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Z'hanna Ry'tin

Z'hanna Ry'tin is a player character played by Abyss Walker.

Z'hanna Ry'tin
Species: Shukaren Laibe (Sub-Species)
Gender: Female
Age: 17 DoB : ER 743
Height: 1.78 Meters / 5' 10”
Weight: 118 lbs / 53.52Kg
Organization: Youth Corps
Occupation: Recon Marine
Rank: C'Baruce
Current Placement: SNV Gam'trosha

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 1.78 Meters / 5' 10”
  • Mass: 118 lbs / 53.52Kg
  • Measurements: 36D-28-36

Build and Skin Color: In combination with fur typical of a Laibe, that meaning her black coat is thicker in comparison to a Daur as well as neither an abundance of fat or muscles that are grandly pronounce, Ry'tin is accurately described as lean or skinny. The fur that decorates the majority of her tail, which measures at 2' 4”, is red whilst the tip is black. Alongside this, the Ry's tail has fur that is a great deal thicker than what covers the rest of her body. When puffed out, it can seem as though Ry'tin has a crimson cloud following her at waist height.

Eyes and Facial Features: Ry's eyes are a scarlet red and mimic the shape of modern almonds. A pronounce, pale scar rests on her right cheek shaped somewhat like a cross, the key differences being that the arms bend upward and there is a half circle at the base that mimics the bent arms by curving upward.

Ears: Ry's ears are easily described as Isosceles triangles and have red fur that lightly coats the inner portion while in contrast the outer portion is covered in black. The tip of the left ear is torn off, leaving a pale flat top where there would normally be a triangular finish.

Hair Color and Style: What sits atop Ry's head is fur that contrasts against the majority black of her body and instead matches that of her eyes and tail as red. This hair shares a quality with her tail, that specifically being it's longer than the rest of her coat. The hair stops at her shoulders and is kept in a pony tail most of the time, exceptions being special occasions and when she sleeps.

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Although not tiring from or having a dislike of interaction, Ry'tin prefers to keep to herself and displays a shy disposition when approached. This apparent shyness is more vivid when the individual in direct contact with Ry'tin is someone who has seniority over her in terms of rank. Alongside her wary demeanor, Ry'tin has a tendency to stutter with varied frequency with her impediment getting worse the more uncomfortable the Laibe gets.

Socially, it's hard for Ry'tin to open up, but whether this has something to do with her past or is just part of her Psych is something that's a mystery to her. Though if someone either has the patience or cleverness to get past her guard, what Ry'tin hides is a much more open and verbally expressive Laibe with a cynical but kind soul.

Going hand in hand with Ry'tin being someone to rely on logic and reason, the Laibe is also not one to open up or express her emotions often. Although she would rather have them masked completely, if one is observant enough they can pick up on hints hidden within her posture and word choice if she chooses to speak on a subject matter. Those who fail to detect the tells that Ry'tin projections in a subconscious manor might see the Laibe for a stereotype, meaning all she worries about is improvement of herself and supremacy.

Being hungry to test her wit, Ry'tin can become easily immersed in a wide range of theories and mastering what's already known to the Neshaten. Alongside this miss-matched unquenchable thirst of knowledge, Ry'tin will likely loose track of time if she finds something that interests her, be it scientific, practical or philosophical. The Laibe is not interested in how things happen but instead why, because of this she can often at times become detached and quiet. It's not unlikely for Ry'tin to embarrass herself by walking into an obstacle because she put too focus into wondering and not enough into absorbing the world around her and reacting to it. Such ventures into the hidden wonders of the world, however, end as soon as a orders are given. In the field Ry'tin asks more practical questions and operates rather calmly under the stress of incoming fire and other elements that come with being in the field.

  • Likes: Practice of combat skills, History, reading and intellectual challenges
  • Dislikes: Idleness, Disrespect of authority and soft-headed individuals
  • Goals: Ry'tin has no direction currently in her life and because of this she has no legitimate long-term goals beyond living a guilt-free life and being an unsung hero for the Kingdom.


Family (or Creators)

  • Z'hanna Ar'tyom (Biological father | Deceased)
  • Z'hanna Ga'lina (Biological mother | Status Unknown)
  • Ked'zierski Al'zelm (Adoptive father | Alive)
  • Ked'zierski Lili'ana (Adoptive mother | Alive))


To better understand the past that shaped Ry'tin into who she is presently, it is better not to tell this story from her perspective initially but instead from her father's, Ar'tyom. In the beginning there was just Ga'lina and their newly born Ry'tin. Both the parents of the new child held steady and well-paying lines of work, Ga'lina being a financial advisor to a noble house and Ar'tyom working as a weapon designer.

During one crisp night, however, Ar'tyom returned home to find only the little Ry'tin and her babysitter present. After he had thanked the babysitter and had paid them extra for the over time, Ar'tyom lulled both himself and Ry'tin to sleep, Ar'tyom woke the next morning alone in his bed. So before breakfast, the first thing the fretting weapons designer did was fill out a missing person's report and contact the noble who employed Ga'lina and inform them of the situation as well.

