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Vas’Sumera Yume'na

Vas’Sumera Yumena is a NPC/PC played by Kyle.

Vas'Sumera Yume'na
Species: Daur
Gender: Female
Age: 26 (Born: ER 751 / BYE 17)
Height: 4'3“
Weight: 127 lbs
Organization: Kingdom of Neshaten
Occupation: Queen
Rank: None
Current Placement:
“What’s the point of leading the people if they can’t see or talk to their leader?” – Vas’Sumera when she addresses the captain of her guard, when asked why she wants to put herself in danger..

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 4'3”
  • Mass: 123 lbs
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Vas’Sumera'trene has a thin child-like build attributed to her race, with light red fur.

Eyes and Facial Features: Fox-like eyes that are green with a small cut below the left eye

Ears: Fox-ears that have white fuzz inside.

Hair Color and Style: Hair color is the same as her fur color, which is light red.

Distinguishing Features: Her tail color is yellow with a red tip.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Vas’Sumera'trene is a rather calm, kind-hearted, and also quite serious person who prefers putting the lives of her people first before her own. She takes her rule as queen serious enough, that she hates being cooped up in her palace and instead prefers being out amongst her people, to show that the monarch and royal family cares.

  • Likes: Vas’Sumera'trene likes her people, the weather, her allies, body guards, sweet or sour foods
  • Dislikes: Vas’Sumera'trene dislikes her enemies, terrorists, those who attack without reason, external conflicts that her people have no stake in.
  • Goals: The rule justly and with the voice of her people.


Family (or Creators)

  • Hik’re Srui'setene Yume'na – Mother - 45
  • Vic’nro Srui'setene Yume'na – Father - 43
  • Au’iyre Srui'setene Yume'na – Brother - 15
  • Xui’nera Srui'setene Yume'na – Adopted Son – 4
  • Pe’trena Srui'setene Yume'na – Adopted Daughter - 5


Vas’Sumera Yumena is a Daur born on the home world in ER 751 to a political family, she’s lived in the capital her entire life and only ever left during her early adolescence when she was ten to visit Levia when it was still be terraformed and when it’s capital was only a small outpost.

Vas’Sumera gave her family quite a few issues as a child, her curiosity often got her into trouble with one point a few of her classmates dared her to sneak into S.A.M.’s ‘Dungeon’ complex. She succeeded in doing this, and inadvertently discovered several security risks that the owners and security of the complex weren’t aware of. Her curiousity got her scouted though by V’kaste’s Legion’s commander, whom invited her to join despite her not being of age.

Although her parents punished her quite severely for going along with the dare, S.A.M.’s owner didn’t press charges and instead asked her to reveal the loopholes in Dungeons security. This allowed the owner to not only fix these loopholes, but also fired several of her security teams that were ‘supposed’ to be the ones to look for said loopholes but also to investigate any and all disturbances.

After this hair-raising experience, Vas’Sumera kept mostly to herself and to her family. When she was fourteen, she flew on a passenger transport to another continent on the homeworld to visit grandparents when the transport went down in the water due to mechanical failures. Out of a total of eighty one people, only four survived; including My’leke the Vas’Sumera saved that would later change her entire life.

A short while after her eighteenth birthday, her parents passed away due to disease called Vyunebecanesa. Torn a bit by the loss of her family, she went to live with her grandparents until she graduated from secondary school and continued her families tradition of becoming a politician.

However, her life as a politician only lasted four years, when she got an invite to bond with a My’leke. When she met this male My’leke several weeks later, she discovered that it was the My’leke she had saved when she was a child. Undertaking the Rite of Honour together, their bonds grew closer until they realized that they were fated to be together.

After the Rite, Vas’sumera decided to propose marriage to her bonded My’leke companion who accepted her proposal. Shortly after this marriage though Vas pondered whether she should go back into her political career, mostly because she missed the challenged. Her opportunity came up when the Queen for the Neshaten passed away due to natural causes in ER 775.

Because the law forbids non-bonded pairs from becoming King and Queen, Vas’sumera and her bonded companion were the only ones at the time who were eligible to ascend the throne. At the start of ER 776, she became Queen and her first declaration was to explore deep space, this started the new Era of Exploration.

However, even after being Queen, Vas continued to be just who she is. Unlike the previous Queen, who preferred staying in the palace and keeping to herself, Vas’sumera did something completely one eighty and decided to instead make her presence known to her people and be out amongst the populace despite the urge’s and concerns given to her by her royal guard.



Vas'Sumere's career as a politicians almost out of school gave her a lot of insight in how to lead others but also how to convince others to see her point of view on matters not only related to areas but also of state. She is rather intelligent in this regard, and can lead others simply by speaking to them but also knows how to address others without showing any kind of anger even if she 'is' angry at them.


As required by law, Vas'Sumere knows her Kingdom's laws inside and out, along with all military regulations and also any local laws that exist within the indivisual cities. She also has studied quite a bit about the past, that which was available.


The girl has kept herself physically fit with morning and night training, but also with martial arts training as well. Although she isn't as 'quick' as a trained soldier, she is up there.


Vas'Sumere has been exposed to most forms of martial arts, both hand to hand and sword related. She also can use some firearms that the military uses.


Because of her career as a politican and then now as a queen, Vas'Sumere had to develop her diplomacy skill in dealing with the My'leke and Laibe. She had to learn which was appropriate in dealing with either race, their customs, despite being a combined Kingdom.

She also, due to her career, developed a keen sense in recognizing when someone might be lying or stretching the truth; both are traits that a queen such as her need to rule her people.


Not just knowing her language flauntly, Vas also knows a bit of an older. more ancient My'leke language that isn't even used anymore. She is also capable of operating most forms of communications technology known to her people.


Before her career as a politican, back when she was but a kit, she used to play instruments in school. Various kinds, including the Juiya'ne and Kurt'tre.


Vas’Sumera Yumena has the following items:


Vas’Sumera Yumena is currently a Queen in the Kingdom of Neshaten. Her funding comes from her Kingdom.

OOC Discussion

Artwork is commissioned work done by AquaZircon

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