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Vackuum Diplo

Vackuum Diplo is a player character played by Viralyte.

Vackuum Diplo
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 5' 10“ (180cm)
Weight: 174lbs (79kg)
Organization: Diplo's Hard Rock Inc.
Occupation: Mineral Miner
Current Placement: Owner/Worker/Supervisor

Preferred Plots

  1. The Francia Frontier

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5' 10” (180cm)
  • Mass: 174lbs (79kg)

Build and Skin Color: Vackuum is a large, broad shouldered man with a rough exterior, hardened through hard rock mining most of his adult life. His olive toned skin is a little on the rough and leathery side that suits his build. He has quite of bit of muscle but it isn't toned or defined, instead blending into his frame when he is not working.

Eyes and Facial Features: Vack's eye's are a dull grey color on his day's off. During and after work, his eyes are almost always red and bloodshot, either from him not using goggles or from using the older goggles too much and having to strain his eyes to see. He usually wears the goggles on his head or around his neck just so he doesn't lose them, something he admittedly does a lot. He has a rough jaw that is usually gritty and with a near constant thick stubble of hair. He also tends to smear black grease on his face during work and not notice.

Hair Color and Style: Vack likes to wear his hair about an inch or two long on top but about a half inch on the sides. He likes to brush his hair to the right and to keep it all pinned under a black bandana. He likes to wear a worn, leather cowboy hat that he had picked up off the counter at a bar, during one of many of his drunken nights. He takes it off indoors, at which point his dark brown hair becomes tussled and messy.

Distinguishing Features: Vack has quite a bit of scars on his arms and hands, either from work or life. He isn't ashamed of them at all and proudly has a story for every one of them, some true, others exaggerated. He chews pouch tobacco and sometimes has a dark stain on his jaw where it bleeds onto his skin. He tries to remain clean but sometimes after work, he just doesn't feel like cleaning himself only to get dirty when he wakes up.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Vack can be described in a single word, rough. He is neither graceful nor particularly friendly. He does have a stellar work ethic but is ultimately stymied by his lack of good social skills. He knows how to get the job done and likes to make sure his workers are loyal and know where the pay is coming from. Coming from a hard working family, he has little patience for laziness and is quick to fire a lazy miner. His company has become his single goal and accomplishment in life and would rather die than let it fail, which has led to some long nights in the beginning of his operation. He is proud of what he has done and is quite easy to anger when his pride or company is insulted.

Vackuum has caught a lot of shit in his life for his name and has taken to calling himself Vack or Big Vack. He has a strong sense of loyalty, both to his community and his workers and is always ready to lend a heavy hand to women. Vack's will never be known for his intelligence and he understands it, but hates when it is pointed out. Fighting is common among the workers and he participates regularly but makes sure that animosity ends once someone hits the dirt. He can be crude and usually thinks in the short term, determined to face problems head on as they appear.

  • Likes: Hard alcohol, women, mining.
  • Dislikes: Laziness, indecision, talked down to, know-it-alls,
  • Goals: Turn his small mining outfit to a proper mining corporation


Family (or Creators)

Father: Frank Diplo

Mother: Jaenett Ra'Vir

Brother: Sandair Diplo


Vack came to the frontier to strike it rich. Unfortunately, his mediocrity and lack of skills only allowed him to use his brute strength to work the land. He was easily dazzled by colonial life and quickly convinced his friends to enlist into the colonization program that had come to recruit. Had he completely understood that he was signing up to do the same job in much dangerous conditions he might have thought twice. His buddies, other colonials, and some work equipment were dropped onto the rock and expected to gather raw resources for a collection vessel thats arrival is spotty at best.

Having neither business running or exemplary leadership skills, he used the only thing he did have, brute force to cobble together the workers that had come with him. With his friend's backing him, he was able to strong arm the mining equipment as his own and start a ragtag mining outfit that would collect and sell at just above cost. As it was, he worked all day alongside the miners and paid himself whatever he thought reasonable.

A new batch of colonials brought many somewhat versed in business management. He had quickly befriended a small, meek man who had previously run a business on another colony. Deciding that he couldn't continue his business as it was, he made the man a co-owner and let him handle the paperwork side of business. His business partner, “Little Red” Smith, saved his business from collapse and managed to make it a decent outfit. Self proclaimed, “Best Miner this side of Nepleslia,” his outfit has never failed to deliver for clients. When you need something mined or excavated, he gets the job done.


Demolition Vack understands basic operation of mining explosives and can reliable use them. He wouldn't trust himself with anything bigger, but has in the past threatened to blow places up with what he had.

Fighting Heavy handed, slow, but dangerous. He has never been trained to fight, but fights break out among miners and in bars commonly. He has learned how to fight with blunt, improvised weapons and with his fists. He's a stand up fighter who isn't particularly amazing at it.

Maintenance and Repair Vack has always been one of the first to fix his damaged equipment. He has picked up mechanical knowledge of how to perform basic repairs on systems but is nowhere near being a technician at it.

Knowledge (Mining) Vack comes from a mining family and has his entire life of mining experience to show for it. He is a practiced professional who can reliably read soil content and natural world factors to give a reliable estimate on prospecting minerals and ores. He also understands the practice of manual labor excavation and mining, both hard rock mineral mining and site excavation. Vack has also become knowledgable on minerals and ores found on and near Francia, allowing him to quickly identify most common and Francian found material.

Vehicles Vack can operate most civilian vehicles as well as his mining equipment. He is well trained in using his heavy dozers and excavators, both for mining and other delicate tasks.


Vackuum Diplo has the following items:

  • A couple pairs of dirty, thick blue jeans.
  • Work coveralls
  • Worn leather cowboy hat
  • Various shirts, dress and casual
  • Business Title and Excavation Contracts
  • Assorted mining tools
  • Keys to office, mining equipment, mining site, and truck.
  • Pouch of tobacco
  • Generic communicator
  • “Nepleslia's #1 Miner” coffee mug
  • Worn, older Zen Armaments .45 caliber pistol

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