defense, Uso later ended up joining SAINT and was assigned to the GSS Yui. She had her first near death experience here, while chasing a seraph through the ship's innards she ended in a corridor with a pair of grenades. While she tried to escape a security officer named Dajin Ritsu threw himself onto the grenades, saving her in the process. She was later demoted when she broke into the forward compartments of the Yui to take a peek at an experimental NH series weapon that the ship's XO was hiding there. This led to her first legal trial where she was represented by none other than Dr. Shinichiro himself. The trial would result in her being assigned to serve as a cook on the GSS Seigi during the 2nd Draconian War before going freelance just before the mandatory body update laws would have required her to swap into a newer body. During this time she managed to work for most of the major powers. As a specialist working for the Qel'norans she helped keep tabs on Yamatai's movements in universe, assisted the NDI in their wars, and finally left the organization during the Arcanatech engineered plague that destroyed the Qel'noran's presence on Ayenee. After the Arcanatech engineered vaccine distributed by the Qel'norans ended up backfiring, converting the population into mindless drones, she choose to fight her way off the planet instead of remain and try to fight off the inevitable end.

With no one funding her need for entertainment Uso worked her way to Elysia, seducing a high ranking Elysian senator with a combination of her feminine skills and her ability to steal. In exchange for paying the bills and access to their best genetic engineers she infiltrated the Nepleslian Military and used a hacked together ST device to steal data right from their leader's heads.

After working for the Elysians, stealing Nepleslian military secrets, she had earned a cushy place to live and the ear of an Elysian senator, but it would not last. The Elysian government was eventually overthrown by the Yamataians. Not knowing what happened to her senator she moved to Nepleslia where she did some contract work for the NMX, helping them set up an organization on Nepleslia, trading the foothold they needed to launch a terror attack that would claim thousands of lives for a phase organ that she intends to install eventually.

Naturally she keeps her work history as hidden as possible, and prefers to contact clients rather than the other way around.

Recent History

Most recently, Uso has gathered a group of mercenaries, and taken over the planet Planet 188-604.

Things have gone well, and she has formed the Uso's Star Organization to help account for all of the new stuff she's acquired.



As an NH-7 Uso is a bioweapon designed for combat and has no lack of combat skills spanning from hand to hand, to ranged weapons, to power armor. She tends not to have practiced 'move sets' or fighting styles, instead relying on experience and creativity to be successful.


An NH-7 already has an array of physical abilities like physical attractiveness and high muscle density. Years ago her kind were known as Penny Eaters for the amounts of metal they consumed as raw materials.

NH-7 Abilities:

See: NH-7 Technical Manual for more details
Hemosynthisis - limited ability to form objects from the nanomachines in blood.
Stealth - 10minutes of skin projected stealth (ability does not include the eyes)
CRT Organs - Ceramic thrusters and chemical rocket fuel stored in the chest allows for short rocket jumps
Rapid Healing - The NH-7 series is considerably more resilient than the home grown nepleslian


Creativity extends to Uso's rogue skills as well, she is skilled at using her body for seduction and at finding ways to bypass security systems (but not necessarily sleight of hand and pick pocketing).

Notable Thefts:

During the time when KS were distributed as physical currency Uso used her inbuilt hemosynthesis ability to create look alike duplicates made out of a different material. Though as a soldier at the time she did not have to pay for much, she did effectively 'steal' several hundred KS in this manner.

Military Secrets:
While posing as a Nepleslian marine, Uso rigged an ST device to steal ST copies from the Nepleslian military, harvest their secrets, and return them to the Elysian Government.

Technology Operation

While not a technological genius, Uso knows enough about basic physics and electronics to get a feel for how technology works. This is primarily used to benefit other skills through creative use of machines. She is often at a loss for how to repair complex mechanical devices.


Uso has a decent knowledge of history (having lived through it a few times), alcohol, drugs, weapons, combat, and a variety of other party-favors. Though she is not an expert in any one field she tries to know a little about everything, never knowing when a random fact might come in handy.


Seduction necessitates a level of skill in how to entertain and be entertained. This includes how to dress provocatively, how to be friendly, and key physical skills.


Uso was a cook once, and farmed out the duties to other crew members as much as possible. She doesn't like cooking but knows how to make a burger if need be.

OOC Discussion

Uso does not like the ST device, believing that an ST copy is just a copy, leaving the original to remain dead. She has managed not to die once and has never taken advantage of a body swap to a new body.

Halloween 2016

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