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Vaughn Li' Veero

is a player character played by club24.

Vaughn Li'Veero
Art by Crystal
Species & Gender: Shukaren Laibe (Sub-Species) Male
Date of Birth: ER734 (45 in YE40)
Organization: Neshaten Division 5
Occupation: CTA
Rank: Director
Current Placement: Netoshen

Physical Description

Vaughn is part of the Laibe subspecies of the Shukaren race and as a result is much more fox looking than the Daur counterparts, he is also something of a genetic rarity being covered head to foot including his tail in completely golden fur, even his iris' are a rich gold. Vaughn stands at around 5ft tall making him below the average for his kind only to add to his strange genetic traits, his body and limbs are nothing insane but he possesses greater strength due to his training.

These days Vaughn is rarely seen wearing something other than his Directors attire and keeps his uniform immaculate at all times, a strong sense of pride dictating much of his outward appearance such as clothing and speaking manner.


Vaughn is what people call a 'scarily devoted' man, as one of the founders of Division 5 he pushed the most for its creation and earned his place as its director rightfully through his devotion to the Kingdoms safety during his military career. Vaughn rarely cracks jokes and often lives up to the stereotypical tough boss role, while he does expect excellence from his operators he is also fair and values the worth of having down time to rest and recover both mentally and physically.

Unlike many of his own subspecies Vaughn does not resent the Daur or think himself as being far supreme to them, his beliefs on who is the best are based on who has accomplished the most and what lengths they will exploit to achieve their goals. He is something of a reserved patriot, who values his nation and culture above his own being and will do anything he can to preserve it for the future, however he does not act for recognition and does not feel the need to express his love of country verbally.


Vaughn has an almost comically plain history, born into a family of 6 with 3 other siblings he stood out immediately from the rest of his family, while they each had small traces of golden genes in the form of his mother's eyes and his father's tail. Each of siblings, all sisters, shared one golden trait with their parents well usually the eyes. As a kit people's views on him were mixed, some were intrigued by his almost impossible colouration while the other end of the spectrum viewed him as a bad omen. There were also many who treated him like any other Shukaren and didn't feel his rare colour was a need to treat him differently.

As soon as he was old enough Vaughn enlisted in the Youth Corps and served until he was old enough to finally join the Shukara Volunteer Navy, his strong sense of nation pride carrying him forwards. As a soldier he operated as a Neshaten Agent but saw his fair share of field action as well as intelligence gathering, he was only injured twice in his service but neither wound was life threatening nor did they scar and he has since moved past the memories of them.

In ER760 Vaughn retired from military service and joined the Division of Public Safety to work as an investigator within their CT branch. After several years he began to notice there was always some cases or some people they could never touch, and not for lack of trying but rather they just weren't equipped or trained to combat major terror groups on their own turf. Within the cities and outlying villages they often had a stronger grasp over people than the law enforcers did, along with a great number of potential hostages.

While Vaughn had planned to settle down and find time to start a family with his girlfriend Layise he postponed his plans to propose in favour of pushing for a new CT organisation to handle these threats. While she originally had begged him to leave it be Layise came to support Vaughn and offered to help in any way she could, this mostly included supporting him through the multitudes of meetings and discussions where the groundwork for Division 5 was laid.

After the plan was approved and the organisation was established there was barely anyone who initially signed up however Leo and his sister were both eager to join. The group of them formed the first Ai'Seru with just three of them, while initially they had limited missions and mostly worked on setting up the foundation for more members and compiling all the gathered intelligence from the DoPS and making copies for themselves.

Skills Learned

Vaughn Li'Veero has been through several occupations in his life and gained several skills and proficiencies as a result of the different work conditions and job types.

Combat: Through years of military service Vaughn learned and honed his combat ability with firearms, melee weapons and bare hands. While he is not perfect fighter Vaughn can hold his own even when slightly outnumbered and continues to practice his techniques whenever he has time.

Intelligence Work: Having worked as an Agent in the navy and a detective within the DoPS Vaughn gained useful intelligence gathering skills as well as a keen sense of deduction and logical reasoning. He is also capable of interpreting materials and finding hidden aspects of gathered intelligence such as code cracking.

Covert Skills: After the creation of Division 5 with their prime directive of combatting urban terror all the operators were required to learn new tactics and skills. Covert operating being among them, including moving, fighting and intelligence gathering with a high degree of stealth.

Diplomacy: As the Director of Division 5 Vaughn has to both attend and host many meetings and discussions with other figures of the Kingdom as well as his own men and women.

Social Connections

Vaughn has many official connections as a result of his time in various occupations but has limited social connections and strong bonds.

  • Layise Yosi'Asee - Partner
  • Leo Ci'Rado - Long-time colleague
  • Haise Ci'Rado - Good Friend

Inventory & Finance

Vaughn has accumulated a moderate wealth over his years of service which he is saving for a rainy day, using only what he needs to survive and live on a weekly basis.

OOC Information

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In the case club24 becomes inactive:

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