As time went on and the search continued, a friend and co-worker of Ar'tyom approached him with what at first seemed like a caring check up. However, as the conversation went on it drifted towards Ga'lina and the kingdom's failure to locate her. “With such power at their disposal, why aren't all missing individuals found? There are counter measures criminals can take, but where was that flexibility The Volunteer Navy and The Ci'tiyous Ga'nudren boasted?” As his friend carried on, the carefully crafted words stuck with the weapon designer and polluted his sorrow into anger. The noble Ga'lina was employed by was a fellow Laibe who openly talked of social equality, could removing her disrupt the careful spending of the influential noble and leave him in a disadvantageous position when it came to bartering. It would make sense that Daur would want to keep a Laibe in a position of power under control, they never reacted positively to when someone simply taller than themselves was in a place of power. The anger that grew over time in Ar'tyom alongside paranoia, what about him or his daughter Ry'tin? Sure, neither of them were connected directly to nobility like Ga'lina but a weapons developer put him in control of a plethora of resources and knowledge. How much longer before he was swatted down out of existence like his wife? What terrified him more so was the thought of his innocent kit being a victim. No, Ga'lina needed to be the last victim. But where to begin? He hadn't a safe haven and his home was likely compromised, this left Ry'tin and himself at risk. When Ar'tyom pressed this issue to his co-worker, the friend suggested he and his daughter relocate to a place that he and his associates had under their umbrella of influence, it was a place he could continue his work and his daughter could grow up in relative safety. However, this help would not come without a mutually beneficial arrangement, Ar'tyom would need to resign from his current employment and use his skills to supply his new benefactors. Such a contract didn't surprise Ar'tyom in the slightest, considering the Netrunu'marol were constantly pushing for an edge over the kingdom. But with the alternative being exposing Ry'tin and himself to what ever scheme the royalty had planned, Ar'tyom accepted the terms without hesitation.

Now with Ry'tin being sheltered from harm under his supervision and free to continue his work, there was no doubt amongst the Cell Guards of the designer's loyalty. Alongside his design submissions, Ar'tyom volunteered to participate in field operations, which the Erog'nro members had no protest in. Recently, they had been suffering losses to the authorities, so a multi-talented individual capable of R&D as well as field operations was a small blessing. All the while, Ry'tin continued to attend regular public schooling, the reason being that the Erog'nro needed to maintain the precious balance between between being illusive but not as hard as the other cells of the Netrunu'marol to track down, so a Laibe kit only ever seen within the windows of their safe house was a risk too great. However, being Erog'nro, it was only a matter of time.

Now with the stage set, we can begin to see the world through the eyes of young Ry'tin. The Laibe kit had been in the midst of chores when the safe house she lived in was laid siege to. Ironically, or perhaps intentional on part of assault teams, her father and a rag-tag band of comrades were about to head out to proceed with a bombing, but as they made their way for the exit the assault teams outside synchronized the detonation of their breaching charges. Ry'tin had been behind the front door at the time tending chores, a loud vacuum muffling the sounds from outside until the door turned to shrapnel. The kit's saving graces were the explosion that had thrown her to the ground, which saved her from being in the way of the brief yet vicious in-door assault as well as the vacuum which shielded her from most of the fragments created from the door. Only seconds ticked by before the once projectile and scream-filled air became empty once more. At the assault team's feet laid a black and red Laibe kit, hiding beneath a ruined vacuum and behind her were their actual targets whose still corpses laid still in close proximity to one another.

With the clean carnage in the past, Ry'tin was taken into foster care and treated for both the psychological damage done both from the assault as well as what the Netrunu'marol had exposed to her. Once up for adoption it took surprisingly little time for Ry'tin to find a new home, though one might be surprised by who it was who actually adopted the little kit. Rather than a friend of the family or some other variable like the Noble who employed her mother, Ry'tin was dropped at the feet of one of the assault team members. Her name was Lili'ana, a Daur whose appearance was the direct opposite of Ry's in the sense that the now adoptive mother was colored white and blue whilst Ry'tin was black and red. The new father, Al'zelm, was just as surprised to see Ry'tin as the young Laibe was to discover the remainder of her new family was a My'leke. Despite initial hesitation and a bumpy start, considering Lili'ana hadn't told her spouse their adopted child was a Laibe, the thrown together family would differences rather quickly and bring this defining chapter in Ry's life to a bittersweet conclusion, as well as pave the way for the individual she would later turn out to be.



With the time Ry'tin has spent familiarizing herself with Tinacen, be it a combination of general education and personal exploration, she has become exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to her mother tongue whether on paper or spoken verbally. This made it easy for Ry'tin to learn The Kingdom's radio procedures and the various phrases and code used by her comrades.


With the Neshaten's high value on self defense, Ry'tin learned from a young age various combat techniques that vary from disabling to lethal attacks and counters both unarmed and armed. During her military training, it was noted that Ry'tin had remarkably steady aim even at extreme ranges with a multitude of variables that obstructed her shot. Because of this, she was picked for training as a sniper to go alongside her standard marine training.


Given the role Ry'tin has as a Recon Marine, she has practiced escape and evasion to the point of near perfection and is able to apply her skills offensively as well, “offensively” meaning she can track friend and foe alike through various means in most kinds of terrain. In conjunction with this, Ry'tin also is able to find or build shelter, water and fire as well as administrate first aid to herself and all species that are under the Kingdom of Neshaten's umbrella and stabilize a casualty.

Ry'tin is able to cross vast distances and back-track in most situations with little complication partially thanks to training and also because of an already well developed sense of direction.


Ry'tin received limited training in regards to handling and identifying various explosives. Being trained for the likely circumstance of running across or having to utilize mines both AP (Anti-personnel), AT (Anti-tank) or remote detonation charges when in the field, Ry'tin only knows a hand full of tricks to disposing of live ordinance and couldn't hold a candle to someone who has full training in demolition.


During her education before she joined The Volunteer Navy, Ry'tin took extensive lessons regarding the Kingdom's history as well as the laws in place.


Due to the education Ry'tin has had from multiple sources, she is well versed in finance. As part of her military training, she's able to judge distance in her head as well as utilize the optics of weapons to deliver accurate fire at extreme range.


Z'hanna Ry'tin has the following items:


Z'hanna Ry'tin is currently a C'Baruce in the Youth Corps.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 RN Starting Funds

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